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Arts & Humanities Scholarships 2023-2024: Online Applications Open

Deadline July 8, 2022
Opening date July 20, 2021
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in 2023-2024
Type Fully Funded
Location Multiple Locations

The arts and humanities fully-funded scholarships of 2023-2024 for students are open for online applications for all nationals in a large number of international Universities and Colleges.

Quality education is expensive and when it comes to studying abroad for higher studies; then one needs to go through complex application procedures and needs to have heavy financial backing. To rescue deserving and talented students from this situation, organizations and educational institutions offer fully-funded scholarships, each year.

2023-2024 Arts (Humanities) Scholarships

Arts (Humanities) Scholarships for the academic year 2023-2024 are now open for online applications in multiple locations as listed below:

#1 Australian Arts Scholarships

The Australia Awards Scholarships were previously called the Australian Development Scholarship, or ADS. This is funded by the Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade Department to individuals who belong to developing countries for undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees at various Australian universities.

#2 United Kingdom Scholarships for Humanities

Several universities in the United Kingdom provide Arts scholarship opportunities for international students. If you are considering a particular institution, it is worth checking out the school’s website or reaching out to the department through email to find out if there are any such funding options available. Commonwealth scholarships, Chevening UK Scholarships, and Rhodes Scholarships are among the top UK Scholarships available for art students each year.

#3 Chinese Scholarships for Arts and Humanities

There are over 270 Chinese Universities that offer scholarships to Arts and Humanities students to pursue their bachelor’s degree programs each year. You can consider applying for all sorts of Chinese Scholarships to get accepted. Chinese scholarships cover benefits such as full tuition fees, living allowance, accommodation, and academic expenses.

#4 Turkey Government Scholarships for Arts

Turkish scholarships are also known as the Turkiye Burslari Scholarships that are also available to arts and humanities students each year. It covers free education, a living stipend, and a room in a university dorm.

#5 University of Auckland Scholarships for Arts:

The University of Auckland scholarships are offered to arts and humanities studies. The scholarship is only available to students coming from abroad. About 50 awards will be given and each award is valued at $10,000. The scholarship will be given as a reduction in the tuition fee.

#6 Jiangsu Government Scholarships for Arts

The Jiangsu scholarship is also available to the students of arts and humanities twice a year. The Jiangsu scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, and comprehensive medical insurance. There is also a partial scholarship in the province through which students get a certain amount every academic year. To find out more about the scholarship, you can visit the website dedicated to studies in Jiangsu.

#7 Brazilian Government Exchange Program for Arts Studies Scholarships

This Brazilian Scholarship is a program for humanities and art students from specific developing countries to pursue their higher education in Brazil. Students who have attended high school in a country other than Brazil are eligible for the scholarship. The tuition fee of the Brazilian university where the student is studying is covered under the program.

#8 Jumeira University Arts and Humanities Scholarships:

The Mujtamaee Arts Scholarship of the Jumeira University is for the domestic students of UAE. The scholarship is available on the basis of merit only to UAE nationals or permanent residents. The value of the scholarship is a full waiver of the tuition fee for one academic year and is awarded to those who have 75% or more scores in their high school degree. The scholarship is only available to undergraduate students.

#9 Effat University Arts Scholarships:

Effat University has opened its applications for scholarships for some of its bachelor’s, master’s, and diploma programs. For the diploma program, the full tuition fee will be covered by the university. For undergraduate and graduate programs, the university waives the tuition fee of one semester. Visa processing, accommodation for a single room, medical insurance, and entry and exit expenses from the country will be supported by all the programs.

The Effat Scholarship is available for the Arabic language whereas the under and the postgraduate program is for the fields of engineering, architecture, humanities, and energy engineering.

#10 Holt Scholarships for Arts and Humanities:

The Holt scholarship is awarded to high-performing students with exceptional CGPAs. The value of the award is $1900 which is awarded for a semester or a whole year. It is funded by LAIS, the Latin American and Iberian Studies Program of the University of Richmond. It is applicable to the local and international students of Argentina.

Scholarship Application Document Set Submission Checklist

The first step in getting ready to apply for a scholarship; is to make sure to have all the required documents prior to filling out scholarship application forms. So, in this regard, I made this list of documents and essential steps that you need to go through while applying for a scholarship online. Save this scholarship application checklist, and get prepared accordingly!

#1 Application Form must be completed in all Respects
#2 Attach copy of National ID or Passport
#3 Attach Attested Copies of Transcripts or Diplomas
#4 Attach Statement of Purpose (SOP)
#5 Submit Recommendation Letter
#6 Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume with Cover Letter
#7 Your Score in Standardized Tests
#8 Attach Research Proposal or Study Plan with a Scholarship application
#9 Writing a Scholarship Essay
#10 Submit Portfolio#11 Financial Statement of Your Parents including Tax Returns
#12 Medical Certificates
#13 Letter of Motivation or an intent Letter

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