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Skills Shortage Jobs in Australia 2023

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Skills Shortage produced multiple job options in Australia, whereas, you can submit your CV application for high-paying jobs in Australia for 2023. Jobs in all fields with all designations are widely available in Australian departments and companies.

Are you unsatisfied with your living standard in your current country? Do you want to get an immigration VISA to Australia? Are you looking for a stable Australian job? Well, then you have landed at the right

place. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about the VISA process and immigration. The type of documents you need for immigration and what jobs are open these days. Moreover, we will also guide you about the salary and benefits that come with different jobs.

The endemic hit hardest a few countries, and one of them was Australia which suffered a huge skills shortage in different fields. Well, that is why they are planning to not only increase the number of immigrants but also offer them jobs and proper training to help the country in getting back on track.

Skills Shortage in Australia – Jobs Occupation List

There are around 44 specific jobs that need immediate migration of experts and professionals from all around the world as there are thousands of vacancies in Australia. However, we have mentioned 10 of them.

  • Registered Nurses – Separate jobs for old age, medical, critical, and mental health care
  • Doctors, i.e., General Medical Officers, Resident Medical Officers, Medical practitioners, General practitioners, Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Veterinarian,
  • Pharmacists, i.e., Retail, Hospital, and General Pharmacists.
  • Engineers, i.e., Mechanical, structural, Electrical, Transport, Civil, Geotechnical,
  • Accountant i.e., General, Taxation, Management
  • External and internal Auditors
  • Social workers
  • Programmers
  • Teachers i.e, secondary school, college, and university Professors.

Requirements for Australian General Skilled Migration Program

  • Most people apply through a general skilled program that has the following requirements.
  • Age must be less than 45 years
  • Command over the English Language is a must for most professions
  • Necessary skills for applying
  • Must be in good health
  • Must have a good character
  • You must be free of any criminal charges
  • There shouldn’t be any debts to your name

Types of Australian Work VISA Available in 2023

You can apply through the General Skilled Migration program if you wish to get employment in Australia

Who can Apply for an Australian Work VISA?

If you meet the above requirements, then you can apply for VISA. However, you need to make sure of a few things before applying.

  • Your occupation must be included in the list of occupations that need immigrants.
  • Make sure you are eligible for the jobs
  • Submit the expression of interest to get invited
  • Your score must be more than 65 points
  • Must get an invitation to apply
  • Apply for a Australia visa in the end

Australian jobs for Immigration and Work VISA

According to a survey, there are around 200 Australian jobs open for international applicants. However, we will talk about 8 of them.

Industries that are Facing Skills Shortage with Salary Range:

The economy of Australia is quite strong. However, every year they need skilled migrants to fulfill the skills shortage in their country. The last Australian program provided around 80,000 migrations to fulfill this shortage. These migrations were free from any discrimination and allowed people belonging to different age groups with different qualifications to work or study in Australia. According to a recent announcement, the number of vacancies has increased this year. The following fields are facing a skills shortage in Australia.

1# Medical Jobs in Australia

One of the major fields where Australia has a huge number of vacancies is Medicine. In the last 5 years, the medical industry has improved a lot in Australia. Therefore, there is an increased demand for carers, nurses, doctors, and personal care workers.

Moreover, the plus point is that these Australian jobs benefit both the country and the employee since it has numerous securities and comes with a healthy pay package. On average Registered Nurses get paid around $40 dollars per hour. And if we talk about medical practitioners then they can easily make $200, 000 – $350,000 dollars per year. Since Australia is one of the highest-paying countries when it comes to the field of medicine which makes it an ideal destination for doctors and nurses.

2# IT and Software Jobs in Australia

A recent survey shows that Software jobs are one of the most advertised jobs in Australia. The country needs a huge number of expert programmers, developers, and engineers. Especially, those developers who are experienced in full stack and front end development, mobile designing, and user experience are warmly welcomed. The pay of the professionals varies according to their jobs. For instance, programmers get paid around 95,000 dollars while entry-level software engineers can make 190,000 dollars.

3# Construction and Trades Jobs in Australia

Trade workers like plumbers, carpenters, or electricians never face any shortage of jobs since the construction industry is always in demand. You can make 35 dollars to 50 dollars an hour if you have any of these skills. It is always available for skilled technicians.  Thus, you can easily find a job if you have any of the above skills. In addition, non-skilled laborers can apply too since construction projects happen all year.

4# Teaching Jobs in Australia

A large number of secondary schools and colleges are looking for trained teachers and professors. Therefore, migrants can get a teaching job easily provided that he has command over their subject. However, unlike the last years, the number of vacancies for primary school teachers is close to none, especially if you are a female and need an inner city job. Moreover, the salary you get also depends upon where you are applying, but most teaching jobs start at 80,000 dollars and can go up to 150,000 dollars.

5# Accounts and Management Jobs in Australia

Most Australians own a business. Therefore, they need skilled white-collar professionals for advertising their products and company. In addition, if you can help these businesses or companies to manage their finances or taxes, then you are good to apply. Especially, qualified and expert members will land their first job within no time.

6# Social Work Jobs in Australia

Another field that is rather easy and needs mentioning is social working jobs in Australia. Numerous social work organizations in Australia hire international immigrants to participate in the work. And these jobs pay well as well. On average social workers get paid 42 dollars per hour. They can make around 80,000 – 10,000 dollars per year. So, if you were linked with any previous organization and have experience in a related field then you can apply for the skilled migration program.

7# Entertainment Industry Jobs in Australia

Another growing industry in Australia is entertainment and Arts. Especially, if you are a dancer or actor, then there might be great opportunities for you in Australia. In addition, other professions related to this field are rewarded as well. For instance, you can apply for immigration if you are an animator, camera operator, technician, director, etc. These jobs pay quite well.

8# Mechanics Jobs in Australia

Normally engineering is not the best field to go for if you want to settle in Australia. However, mechanical engineers are quite in demand, since the automotive industry is flourishing in Australia.

The number of Job Vacancies in Different Fields in Australia in 2023

I have created a breakdown of the list of Australia government Jobs available in 2023 and these quoted numbers are expected to increase this year:

  • Registered Nurses 17859
  • Resident Medical Officers, and General Practitioners 4257
  • Pre-Primary school teachers + Secondary School Teachers + University lecturers  3321 + 8716 + 5042
  • Application and Software Managers 8405
  • Construction Managers 7145
  • Social Workers 1862
  • Entertainers 1000
  • Artists 1000
  • Accountants 1000
  • Industrial, Mechanical, and Production Engineers + Civil Engineers 2682 + 3919
  • Electricians 8021
  • Carpenters and Joiners 6812
  • Construction managers 7145
  • Plumber 5861
  • Computer Network Professionals 2245

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