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List of 10 Government Department Jobs in the British Region

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Submit a professional resume (CV) along with a complete application for British (UK) Civil Service Jobs in 2023. Working in the government sector of the UK is not more than a dream come true. Everyone wants to work with British agencies and their respectable departments, but it is not as easy as it seems.

Working for the British (UK) Government means settling down in the UK for the rest of your life. This is a dream of many but only a few lucky and talented applicants would be able to live up to this dream. You can work for British Government and to do so the first step would be to find a suitable job in UK Government via British Civil Service and then apply for it.

Well, all thanks to British Government, which has announced various job opportunities for overseas candidates in different sectors, like international trade, child welfare, transport, legal, etc. All you need is to have a valid working visa with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the required field and good communication plus critical thinking skills. Moreover, fluency in written and oral English is one of the essential requirements.

Sponsorship Coverage by British Civil Service Jobs:

Selected candidates who will get a chance to share their knowledge and talent while working in the British government departments will enjoy many benefits throughout their services. Some of the benefits include paid sick leaves, health insurance, maternity & paternity leaves, pension, high salary, flexible working hours, family holidays, free food, residence facilities, and other essential funds.

How to Apply for British Civil Service Jobs?

Applicants who are UK nationals or belong to the British Commonwealth countries can apply for Britain Government jobs via the official site of the UK Civil Service. Meanwhile, international applicants are bound to get a UK Skilled Worker Visa or any other one that matches their job requirements and status. However, if you are applying for a healthcare job, then you need to get a Healthcare Visa with a sponsorship certificate from your employer.

List of British Government Department Jobs in 2023:

Below mentioned is the list of Britain’s most demanding yet highly-paid government department jobs in different fields:

  • Government Legal Department Jobs
  • Department of Health & Social Care Jobs
  • Transport Department Jobs
  • UK Defence Science & Technology Laboratory Jobs
  • Education Department Jobs
  • Food, Environment, & Rural Affairs Department Jobs
  • Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sports (DCMS) Jobs
  • International Trade Department Jobs
  • Department for Housing & Communities Jobs
  • Work & Pension Department Jobs

1# British Government Legal Department (GLD) Jobs:

The first one on our list is the legal department of the British government. There are dozens of exciting working opportunities available for eligible professionals to work hand-by-hand with the British parliament & Media. Currently, they are hiring some exceptionally skilled and qualified lawyers, administrative staff, legal trainees, & specialists from finance, HR, governance, facilities management, etc.

If you want to be a part of their Legal Department and apply for any available vacant posts, you must hold a Qualifying Law Degree or Graduate Diploma in Law. Moreover, you must be eligible to practice as a Barrister or Solicitor in England or Wales.

The most demanding designations at the Government of Legal Department are; Strategy Advisor, Information Governance Manager, Employment Lawyers, & Commercial Litigation Layer.

However, the minimum to maximum salary offered by the Legal Department of Britain to their talented employees is around £22,391 / year to £75,969 based on the job position.

Find the jobs of your interest in the Government Legal Department (GLD) from the official site of UK Civil Service Legal Department Jobs.

2# British Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) Jobs:

Next on our list is the very noble health and social care department, working day & night with the ministries to provide longer and healthier lives to UK people. Being an international professional, you can also contribute to making a healthy plus safer environment by playing your role as a nurse, physician, pharmacist specialist, statistician, or care assistant. These are considered to be the most in-demand professions in this sector.

Health and Social care department allows you to work with health ministries, the cabinet office, the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, and different government hospitals. Meanwhile, the pay scale might differ from the other one because of job status, qualification, and work experience. The estimated salary ranges from £16,432/ year to £117,800/ year or more than that with health coverage, pension, and other perks.

Considering the education requirements for the health & social care department, the foreign healthcare worker must be a qualified practitioner or pharmacist, etc., with a valid healthcare worker visa and work experience in the relevant field.

Interested ones can search the suitable jobs at Civil Service Health & Social Care DepartmentRoyal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, or UK Cabinet Office.

 3# British Transport Department Jobs:

Like the other departments of the UK Government, the Department of Transport also plays a dominant role in running & maintaining the transport network in the UK. It is also responsible for providing safe and sound freight plus passenger travel, making new transport schemes, and much more. In short, working in this department will allow you to be an integral part of many notable agencies, like the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Vehicle Certification Agency, etc.

The most common and demanding jobs in this sector are; Senior Transport Modeler, Content Designer, Road Policy Project Advisor, Software Asset Manager, etc.

The salary for Department for Transport starts from £20855 to £73,4970/ annum with health & accident coverage.

However, the minimum education for any of the designations in the transport sector is a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering/ Software Engineering/ HRM or the relevant field with one to two years of work experience. Similarly, a CPC, also known as a Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence, is essential to work as a Transport Manager with no driving license.

Applicants can find the jobs on UK Department for Transport Career pageHertfordshire County Council, & Kent County Council.

4# UK Defence Science & Technology Laboratory Jobs:

It is quite an interesting department, especially for people passionate about science and modern technologies. Being a part of the Defence Science & Technology department in the UK government allows you to work for Defence Ministry and UK security agencies.

Various vacancies are there waiting for deserving candidates. Interested ones can show their expertise as Software Engineer, Laboratory Technicians, Biometric Policy Specialists, Ballistic Missile Defence Engineer, etc.

The educational requirements to work as a qualified officer in the Defence Science department are; a BS/ MS/ Ph.D. degree in Software Engineering, Chemistry, or Mathematics, with a knowledge of coding, Python, C++ or C#, and GU Development.

