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Concordia University Acceptance Rate with Concordia University Scholarships 2022-2023

If you are looking forward to joining a university in Canada to earn your higher education degree, but are not thrilled by the idea of learning French, don’t give up on your dreams just yet. Remember that there is always a second option, and so is in your case.

Want to know how you can join a top-notch university in Canada that uses English as its primary medium of instruction? Great! Because in this article, we will be telling you all that you need to know about Concordia University, its acceptance and rejection rate, the waiting list system as well as the fee funding options available at Concordia University.

So, read this article till the last and get to know all the necessary details for getting admissions at Concordia University.

Acceptance and Rejection Rate at Concordia University:-

Concordia University is considered one of the most prestigious research universities in Montreal, Quebec. Concordia makes its name among one of the only three universities in Quebec (the other two, being McGill and Bishop’s) where English is the main medium of communication and instruction. So, no need of taking those French classes anymore. 

Concordia University has a relatively higher number of enrollments every year as compared to other public research universities in Canada. In the academic year 2021 alone, Concordia University has ranked the topmost position in Canada on the basis of enrollments, by enrolling over 51,000 students in credit courses.

The actual stats showing the acceptance and rejection rates at the Concordia University in percent are given below:

The acceptance rate at Concordia University 2021:

The acceptance rate at Concordia University as of 2021 is 70.8%. 

The Rejection rate at Concordia University 2021:

The latest rejection rate at Concordia University according to a survey in 2021 is 29.2%.

Information about Waiting List System at the Concordia University:-

By taking a look at the above stats, you can tell that the applicant acceptance rate is much higher in proportion than the applicant rejection rate at Concordia University. Seeking admissions in the Concordia University is relatively easier as compared to other prestigious Canadian institutions such as McGill, the University of Waterloo, and York University. However, this does not mean that the educational techniques are inefficient. In fact, the education is as top quality and tough as any other university in the world.

However, if you under any circumstances could not make it to the list of admitted students and your application was turned down, there is still a chance for you to get into the course of your preference. How? By getting a seat on the waiting list!

How does the waiting list system at Concordia University work?

To get on the waiting list, you will have to apply online when the waitlist has started accepting students. Now, if a non-reserved seat becomes available for students, the university administration will automatically start filling up the seat by contacting the student on the 1st seat of the waitlist and so forth. 

You can view your position on the waitlist and can also monitor your position to anticipate if a vacant seat has been occupied by another candidate or not. However, it is strongly suggested that you have a backup plan to apply to another institute or reapply to Concordia University in the next session.

Scholarships are available at Concordia University:-

The fully-funded Concordia University Scholarships 2022-2023 are actually available to international and local students throughout the year for various degree and exchange programs.

The number of international students getting enrolled by the Concordia University to study, research, and explore in the blooming environment increases by every passing year. As of the current year, more than 15% of the total enrolled strength at the university comprises international students.

However, for those meritorious international students who have shown academic excellence in their previous degrees but cannot afford to pay the tuition at Concordia University, the university management has introduced a number of scholarships and awards. These scholarships are mostly fully funded and cover every expense, from travel to accommodation to tuition fees, and books. 

Following are some of the scholarship programs initiated by Concordia University to financially assist the international students:

  • Concordia Presidential Scholarships
  • Concordia International Scholars
  • The Norma Joseph Scholarships
  • Professor Mervin Butovsky Memorial Awards
  • Rev. John C.T Johnson Memorial Scholarships
  • Max and Jessie Kaufman Memorial Scholarships in Judaic Studies
  • Colors of Concordia Award
  • Economical Insurance Scholarships
  • Leadership in Environmental Sustainability Shuffle Award
  • Louise Perrier Memorial Scholarships
  • Loyola Foundation Inc. Entrance Scholarships
  • Nawaf al Rufaie Scholarships in Communication Studies
  • Pariso Scholarships in Communication Studies
  • Queen of Angels Academy  Memorial Awards
  • Robet V. Tucker Memorial Awards
  • Samuel Jacobson and Goldie Schacter Jacobson Awards
  • Susan Levin Woods Scholarships
  • Metro Awards
  • Heather Walker Memorial Awards.

Start working on your applications for Concordia University today!

Fascinated by the idea of joining Concordia University to earn your higher education degree? What are you waiting for? Start working on your applications today and get a chance to land a fully funded scholarship at Concordia University!

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