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Canadian Government Department Jobs 2023 – Open for Applications

Canadian Government Jobs for International Applicants:

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Canadian Government Department jobs in 2023 are announced for recruitment of highly skilled applicants. It is one of the best chances for many to grab a permanent job in Canada to settle there forever.

The government of Canada is always ready when it comes to the progress of this country and its nation. In the same way, it has also opened its doors for international talent who can serve in various Canadian government sectors. Overseas candidates can play their part and apply for jobs in numerous departments like healthcare, finance, commonwealth, judiciary, transport, etc.

On the other hand, doing a job in such positions offers a handsome salary package with worthy benefits to cover all types of expenses.

Salaries Offered by Canadian Department Jobs

Employees associated with the Canadian Government will enjoy the employment perks till the last breath. Following are the benefits sponsored by the Canadian government for its skillful and trustworthy employees:

  • Travel Insurance Plans
  • Retirement Funds and Pension
  • Leave Packages and Vacations
  • Accommodation quarter or house allocation
  • Demise Benefits
  • Disability Insurance
  • Well paid salaries
  • Family health and life Insurance policies

Can International Applicants apply for Canadian Government Jobs?

It is a big yes for all the passionate international applicants who want to serve in Canadian Federal Government. All overseas applicants holding a Canadian passport with Canadian citizenship (not mandatory) and a valid work permit are eligible for Canada Government Jobs. On the other hand, bilingual candidates have a higher chance of getting a government job in Canada.

List of Canada’s Departments Offering Jobs in 2023:

Here is the list of Canada’s most demanded jobs in the Government sector with minimum to maximum salary ranges:

  • Canada Government Healthcare Sector Jobs
  • Canada Government Banking Sector Jobs
  • Canada Government Teaching Jobs:
  • Canada Government Police Jobs:
  • Canadian Government Armed Forces Jobs
  • Canada Government Media Jobs
  • Canada Ministry of Transportation Jobs
  • Canada Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jobs
  • Canada Ministry of Finance Jobs
  • Canada Government Fire Fighter Jobs
  • Canada Department of Justice Jobs
  • Canada Ministry of Energy Jobs

1- Canada Government Healthcare Sector Jobs:

No matter where you belong, the most preferred destination of international applicants, Canada has hundreds of opportunities available for overseas eligible candidates in the healthcare sector. Whether you are a nurse, physician, doctor, pharmacist, etc., the ministry of health has announced various job vacancies at different positions.

Interested applicants can apply for these positions if they have proficiency in the English language with expertise in diverse medical fields. Meanwhile, healthcare experts working for the Canadian government or Indigenous Services Canada will get medical and dental insurance, free vision care, and hospitalization coverage.

However, available opportunities for the people planning to play an integral part in Canada’s healthcare system are; Registered nurses or Nurse practitioners in Community or Public Health with an average salary of 96,747 – $148,590/ annum with various allowances.

On the other hand, the other most demanded job offers in the Canadian healthcare system are; Medical Administrative Assistant, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Optical Dispensing Technician, etc.

The above positions offer salary ranges from $213,694 to $234,146/ annum with unlimited benefits.

For the application for jobs in these departments, international applicants must have a degree equivalent from the medical school with a license to practice medicine in Canada.

2- Canada Government Banking Sector Jobs:

Working in Canada is not more than a dream come true. But serving your expertise in the world’s best corporate industry is like a cherry on the top. If you want to work for the Canadian government, apply for the vacant job posts at the Bank of Canada. It is the only bank used by the federal government for business operations.

International applicants with a degree in MBA or BBA have the golden chance to apply for different designations, like Managing Director, Executive Talent Bank at IRCC, Accountant, Data Engineer, Cybersecurity Officer, HR Operations Specialist, Trader Associate, and much more.

Meanwhile, the salary of an employee working in Canada’s Government Bank of Canada is based on designation, experience, and skills. However, the salary range in Canadian banking sector jobs starts from $72,695 to $137,649 per year.

3- Canada Government Teaching Jobs:

No wonder teaching is a profession that is not only noble but also in demand in many provinces of Canada. Many Canadian provinces are looking for exceptional local and international teachers who can share their knowledge and expertise with students.

International teachers can apply for these Canadian teaching jobs and start their journey as professional teachers or as a mentor in Canada. Some of Canada’s provincial governments that offer teaching jobs to overseas applicants are; the Manitoba government, the Government of Northwest Territories, the Government of Nunavut, the Government of Saskatchewan, etc.

However, available teaching posts in these provinces offered by the Canadian government are for; experienced professors for universities, assistant professors, research associates, Junior Kindergarten teachers, Parttime Preschool Instructors, physical education teachers, Program Support Teachers, and all.

Meanwhile, a teacher working for the Canadian government can earn from $68,321 to $96,000/ year with many allowances coverages. However, the figure might vary as per the qualifications, skills, and experience.

4- Canada Government Police Jobs:

International applicants who are commissioned police officers have the chance to migrate and join the Canadian police force to maintain peace and harmony in the country. Dozens of job vacancies are waiting for the right international talent who can serve the country.

Being a police officer in Canada is not an easy job. International applicants have to meet specific criteria, like a BS or MS degree, work experience as a police officer, and mental and medical fitness tests are mandatory.

However, international candidates can apply for the jobs at the following designations; RCMP Police Officer, Security Analyst for Canada’s national security system, Municipal Law Enforcement Officer I, Communication Operator, Police Constable, etc.

By applying for the above opportunities, applicants will get a chance to work for Belleville Police Service, Toronto Police Service, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and many more.

According to statistical data, the average salary of a police officer lies from $43,012 to $81,043 per year. Yet again, the median salary depends on work experience, qualifications, and talent.

