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Benefits of Participating in an Internship Program 2023

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Entering the job market requires experience. Employers today look for candidates who demonstrate practical experience in terms of internships, volunteering, and/or actual job experience.

For showing experience in your CV, you need to gain some, and internships are the way to do it. Internships provide you an opportunity to get familiar with the practical world when you are still in college. With the increased competition in the job market and thousands of candidates applying for internships, you need to have some edge over the others. That edge can come through a lot of ways and an internship is hands-down the best of them all.

5 Reasons for Pursuing an Internship in 2023

If you are still not convinced, we have come up with a list of reasons that argue as to why taking up an internship is vital for your career.

1# Internships provide you with Actual Job-Experience:

Internships allow you to test the knowledge and skills you learned in your college. A lot of what you get acquainted with in college doesn’t pan out in the real world and internships help you figure out just that. You may learn about the kind of work you enjoy doing the most and the industries/companies that you would love to work with. Schools and colleges confine you to learning and gaining knowledge. With an internship, you can be able to work with the people who are in the field working in a synchronized and controlled environment.

2# Internships give you an Insight About Yourself:

The things we experience in life shape us as a person. Internships provide you with a greater understanding of yourself than you think. Knowing your goals and understanding how to achieve them is not a piece of cake, but, sometimes all it takes is doing something new and challenging, something out of your comfort zone to teach you what it is that you want to do with your career. Sometimes people are passionate about a particular profession and actually working in the field lets them know that this field is not like what they expected it to be. After gaining this realization they can make a decision as to what they want to do next. Do they want to go ahead with the same career path or do they want to start over and try something else?

3# Internships Broaden your Professional Network & get you Connected with People:

Networking and meeting with new people help you broaden your horizons and help you go ahead in your professional career.

There are a lot of ways through which you can meet new people but there is a difference between talking to a professional in a networking event and actually getting to work with them. Taking up an internship lets you build deeper professional links that can prove to be very fruitful to you in the future. A lot of companies do not follow traditional pathways when it comes to hiring people. These companies take people on board on the basis of connections and personal familiarity. Internships help you build those connections and leave your mark.

4# Internships Save Your CV from Dustbin:

Your CV is a representation of your own self. You will maybe get a chance of talking to somebody the second time, your CV won’t. In order to secure your dream job, you need to get an interview call. An employer would only call you for an interview if by looking at your résumé he/she decides that maybe you are the person who can fill up a certain position. Now, the first and the foremost thing that attracts an employer’s attention in a pile of CVs is Experience!

As a student, the only way to gain experience is through internships. Relevant internships in reputable organizations can give your résumé an edge over the others and will thus prevent it from going into the bin.

5# Internships can be Transitioned into a full-time job:

During an internship, you get the time and chance to prove yourself. You can practically showcase your qualities, passion for work, and knowledge. Employers are also inclined to hire the people they already have invested their time and energy on, rather than hiring somebody who they have to train all over again. Although the transition from an internship into a full-time position is not guaranteed, the likelihood is always there. At the end of the internship duration, you will need to submit an internship report, and based on that the employer may offer a few candidates a permanent or trainee officer position.

Make sure to submit a cover letter with your internship application.

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