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Charleston College Acceptance Rate and Scholarships 2023-2024

All You Need to Know About Admissions in the College of Charleston

The college of Charleston opened the admissions application window for their fully funded Charleston college scholarships 2023-2024. So go through this article to learn more about admissions and scholarships at the College of Charleston.

When choosing international universities to join for earning a higher education degree, many students only consider the institute and its environment. But that is not all that matters. Because the students will be supposed to live and adjust to a whole new country, they should also regard the surroundings as a whole. 

Not every country offers access to beautiful landscapes and cultural heritage. But there is one state in the United States of America that not only provides beautiful coastlines, sandy beaches, gorgeous islands, and a rich cultural vestige but also offers its students a world-class education. Yes, we are talking about South Carolina

For international students with academic interests willing to study in the United States of America, South Carolina offers more than 44 different colleges to choose from which offer invaluable experience by inculcating in their academic course outlines, the state’s rich cultural heritage. One such institute that you must include in your list is the College of Charleston. 

The College of Charleston is a public liberal arts college that offers contemporary education at a reasonable cost to students from around the world. In this article, we will be discussing all the College of Charleston, from its acceptance and rejection rates to the waiting list system at the university and other informative details. So, if you want to know all about the College of Charleston, stay hooked to this article till the last!

Admissions Acceptance and Rejection Rate at the College of Charleston:-

The College of Charleston is considered one of the most prestigious institutes in South Carolina in the public sector and ranks among the most esteemed institutes in the country, following the Furman University and the University of South Carolina.

This brings forth a common misunderstanding that admissions in the College of Charleston are extremely difficult. Even though the admission procedures at the College of Charleston are competitive, the institute accepts a considerable percentage of its pool of applicants every academic year.

Following are the acceptance and rejection rates at the College of Charleston as of 2023:

Acceptance rate at the College of Charleston 2023:

The acceptance rate at the College of Charleston as of 2023 is 78.3%. out of this student population, a little less than half of the population at the College of Charleston comprises international students from over 100 different countries of the world.

Rejection rate at the College of Charleston 2023:

The rejection rate at the College of Charleston is 21.7%. 

This implies that almost 22 out of every 100 applications received by the Office of Admissions at the College of Charleston get turned down.

Admissions Waiting List System at the College of Charleston:-

The College of Charleston maintains an effective waiting list system for its applicants so that those who fit the profile of a student could pass every assessment with flying colors at the university but couldn’t get admitted into the institute for one reason or the other could get a second chance.

Even though being placed on the waiting list might sound like a respectful denial, the chances of getting admitted from the waitlist are surprisingly high at the College of Charleston and get even higher if the number of students turning the university’s offer down increases beyond their estimation. 

What are the chances of getting admitted from the waiting list at the College of Charleston?

According to a survey, the number of students who were placed on the waiting list and then given an offer to occupy a vacant seat in their desired course programs was recorded to be 20%.

However, due to the current pandemic situation, when the universities have restricted their maximum student capacity, these chances are likely to fall by a few percent.

Scholarships at the College of Charleston:-

The annual fee structure at the College of Charleston varies significantly between that of local residents and the out-of-state and international residents. While the South Carolinians are required to pay an annual sum of 25,000 USD, the same course program costs an international student more than 44,000 USD.

But for those bright students who cannot afford to fund their education at the College of Charleston from their personal resources, the university has launched some prestigious scholarship programs.

Some of the most common scholarship programs initiated by the College of Charleston are listed below as follows:

Undergraduate Freshmen Scholarships:

  • Colonial Scholarships
  • College of Charleston Merit Scholarships
  • National Merit Scholarships
  • James E. Clyburn Scholarships
  • Upward Bound Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships:

  • American Chemical Society Scholars Program for students of Chemistry and Biochemistry 
  • The Edward Emerson Towell Chemistry Scholarships
  • GEL Scholarships
  • Summer Research Scholarships
  • Brewer Scholarships for students of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Fine Arts Merit Scholarships
  • Albert Simons Memorial Scholarships
  • Elizabeth Anne Eady Memorial Travel Scholarships for fine arts students
  • Linder Family Scholarships for students of Communications
  • Karen Avenoso Awards
  • Charlie Hall Memorial Scholarships
  • John and Kathleen  Rivers Foundation Scholarships
  • William Bischoff Memorial Scholarships for Psychology students
  • Charles Kaiser Awards for Outstanding Psychology Students
  • Charles Latimer Jr. Psychology Travel Awards
  • Schottland Leadership Award for Business Students
  • New Student Scholarships for students of Theatre and Dance
  • Mary Jollensten Scholarships
  • Robert Ivey Scholarships in Dance
  • Maria Alicia Elfe Awards
  • Future Professional Award on Performance and Production
  • The Stella Award
  • Leading Edge Scholarships

South Carolina State Scholarships:

  • Palmetto Scholarships
  • LIFE Scholarships
  • HOPE Scholarships
  • Enhancements
  • Summer State Scholarships.

Start off with your applications for the College of Charleston today!

Now that you know all about admissions at the College of Charleston, don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity of joining this top-notch institution on scholarship. Start preparing your documents today because the institute is soon to open its web portal for accepting online applications from students, both local and international.

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