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Scholarship Request Letters

There are many educational institutions and organizations which grant scholarships to the genius and worthy students who are unable to fund their education, on a yearly basis. To apply for these scholarships, an application is to be sent known as the scholarship application.

A scholarship application letter is not a conventional application. It centers on those praiseworthy qualities of a student which depict his suitability for the scholarship.

If you are clueless on how to compose a scholarship application, worry no more as this article provides you with a guide on how to construct an eye-catching application for a scholarship request.

What is an application for a scholarship request?

In order to learn how to compose a scholarship application, we must first know what exactly is one.

“A scholarship application is a kind of cover letter which indicates a candidate’s interest in a particular scholarship program. It also comprises of ways in which the particular scholarship would help him in attaining his targets, both personal and professional.”

Simply speaking, an application for a scholarship request is a formal letter requesting consideration for a particular scholarship.

Why is a scholarship application written?

A scholarship application is composed with an aim to convince the scholarship panel that the candidate in question is worthy and highly eligible to be granted a particular scholarship.

What does an application for a scholarship request contain?

An application requesting a scholarship contains all those achievements of the candidate under consideration which would help him land the scholarship. 

All such information should be compiled in an impactful and impressive manner. 

In order to compose a purposeful scholarship application, you need to keep in mind some pointers and follow a particular format, all of which have been mentioned herein.

Format of Composing a Cordial Application Requesting a Scholarship:-

In order to compose an application for scholarship in a purposeful manner, you need to follow a specific format; if, of course, the recipient body hasn’t specified any particular format or requirements. 

A conventional, most widely accepted format of a scholarship application consists of:

  •  Sender’s address

As we said earlier that the format of a scholarship application is different from standard applications. Instead of incorporating the sender’s details at the end, they are included in the onset of the application, so as to inform the reviewer by whom the request has been sent.

This part of the application includes the name of the applicant, his complete address, and the name of his residing city.

  •  Date

The second component is the date on which the application is written. Its placement is on the left side of the page, right next to the margin, by leaving a line after the sender’s address.

  • Recipient’s address

Next in line is the recipient’s address. It contains information regarding the recipient body. It comes after the date and is also placed on the left side of the page.

It contains details like the name of the receiver (if known), his designation, and the name of the educational institution or organization along with the city name.

  •  Subject line

The subject line acts as a header for the application. It should be composed in a concise manner, using minimal words which describe the entire theme of the application.

  •  Salutation

Then comes the salutation. It acts as the opening for a scholarship application. The salutation contains words as ‘Respected’ or ‘Honored,’ following the designation of the recipient body.

  •  Main body

The body is the real deal of the application. It should contain those details which would describe the candidate’s eligibility for the scholarship. 

The body is divided into two main paragraphs:

#1 First paragraph:

The first paragraph comprises the applicant’s scholastic and career goals. It is recommended to show interest in the chosen field of study as it motivates the reviewing authorities to invest in such a student, who is passionate about his studies and not one who has a non-serious attitude.

It is also commended to give the scholarship panel reasons as to why they should invest in this particular candidate.

#2 Second paragraph:

This subdivision focuses on the strengths of the individual. Academic awards and co-curricular accolades of the applicant should be mentioned herein. If the applicant passed his latest education with flying colors and stood a valedictorian, ensure to mention it in this paragraph.

  •  Words of gratefulness:

A little gratitude goes a long way. Include the phrase ‘Thanking you after completion of the main body.

  •  Enclosure

Under this heading, all the documents attached with the application are to be mentioned in the order in which they are attached.

  •  Closure

The last component of a scholarship application is the cessation. It should contain the signature and contact details of the composer.

Specimen of Application for Scholarship Request

Now that we know all the essentials of a scholarship application, let’s take a look at a sample application requesting the scholarship:

Name of applicant,
Address of applicant,
Name of the city.

Dated: May.15,2016

Designation of the Recipient,
Name of scholarship panel or institution,
Name of the city.

Subject: Request to be granted XYZ scholarship.

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that this letter is composed as a request to be granted the XYZ scholarship (name of scholarship) offered by your reputed institution. 

It is stated that I found myself fit for the scholarship you are offering as I stand up to all the requirements you mentioned. Being born in an Islamic State as a Muslim, it has been my desire to learn more about Islam. The glorious history of my religion always captivated my mind. Therefore, when I read about your scholarship program offering a fully funded scholarship to those willing to learn about Islamic History in Turkey, I knew it was the opportunity I had been waiting for all this time.

Being born in a Muslim family, I have always seen my parents offer prayers five times a day and surrendering themselves to the will of God. Growing up, I attended numerous sessions of Islamic Teachings and that was the beginning of my unquenchable thirst for seeking Islamic knowledge. 

I have passed my Intermediate in Commerce from XYZ College with an overall percentage of 90.3 securing the first position in XYZ City. I have always been an active student and have participated in innumerable debates and competitions. The necessary documents have been enclosed with this application for your reference.

My passion for learning more about my religion makes me stand out amongst the other candidates who have applied for this very scholarship. Therefore, this application is composed to present me as a deserving candidate for this scholarship, in hope that you would consider me the same.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Enclosure: (List of documents enclosed)


(Name of applicant),
(Signature of applicant).
Contact info:
Phone number: xxxx-xxxxxxx,
Email address: [email protected]

Tips for acing an Application for Scholarship

Keep in mind the following pointers to ensure the maximum outcome of your scholarship application:-

  • Show respect

Always show respect for the recipient’s body.

  • No grammatical errors

Your application should be free from grammatical errors which may, otherwise, spoil the charm of your application.

  • Include all your details

Make sure to incorporate all the details, even the most insignificant ones, which may contribute to impressing the reviewer in the application.

  • Prove your worth

Never act desperate for the scholarship. Mark a difference between pleading and proving yourself worthy. Advertise yourself in such a way that the reviewer is left with no reason as to why not to hand you the opportunity.

  • List of enclosures

Attaching documents with your application increases your credibility. Enclose your application with relevant documents to make it stand out from the rest.

Final Verdict

The above article can help you to cut your cost and efficaciously end up on the list of scholarship holders. 

With that said, this article has reached its conclusion. Let us know in the comments section below how helpful you found it. That’s a wrap!

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