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Apply for Jobs Paying €10,000/Month Salary in Europe in 2023

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If you are looking for a better career opportunity then consider Europe. European Jobs are high-paying career opportunities for various sectors. A professional can earn over €10,000/Month salary by working in Europe easily. You are going to find out such high-paying job possibilities in Europe here, so keep reading till the end and explore new possibilities for your professional career.

List of High-Paying Jobs in Europe in 2023

Following Jobs in Europe come under the bracket where the per month salary of an individual surpasses €10,000:

1# Dentist Jobs in Europe:

Are you willing to enjoy a lavish and tension-free life in Europe? If you are a dentist, here is your chance. Working in Europe as a dentist not only guarantees a prosperous future but also promises a high salary of around 10,000 euros or much more with other perks. On the other hand, Sweden, Norway, Italy, and the Netherlands, are a few European countries ready to pay a hefty amount to these international dentists.

One can work as a childcare dentist, associate dentist, or PLVE dentist. Moreover, your pay scale and other luxuries might also vary as per your previous working experience.

Make sure you abide by the educational requirements, like a relevant degree in Dentistry, with two to three years of work experience in your home country, plus a residence and work permit and registration with IND or NSH.

Vacant positions can be found at Bupa Dental CarePortman Dental CareMBR Dental Recruitment, etc.

2# Banking Jobs in Europe:

Hundreds of options are open for passionate bankers who want to be part of Europe’s corporate industries. In this regard, many overseas bankers are rooting for different European countries to make more money. Working in the banking sector of countries like the UK, France, Ireland, and Switzerland is not a walk in the park. These countries have many recruitment opportunities with salaries of around 10k Euros per month, with dozens of professional employees fighting for a single post.

While applying for any post in these countries, make sure you are qualified enough and comply with all eligibility requirements, like a valid work permit and a BS or MS degree in Banking, Finance, Accounting, etc. Moreover, four GCSEs grades 9-4/A*-C or their equivalent in English and Math are also required.

Jobs open at Redstone Private BankBank of EnglandDeutsche BankAllied Irish Bank, etc.

3# Airline Jobs in Europe:

Being an overseas air pilot, you can work for several European airlines and aviation companies and make the most of it. Working in the aviation sector is a huge responsibility that comes up with a minimum salary of 10k Euro/ month and various luxuries.

Every year around 6,000 pilots are hired by European airlines to run their business, and hopefully, this process will continue for the next two decades. If you want to show your expertise and work as a professional air pilot in any European airline, check the eligibility criteria before applying for the available posts.

Considering the educational and other requirements to become an international air pilot, you must have a relevant degree with a flight training certificate and a private pilot license (PPL). Meanwhile, other conditions might vary country-wise.

Similarly, professionals looking for suitable air pilot jobs can opt for Denmark, France, Greece, and the UK for better opportunities as these countries are hiring air pilots in large quantities.

Jobs are available at Star AirVirgin AtlanticAir FranceAegean Airlines, and more.

4# Pharmacist Jobs in Europe:

Like other healthcare professionals, pharmacists are also playing an integral part in serving humanity. Pharmacists are considered to be the most demanding yet worthy profession in Europe, offering an estimated salary of around 10k Euro. The pay scale is not fixed, as work experience and job status might increase your worth.

One can work in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other industries. In the same way, the salary will differ in each department and working sector.

Working as a pharmacist in Europe demands a five-year degree in pharmacy with training in clinical settings. However, having a work experience in the retail sector will work as a cherry on top. Additionally, a license to continue your practice with a valid working permit is a must.

Switzerland, Sweden, the UK, and Spain are among the countries that pay a handsome amount to pharmacists and hire more pharmacists in their industries and hospitals.

Recruitment opportunities are open at Royal Free London NHS FoundationEast Lancashire HospitalsCohens Chemist, & Actalent.

5# Graphic Designer Jobs in Europe:

Currently, there is a shortage of skilled and talented graphic designers in Europe. Many countries, including Spain, Finland, Italy, and the UK, have opened vacancies in the search for potential graphic designers. On the other hand, you can also work as a freelancer in these countries and start your own work.

Generally, if you are talented and have worked for many renowned names in the past, you can easily make approximately 10k euros in a month. But, if you are a freelance, there is no specific salary limit. The more you will work, the more you will earn.

Whether you are self-employed or working for a big brand, you must hold a diploma or an equivalent education in fine arts and graphic design with a knowledge of photoshop, illustrator, and Indesign skills.

Jobs are open at ENGIENavigosCasambiGlue digital, etc.

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