100 Most Common Phrasal Verbs used for Commands

Following is the list of most common phrasal verbs that can be used as a command:

Bend over! lean forward from the waist
Stand up! stand
Smarten up! become more intelligent and aware of what’s happening around you
Hurry up! do whatever you are doing quickly, whether it’s physical or mental
Wait up! wait for me to catch up with you
Queue up! Make or form a line
Fess up! (slang) confess/admit what you did; tell the truth about what you did
Gear up! get ready to do something
Bend down! lean forward and over; commonly conveyed as lean down
Go back! return to where you were
Move back! move to a place in the back
Listen up! listen carefully
Get down! come down from a high place
Speed up! move faster
Sit up! sit straight in your chair, bed, etc.
Get in! go inside something, like a car or bus
Hang up! end the phone call
Lie down! put your body in a horizontal position; relax on a bed or sofa
Stand up! stand
Go on! continue what you were saying
Move along! keep moving; don’t stop in this spot
Cover up! put on more clothes
Butt out! (slang ­– rude) don’t interfere
Get out! (slang ­– rude) Leave this place! (used when angry at someone)
Buckle down! Initiate work, initiate something such as studying, cooking, etc
Bugger off! Buzz off! Go away – it is a rude slang
Straighten up! stand straight; do not bend
Go away! leave the place where you are
Quiet down! stop being noisy
Move on! continue your life; go on with your life
Come up! move to a higher place
Come over! come to my house; come to where I am
Finish up! finish what you have been doing
Pull back! move backward
Saddle up! Get ready to ride a horse by putting the saddle on the horse
Turn over! move your body so that the other side faces up
Line up! make or form a line
Come back! return to where you were
Clean up! clean yourself or your surroundings
Open up! Open the door!
Lighten up! cheer up; don’t be so serious or worried
Cheer up! be happier; don’t be sad
Work away! continue working
Loosen up! (slang) relax; don’t be so stressed
Turn back! turn at your backside
Breathe out! take a breath out; push air out of the lungs
Get up! become awake; don’t sleep
Eat up! finish your food
Back up! move backward; step backward; drive backward
Sum up! summarize
Speak up! talk louder
Walk away! leave a difficult situation
Close down! Business or shop to close (Not operational)
Get off! go out of something, like a bus or train
Bear down! push or press down hard
Watch out! be very careful
Brighten up! be cheerful; be happier
Buddy up! find a partner
Keep out! stay outside; do not enter
Take off! leave fast
Grow up! behave in a mature way; don’t act like a child
Cooldown! Relax; don’t be upset or angry
Carry on! keep doing what you were doing
Back away! move backward, away from something frightening or dangerous
Perk up! cheer up; not to be sad
Drink up! finish your drink
Go Away! (slang – very, very rude) Go away!
Chill out! relax; don’t be upset or angry
Dream on! Things may not happen as one dream off (slang)
Wake up! don’t sleep anymore; become awake
Write back! reply to a letter or email
Bugger off! (slang – rude) Go away!
Move forward! move to a place in the front
Double up! form pairs because space or resources are limited
Hold on! wait to hold this tight or you might fall
Go around! To bypass a certain path or object or subject
Lace-up! tie your shoelaces; put on your shoes
Keep away! stay away; do not go near
Stretch out! lie down comfortably
Come in! enter a closed space
Back off! (slang – rude) stop bothering or threatening someone
Gather around! make a group and come together in one place
Breathe in! take a breath in; take air into the lungs
Scoot over! (slang) move to make space for someone else
Get on! climb on board something moving or about to start moving, like a train
Press on! Try not to give up on a thing you are pressing on
Lay off! (slang – rude) stop doing something that bothers someone
Come out! leave a closed space
Tidy up! clean the place; put things in the right places
Getaway! move away; run away; escape
Shut up! Halt talking (A rude slang)
Stay away! don’t go near
Sit down! sit; be seated
Calm down! relax, don’t be angry, don’t be upset, don’t be worried
Come down! move down off something high
come south
Come on! (encouraging someone) do what I am telling you to do
(not believing someone) I don’t believe you
(rushing someone) move faster
Give up! stop doing what you’re doing
give yourself to the police or authorities
Hang on! wait to
hold tight
Walkout! Isolate yourself from some strange situation
To break up, to leave from somewhere

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