Meanwhile, the expected salary lies from £18,278 to £47,047/ year with health & medical premiums, annuity, and other perks. Search the available jobs at the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory Careers, & UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) Job portal.

5# British Education Department Jobs:

Another notable area where one can apply is the education sector. It does not matter if you are a fresher or a professional. Hundreds of worthy jobs are waiting to welcome you. The education department believes in providing quality yet affordable education to every child, adult, & young person.

The most common designations in this sector are Administrators, Lecturers, Policy Advisors, Payroll Analysts, etc. Meanwhile, the qualification for education department jobs includes an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or equivalent education with Qualified Teacher Status from the Initial Teacher Training Program. Moreover, the teaching experience will work as a cherry on top. Additionally, administrative and good communication skills with a knowledge of MS Office are a must.

One can expect a salary starting from £28,000 to £117,000, depending on the experience, qualification, and other additional skills.

Vacancies for UK Education Department are available at the Education development trustDepartment For Education Civil Jobs, & Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

6# UK Department of Environment, Food, Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Jobs:

The government of the UK is making all possible efforts to maintain and create a safe, healthy, greener, and fresh environment for its people. In this regard, the DEFRA (department of environment, food, and rural affairs) is working on the food and farming industry and making policies to prevent hazards that can affect natural habitats.

There are various vacant options to which one can apply and join as a DEFRA team member, like Marketing Manager, Head of Resourcing, Drinking Water Inspector, Events & Visit Officer. These few are the most common recruitment opportunities at Food and Rural Affairs department with high salaries.

One can earn around £25,915 to a maximum of £75,000 in a year with various luxuries. All the applicants with excellent analytical and communication skills holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing and HRM are welcome to apply. Similarly, having a previous work experience in your relative field at any organization or enterprise can increase your selection chances.

Dozens of vacant jobs are open at the Department of Food, Environment, and Rural Affairs site & Cheltenham Borough Council.

7# Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sports (DCMS) Jobs:

As we mentioned earlier, hundreds of departments are there in the UK working on different things, like finance, health, education, etc., for UK’s betterment. In the same way, the DCMS belongs to the media, sports, cultural heritage, and digital economy. Professionals with creative minds and great ideas are welcome with open arms to try their luck and apply for their not-so-typical civil servant jobs.

DCMS has several vacancies for local and international talent. However, the most in-demand jobs are; Chief Cyber Security, Commercial & Strategy Manager, Child Online Policy Safety Advisor, Portfolio Manager, and many more.

The pay scale varies with each post, but every post has some applauding benefits, like maternity/ paternity leaves, paid holidays, etc. Meanwhile, the salary range is £25,761 to £68,945 / annum.

As far as education requirements are concerned, the eligible applicant must hold a BS or MS degree in Economics with organizational, technical, and analytical skills.

Jobs are open at the Digital, Culture, Media, & Sports (DCMS) Recruitment & Leicester City Council.

8# British International Trade Department (DIT) Jobs:

The International Trade sector of the UK is involved in shaping the future of trade and investment. On the other hand, it also works on economic stability and promotes British trade in every corner of the world. You can also be an essential member of their global team and take part in negotiating-free trade agreements & market access.

The most desired yet highly paid designations in this sector are the Fraud & Corruption Manager, Head of Operations, IT Operations Engineer, Trade Policy Advisor, & Business Manager. Meanwhile, the estimated pay scale is £28,070 to a maximum of £60,129, with paid leaves, apprenticeships, and more.

Qualification requirements involve a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field or equivalent education. Plus, oral and communication skills must be extraordinary, with the potential to carry out independent research & make policies.

Vacant posts are available at the Department of International Trade (DIT) Civil Service official vacancy portal.

9# British Department for Housing & Communities Jobs:

Want to build a friendly, healthy, and safer community for the locals? If it is a yes, here is your chance. The housing and community department is working effortlessly to create a society where everyone can live and work peacefully without any worries.

All the candidates who are either new to civil service or already a part of it can apply for numerous worthy opportunities. The most common and in-demand positions in this department are; Delivery Manager, Project Admin Support Officer, Cyber Security Manager, & Technical Architect.

Any eligible employee can earn around £37,064 to £69,960 annually. However, the interested candidate must have equivalent knowledge or skills in the relevant field with work experience & a driving license.

Apply for jobs at the portal of the UK government for the Housing & Community department.

10# British Work & Pension Department Jobs:

Lastly, we have the child maintenance policy, welfare, and pension department operating in the UK. It works on providing state pensions and health plus disability benefits to approximately 20 million people. Serving in this welfare department will give you a work-life balance with high salaries while working in different areas, like Analysis, Fraud Digital Counter, Occupational Psychology, etc.

Most in-demand jobs at the Department of Work & Pension are; Cost Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Business Analyst, Test Engineer, & IT Asset Manager.

Minimum education requirements for the jobs at work and pension departments are GCSEs in Math and English at Grade C, with experience in investigating problems. In the meantime, the salary at the Child welfare and pension department is £34,173 to £80,341.

Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

It is our pleasure to have Yousaf Saeed on our Guest Authors list. He is a top educationist and renowned research with major publications in his field of interest. Yousaf won a total of 3 fully-funded scholarships to complete his academic career and also won numerous fundings for attending international academic conferences. He is known for his mentorship for helping students to find and apply for international academic opportunities.

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