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AAUW Fellowships & Scholarships for Women 2021-2022 | Application Window Open

International Fellowships for Women by AAUW

Deadline November 15, 2020
Opening date September 15, 2020
Days Remaining Closed
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Type Fully Funded
Location United States (US)

AAUW has awarded over $115 million in fellowships and grants to more than 13,000 scholars and organizations in 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Gaum and 150 countries, one of the largest scholarship programs for women in the world.

AAUW is tenacious and trailblazing — advocating for women and girls since 1881 and into the future!

International Fellowships sponsored by AAUW are granted to those women who are currently or will potentially be studying in the United States of America. These awards are meant to support women who are not American national or permanent residents of America. A number of accredited US institutions are affiliated with this fellowship. It is awarded at the graduate and postgraduate levels. 

The applicants are required to have earned at least a bachelor’s degree (one that is acceptable in the US) at the time of applying to this scholarship. In order to be eligible to apply, the prospective applicants must have applied to an accredited US institution in a program that is supported by the fellowship. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit and proven commitment. It is meant to produce leadership skills in potential women.

Benefits of the AAUW Fellowship:

The fellowship is available to master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral students. The amount of award at the master’s level is $18,000. Some professional degree fellowships can be renewed for the second year, provided that the recipient achieves a certain result. At the doctoral level, the amount of the award is $20,000 and at the post-doctoral level, the value of the award is $30,000.

Some applicants have a chance to conduct research in any country other than their home country. The foreign campuses of the US institutions are also affiliated with this award and are counted as being outside of the US. But the amount of such grants is limited. 

These fellowships are also open for those students who are in their subsequent years of studies. But they should have a full year of study or research remaining at the time of application. 

The fellowship year starts from July 2021 and ends in June 2022. Applicants whose degree program is ending before April 2022 are not eligible to apply.

AAUW Scholarship Application Deadline:

The application, recommendation letters, and all other required documents need to be submitted by November 15th, 2020. By April 15th, 2021 all the applicants will be informed of their scholarship result. The AAUW scholarship committee doesn’t entertain applicants who request to be notified of the result earlier than the specified date.

Eligibility Criteria for AAUW Scholarship:

    • These fellowships are awarded by AAUW (American Association of University Women). The applicants should not have received any AAUW scholarships in the past.
    • Applications are only open for women who are not in any way associated with AAUW in the form of its management or staff.
    • The applicants need to be the citizens of any country other than the USA. The applicants, who are supposed to be getting their permanent residency or dual citizenship status in America in the next year, are not eligible to apply.
    • The applicants need to have at least a bachelor’s degree, should be proficient in English, and are required to prove their intention of returning to their home country upon completion of their degree program.
    • Applicants have to prove their language proficiency via standardized tests and are supposed to submit proof of their previous degree.

Selection Criteria for AAUW Scholarship:

The aforementioned criteria are the bare minimum, i.e. applicants meeting these criteria can apply for the fellowship. There is no guarantee that they will get the scholarship. The applicants with the following characteristics will be given special consideration for selection:

    • The applicants who belong to an underdeveloped country, emerging nation, or to some suppressed minority.
    • Applicants who have an outstanding academic record.
    • Applicants who show the potential to work for the betterment of girls/women upon returning to their home country.
    • Applicants who have a strong research potential or proposed plan of study.
    • Applicants who have previously done some community work or civil service in their home country.
    • Applicants who have a strong financial need for the scholarship and whose country is in need of specialized foreign education

How to apply for the AAUW Scholarship:

Applicants are supposed to fill an online application form and the link to that form is given at the end of this article, and upload all the required documents. Some of the documents that need to be submitted are recommendations from teachers or employers, academic transcripts, proof of degrees, proof of English language proficiency/proof of the fact that the applicant’s native language is English via a written statement, and a résumé.

Some Regulations of AAUW Fellowship:

The scholarship amount can be used for paying educational/living expenses, taking care of dependent children, and/or traveling for educational purposes such as seminars or conferences. 

The fellowship amount can’t be used for paying for the tuition of dependent/s, purchase of any equipment, publications, overhead costs, indirect costs, etc. 

The fellowships are only for the students enrolled in full-time studies. The scholarship cannot be deferred to subsequent years. If the recipient isn’t able to start or continue her education in the fellowship year, her award will be revoked.

The recipients must not be receiving any other award whose value is greater than the International Fellowship Award. The awards with a lesser value can be taken but require written approval by AAUW.

With a written approval by AAUW, the recipients can travel abroad for study purposes and can work for 20 hours a week. 

Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

Yousaf is one of our guest writers and the winner of 3 prestigious international scholarships abroad. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Engineering and enjoys writing on topics that guide young talent to explore foreign opportunities. Yousaf is also a successful entrepreneur, an independent mentor, educational, and academic researcher. His writing inspires and motivates students to pursue their academic dreams as he instills that motivation that helps students to fly abroad for further studies.

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