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Free Online Courses with Free Certificates in 2023: Enroll Today!

List of Free Web Courses with Certificates

Free Online Courses with Free Certificates – If you are free and want to do something productive during your days off then enroll in any of the following free courses this year to earn a certificate and acquire a new skill set. These free online courses can prove a good addition to your schedule and skills portfolio.

The online free courses we are going to talk about are not only free but also certified. These courses are available in the fields of IT, management, business, design, HR, programming, fashion design, and many more.

Online Courses with free Certificates Available for Enrollment in 2023

Following is a complete list of all the free online courses available for enrollment in the academic year 2023 for all the students:

#1 Free courses by Oxford Home Study (Great For Management)

Oxford Home study is a College that provides free courses that are free and certified. There are almost 15 free courses offered by Oxford Home study. It is different from other networks that offer online courses because usually, colleges do not offer this type. The distance education diploma of Oxford Home study is the most famous among its other free courses.

You can learn these free courses and get certificates at completion by just sighing in. It also provides several paid courses, a list of 15 free is

    • Business Management course
    • Customer Service course
    • Construction Management course
    • Fashion Design course
    • Hotel Management course
    • HRM course
    • Internet Marketing course
    • Management course
    • PR course
    • Project Management course
    • Risk Management course
    • Starting a Business course
    • Supply Chain Management course
    • Tourism and Travel course

#2 Free Courses by Harvard University

There are tons of free online courses offered by Harvard University each year to all international students from all niches. You can create an account on the online learning Harvard website and select a free course to enroll yourself in it and then follow the course schedule to earn a free online certificate from Harvard. These online courses available at Harvard online learning website are as follows:

    • Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature course
    • Shakespeare’s Hamlet: The Ghost Course (Most Trending)
    • Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice: Shylock course
    • Tangible Things course
    • Bioethics Courses
    • Shakespeare’s Othello: The Moor course
    • CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python courses
    • Computer courses
    • Math courses
    • Science Courses
    • Introduction to Digital Humanities courses
    • Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs courses
    • Modern Masterpieces of World Literature courses
    • CS50 for Lawyers courses
    • MalariaX: Defeating Malaria from the Genes to the Globe courses
    • PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies courses
    • Nonprofit Financial Stewardship Webinar: Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements courses
    • Software engineering courses

#3 Free courses provided by Udemy

Udemy is an online marketplace which is offering learning and teaching services to almost 35 million students. It provides paid courses as well as a range of free courses. There are almost 823 courses out of 130000 courses that are 100% free. All of these courses are certified. The certificate is via email or on their site and student can download and print a certificate.

Udemy also ensures the quality of its courses and provides excellent material to students. Some of their free courses which have been done by several students are:

    • Spanish Language course
    • Blogging course
    • Microsoft Dynamics course
    • Digital Marketing Course
    • Graphic Design course
    • Social Media Marketing course
    • Excel course
    • Blockchain course
    • PowerPoint course
    • Python course
    • HTML course
    • AWS course
    • Salesforce course
    • Java course
    • Dropshipping course
    • Premiere Pro course
    • Mobile Development course
    • Programming course

#4 Free courses by Lynda/LinkedIn Learning (Largest Range Of Courses)

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks in the world with 677 million members. It mainly provides a site to connect professionals who are providing jobs and who are seeking jobs and courses. It offers almost 13000+ free courses to students from all over the world. These courses are available in video and also are certified.

There is a mobile application on LinkedIn where you can connect more fastly. All these courses are conducted by professional and highly experienced coaches. So, it is a 100% reliable and authentic source for students. Video lectures are very engaging. It also has quizzes and interactive lessons for the practice of the learners.

It provides a 1-month free trial. During this trial, students can take lectures from any of their courses and can get printable certificates. Most of their courses are:

    • Cloud Computing course
    • Data Science course
    • DevOps course
    • Information Technology course
    • Web/Software Development course
    • Business Strategy course
    • HR course
    • Project Management course
    • Marketing course
    • Finance & Accounting course
    • Animation & Illustration course
    • Audio & Music course
    • Graphic Design course
    • Photography course
    • Web Design course
    • CAD course
    • Video/ Photo Editing course
    • Mobile/ App Development course
    • HTML/ Java/ SQL course
    • WordPress course
    • Leadership & Management course
    • AEC course

#5 Free Courses provided by Alison

Alison is a company that offers certified online courses. It offers more than a thousand courses. Some are paid but almost 1000 courses are free. Course provider has 13 million learners and 20,000 graduates. LinkedIn and Udemy make and teach their courses, but Alison is like an organization that collects courses from different sources and provides them to students without any cost. It provides a digital certificate and students can print it out. It also has paid services to give a digital hard copy of the certificate.

The most famous free courses with certificates provided by Alison are:

    • Information Technology course
    • Science course
    • Coding course
    • Business course
    • Languages course
    • Health course
    • Humanities course
    • Marketing course
    • Lifestyle course
    • Math course
    • Design course
    • Web Development course

The thing which differentiates Alison’s courses from Udemy and others is that most of its courses are not available in video and it also does not have a mobile application.

#6 Free courses by Open learning (University Quality Learning)

Moving forward towards the other best free online course is provided by Open learning. Open learning is a new supplier to Lynda, Alison, and Udemy. This network is popularized from 2 to 3 years before.

Currently, it is providing opportunities to almost a million aspirants. Its networking is similar to Alison’s. Because just like Alison most of the courses are not in direct video and rather than delivering the classes and courses themselves, they offer recorded lectures of courses from colleges, schools, and any other institution.

Open learning also offers some important paid courses, they also exhibit their best input through free courses. Whether the course is paid or free depends on the outsider supplier who runs the course. It also provides printable certificates after the course. The reliability of getting a certificate also relies on the provider. Following are the courses they offer:

    • Plan scheduling course
    • Blockchain course
    • Coffee startup course
    • Growing a Global Business course
    • Material science course
    • Network protection course
    • English language course
    • Japanese language course
    • Ecotourism course
    • AR and VR course

#7 Free Courses by Pluralsight (Great For Developers)

Pluralsight is an education company in America. It offers online courses, 1400+ courses are free in the first stages and then are paid. After course completion, the company provides a certificate to the student. Sometimes, courses are comprised of 7 to 10 days. In this case, Pluralsight does not cost a single penny. Following are the courses Pluralsight is offering:

    • Python course
    • JavaScript course
    • Precise course
    • Microsoft Azure course
    • IT Operations course
    • IT Networking course
    • SQL course
    • Scene course
    • Android course
    • Network safety course
    • Malware Analysis course
    • Programming course
    • Distributed computing course
    • Engineering course
    • Assembling and Design course
    • Man-made reasoning course

#8 Free courses by Microsoft Learn (Great For Microsoft Related Jobs)

Microsoft is also a professional network that provides 30 free online courses with certificates. Like Google Digital Garage, Udemy, and LinkedIn, Microsoft learn has courses that make them preferable to the learners.

The Google classes are better because Microsoft Learn cannot provide Microsoft items, frameworks, and programming. Most of their courses and classes are present on Azure and Dynamics 365. Most importantly, all courses are free and conducted by professionals which engages the students in a better way. The courses provided by Microsoft learn are:

    • Head engineering course
    • Man-made Intelligence Engineering course
    • Business Analyst course
    • Business User course
    • Information Engineering course
    • Information Scientist course
    • General Engineer course
    • Utilitarian Consultant course
    • Arrangement Architect course

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