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Australian VISA Paper-based Application Method in 2023

Paper-based VISA Application for Australia

The procedure to obtain an Australian visa is notoriously complicated. There are a variety of Australian visas and, depending on your circumstances and nationality; a paper-based or online application method would be used. Australia no longer attaches visa labels to passports and instead uses the online VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) service to store all visa information in their online immigration system. These days, it’s much simpler to review your data and keep track of it all with an internet-enabled application.

However, the online application for an Australian VISA may not be available for all countries (or visa types), henceforth, necessitating a paper-based VISA application through an Australian embassy instead.

When applying for a visa to enter Australia, one can choose between online or paper-based application submission methods. In this article, we are explaining the paper-based application submission method for an Australian VISA. Whereas, an online application method for the Australian VISA is also widely common.

Paper Application Method for Australian Visa:

The paper application mode is a time taking process that involves the Australian embassy and lots of paperwork. It consists of the following essential steps to complete the whole procedure:

Step 1: Look for the Australian Embassy:

As you have opted for the paper application method, firstly search out the Australian embassy in or near your country. Because in this method, applicants will submit their documents directly to the representative office in the embassy. Hence, ensure whether the embassy lies in your country or not to begin your process. If the Australian embassy is not in your country, be ready to fax or courier your documents to the relevant authorities. However, visiting the embassy in person will help you in deciding the visa type, documents you need to submit, etc.

Step 2: Fix the appointment:

Once you have found the Australian embassy, it is time to make an appointment to kick off your visa application procedure. Meanwhile, the appointment can be made via email or by visiting the embassy personally.

Step 3: Documents Verification:

The next step involves the verification of the required documents that will be attached to your visa paper application. The following documents, like passports, financial means proof, and family & criminal record certificates, must be verified by the Australian citizen, a person who is not related to the applicant by birth, or a citizen from the applicant’s country, etc.

Step 4: Complete the Application form:

Instructions required to fill out the paper application will be mentioned in the written form for the ease of applicants. However, applicants are required to complete the application with the true information and submit it with the other documents after signing it.

Step 5: Submit the Application:

Now submit your filled application to the embassy. But, before that, it is significant to pay the application charges as without the verification of payment, one cannot start the application process. One can use Immi Account to pay the application fees.

Things to Consider for an Australian Visa Application:

The following are the points that one should always consider while applying for an Australian Visa:

  • Interested individuals should apply for the visa at least 4 months before the departure to avoid any unwanted situations.
  • Visa applications can be withdrawn at any time via an email to the concerned authorities or by submitting the withdrawal application form. But, if the application has been already processed, it is not possible to take it back.
  • For online application, check your visa status via your Immi Account which will show the “finalized” status if it is approved. But, if you have applied via paper application, you will get an email regarding the application status.
  • If your visa application gets rejected, you can submit your appeal within 28 days to argue.

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