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Canada Government Jobs With VISA – Application Process & Eligibility Checker

I will recommend you to move to Canada if you want a high paying job with maximum allowances, nice work environment, better living standards, life time job security, top quality education for your children, nice educated community, top class medical and residential facilities but now you might wonder how would you be able to find a job in Canada that will sponsor your Canadian work VISA and help you in obtaining a residence permit of Canada and in this article you are actually going to find all of these answers so read till the last of it.

Canada’s Minimum and Maximum Salary for Employees

I think everyone here wants to start reading this article from salary information of an employee in Canadian market and for that reason i did some research as per Ca.Talent report maximum salary of Canadian employee was recorded to be around CAD$100k, while median salary is CAD$70k and average minimum salary in Canada for an employee is around CAD$49k and this is not just it because all Canadian employees are also entitled to receive healthcare benefits, residential allowances, funding for mortgage, insurance, and schooling of children.

Easy Steps for You to Land a Job in Canada With Immigration

I seek your attention here because most of you might had this thought in mind about moving abroad for job purpose may require lots of documentation and might also be a very complex and difficult process but that is actually not the case if you want to move to Canada on work VISA and then apply for permanent immigration there. There are actually eight simple steps which if you follow sequentially and execute them with success then you will actually see yourself and your family settled in Canada in near future so lets now just read those steps:

  1. Get familiar with Canada Express Entry, Provincial immigration, and Skill shortage jobs immigration programs
  2. Prepare your documents for Canadian job, VISA and immigration applications
  3. Try to find skill shortage jobs in Canada and get your job profile submitted in express entry pool
  4. Upon receiving job offer, apply for Canadian work VISA and take a flight to enter Canada
  5. Settle down in Canada, begin job, get information on converting VISA to Canadian Residence permit
  6. Apply for Canadian residence permit
  7. Now you can also seek information on how you can bring in your relatives/family with you in Canada
  8. Bring in your family in Canada, thats it!

Where Can You Find Canadian Government Jobs in 2023?

This is exactly where you have to start finding a relevant Canadian government job as per your qualification and prior work experience and for that purpose Canadian federal government have an employment page from where local Canadian citizens and international job seekers can find jobs, create free account, and submit their applications online.

1- Explore Canadian Work related Immigration Programs

I think you will get excited by reading this if i say that there are 7 types of Canadian skill shortage immigration programs that hire international skilled workers and provide them with fast track Canadian work VISA’s to let them start working in Canada. So now i want you to take a look on each of those Canadian immigration programs which are economic mobility pathway immigration, agricultural skilled worker immigration, Atlantic Canada immigration option, skilled worker express entry immigration program, caregiver immigration, Quebec skilled worker immigration, and Northern and rural immigration pilot program.

2- Documents Preparation for Canadian jobs and Immigration

So all the job seekers looking to get Canadian job based immigration are actually required to provide evidence of their English language proficiency proof by taking any of English language tests approved by Canadian immigration office (Source Canada Immigration Office), and these approved tests includes IELTS, CLB, CELPIP, NCLC, or TCF/TEF for French language proficiency whereas you can check required score benchmarks here.

Once you are done checking language requirements required for Canadian immigration the next step for you would be to arrange these documents for your Canadian work visa application submission; your passport, proof of some funds, police character certificate, Canadian resident relative relation proof document (Optional), marriage/divorce cert (Optional), medical fitness exams, and also request job offer letter from a Canadian employer but in case you get a job from express entry pool then you will receive appointment/job offer letter.

3- Skills Shortage Jobs to Submit Your Profile in Express Entry Pool

Once all your documents are ready and you have also obtained your National Occupation Classification (NOC) teer, and passed eligibility criteria for express entry, then you are all set in my opinion to submit your job profile for Canadian express entry system which then will be ranked as per Comprehensive ranking system (CRS).

4- Receive Job Offer, Entry Canada, Start job, Obtain Residence Permit

So now i am going to combine remaining steps in this paragraph because next what you have to do is pretty much simple and would have almost automatically, henceforth that being said if you get selected for joining a job position in Canada via any of their skilled worker immigration program then you will apply for a work VISA at Canadian embassy of your country.

Later on, your passport will be stamped with work visa for Canada through which you will be given permission to fly to Canada and will be given entry in Canada to join your work place and soon after that you can get settled there, and seek employer’s assistance in covering your Canadian work visa into work permit if required.

Finally, you can also invite your spouse or dependent children to live with you in Canada (Source Canada Immigration) after you start working there on a full time job and this is how simple it is to move to Canada to start a new job and i am sure things would have been very clear now so do not wait and start working on your documents right away.

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