5- Canadian Government Forces Jobs:

Before discussing this further, it is essential to know that if you want to join the armed forces in Canada, apply for citizenship as soon as possible. Only candidates with Canadian citizenship can apply for Canadian army jobs. Similarly, working in the Canadian armed force does not mean it is all about soldiers and military officers. But there are hundreds of vacancies open in different sectors.

However, making a career in the Canadian armed forces is not more than a souvenir. For this reason, interested individuals have to work hard a little extra. Moreover, applicants can apply for the following job posts, Internal Medicine, telecommunication, Information system Technician, Marine system engineering officer, Military & Signal Officer, Orthopedic surgeon, Psychiatrist, Naval Communicator, Aerospace Control Operator, etc.

Services in the Canadian armed forces offer a salary concerning the designation and chosen field. Meanwhile, the average salary starts from $46605 to $127,659/ year, with valuable benefits throughout the lifetime.

6- Canada Government Media Jobs:

Media is one of the most powerful and independent tools these days. In the same way, the Canadian Government Media is also playing a critical part in communicating with its people. Generally, the CRTC is responsible for controlling broadcasting and media operations in Canada.

International applicants planning to join the media industry in Canada can work for the Central Agency Communications Unit Cabinet office, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, etc.

However, working as a media person in Canada allows you to show your potential in the following field: Digital Communication Officer, Digital Content Analyst, Marketing Coordinator, Media Relation Officer, and many more.

As per the estimated data, the media personnel working for the Canadian government can earn around $66,735-$84,300/year.

7- Canada Ministry of Transportation Jobs:

Indeed, the transportation Ministry of Canada is known for the finest, safest, and securest transport of goods and people via air, railway, marine, and land. On the other hand, the department of Transport Canada is also famous for providing several career opportunities for eligible domestic or international candidates.

Avail of the opportunity to become a part of the Canadian Transport Ministry and apply for the following vacant posts in versatile fields; Information Management Support Officer, Program Officer, Support Management Worker, Regional Environment Advisor, Electrical Engineer, etc.

The salary varies based on the designations and fields. However, the average salary is $38,127/ year to $117,341/per year.

International applicants who want to work with the Canada Transport Ministry must be able to submit a resume, and academic transcripts, a resume, hold a valid Canadian passport and work permit.

8- Canada Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jobs:

International trades and all kinds of foreign affairs are the responsibility of Global Affairs Canada. International candidates with a work permit are welcome to apply at Global Affairs Canada and Foreign Commonwealth Office to serve their expertise in this sector.

Several job positions are open for international and local talent, for instance, Foreign Language Intelligence Analyst, Visa Assistant, Security Escort, Executive Assistant to the Consul General, Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia, etc.

Working in Foreign services is not a walk in the park. It is a huge responsibility that comes with many hardships and lifetime benefits. However, the expected national salary of a foreign officer starts from $81,841 to $191,300/ annum.

9- Canada Ministry of Finance Jobs:

Another impactful sector hunting passionate yet deserving international candidates is the Canadian Finance Ministry. Overseas candidates with the status of Canadian citizenship or a valid work permit with notable work experience can apply for finance ministry jobs.

Selected candidates will work with Canada and its provincial government to focus on financial and economic issues. Moreover, applicants can apply for the following jobs; Chief Financial Officer, Senior Policy Analyst, Director of Fiscal Planning, Economic Specialist, Financial Manager Controller, etc.

Interested individuals must have the basic knowledge of finance-based analytical skills, work experience in the finance field, & management experience, etc.

The average estimated salary of a finance ministry employee is $74,697 to $91,183/ annum, including other luxuries.

10-Canada Government Fire Fighter Rescue Jobs:

International applicants can enter Canada via Express entry and, with all the required qualifications, skills, and experience, can apply for firefighter jobs in Canada’s government sectors.

If you can play with danger and want to save the world from burning, ready to work as a Probationary Firefighter, Volunteer firefighter, Industrial firefighter, etc., at the Canadian Armed forces, International SOS, New Venture Safety Services, and all.

Serving as a firefighter in Canada allows you to get $75,000 – $105,000/ year.

11- Canada Department of Justice Jobs:

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for dealing with federal and provincial issues, providing support to the legal attorney of Canada, public safety and security, making federal government policies, etc. However, overseas applicants who want to apply to Canadian Justice ministry jobs must have a degree in law, or social sciences, work experience, a license to practice, & work permit.

Interested individuals can serve as Lawyers, paralegal staff, legal assistants, Court service officers, Assistant Trial Coordinators, and all.

The expected salary for Canada Department of Justice employees is $74,818 – $157,728/ year.

12- Canada Ministry of Energy Jobs:

Lastly, we have the very significant ministry of energy, playing a dominant role in the economic progress of Canada. The Canada ministry of energy focuses on electricity pricing and minerals to meet the need of provinces and private companies.

It is not easy to run that ministry with minimum staff. Dozens of eligible candidates from different parts of the world can apply. Interested ones can serve here as the Assistant Deputy Minister, Training Specialist, Policy Analyst, Chief of Staff, Geotechnical Inspector, and so on.

However, the salary ranges from $98,436 – $123,045/ year.

How to Apply for Canadian Government Jobs?

Here is the simple procedure to apply for Canada Department Jobs. Interested applicants must check the complete application process step by step from here to avoid any inconvenience in the end.

Visit the official site of Canadian government jobs. Make your account there and log in to have access to available job opportunities. One can also use filters to refine their search as per the interest. Once you have found the desired job, apply for it after reading all the requirements with a cover letter and resume. Applicants after selection will get a call or an email for an interview, so follow up on your email to remain alert.

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