CSC Scholarship Results Announcement 2023-2024 | Chinese Government Scholarship Result

CSC Scholarship Result Announcement 2022 | Chinese Government Scholarship Result | China Scholarship Council

This is to inform all international students that the results of the Chinese Government Scholarships (CSC Scholarships) 2023 will be released by Chinese universities starting from July 2023.

Prospective students are strongly advised against accepting scholarships offers from several universities, should they receive multiple offers. This is because the official laws in place regarding the scholarship dictate that each student can only be awarded one scholarship.

Thus, if a student gets admission offers from several places, it would be wise to carefully think through the decision and the student should accept that offer where he or she is actually keen on pursuing his or her academic endeavors. This will also allow the other universities to find alternate candidates for their programs.

When the Chinese Government Scholarship 2023 Result will be Announced?

Please find below the expected timeline after one receives all the relevant admission documents for the CSC scholarship, as well as the visa application process:

  1. After the results of the CSC scholarship are announced, confirmation emails will be sent out to all awardees by the end of June 2023.
  2. It is then the candidate’s responsibility to send a confirmation email to the respective university whose offer he or she is accepting, confirming their confirmation and attendance starting September of the same year.
  3. After the university receives a confirmation from the candidate, it will then send a bunch of documents, including an official admission offer letter, the scholarship award document, as well as a set of instructions for the student regarding his or her entry into China, as well as the rules they have to adhere to during their stay in the country. This package will also include an invitation letter for the Chinese Student Visa, which has to be submitted by the candidate to the Chinese Embassy in their region, along with the other documentation required.
  4. This package will be sent out by all universities in July, and candidates should expect to receive their packages by August.
  5. After the package has been received, students can then begin to prepare all the other documents that are required by the Chinese Embassy for the Chinese Student Visa. Initially, this visa will only be granted for a one-time entry for 30 days. However, once the student arrives in China, the visa will automatically convert into a permanent residency certificate for one year, which can then be extended for the next year.
  6. All candidates should ensure that they undergo a complete medical checkup in their home countries. Official medical reports must be brought along to China to save the hassle of having to go through the examination again, which can cost over RMB 400.
  7. Students are encouraged to purchase their tickets for air travel as soon as they receive the Chinese Student Visa. It is also suggested that students acquaint themselves with basic Chinese language words and phrases, which can help them interact with shopkeepers, taxi drivers, or hotel staff after they arrive in China since most people do not speak English. Students should also arrange for translation applications that can help them communicate with people in China.
  8. After arriving in China, students must register with their local police within 24 hours of arrival. Failure to do so can result in a fine of RMB 2000. If the student is going to stay on campus, then the university’s international student office may register on the student’s behalf. However, if the student is spending a few days at a hotel, then Chinese hotels cannot accept foreign guests until and unless they have received a notice of the foreign guests’ arrival from the local police. Therefore, it is essential for the students to register with the police and get clearance.

We hope this was a helpful guide for all aspiring students who will be undertaking this journey in China.

Yousaf Saeed

I'm Dr. Engr. Yousaf Saeed, founder of the AScholarship Education Portal. My academic path includes 3 prestigious international scholarships — Australia Awards, CSC, and HKPFS — for my higher studies. I am also an IChemE affiliate whereas I've also worked for companies like Aramco and BYCO oil refinery as an production engineer at the start of my career. I completed MS, and PhD with major research publications in leading SCI journals (details on my Researchgate Profile). This reflects my commitment to educating and therefore i started it for the purpose to guide aspiring international students for find scholarships for their higher education dream. As an experienced educator and mentor, I specialize in navigating the intricacies of research and patent and write useful articles on these topics too.


  1. I have a question what about this situation. This year because of the coronavirus outbreak my exam in the university was postponed until August….But I need send my degree to university before start my master…The university will be flexible with this situation? I read that international flights will be open on October but I don’t now if it is true.

  2. Thank you so much for your efforts that makes us very knowledgeable about the time line of CSC Scholarship .

    But I would like to ask u a question.
    Could you please explain which University will announce the results of CSC awardees .
    I have applied in the below Universities
    1.tingong University
    2.Lanzhou University
    3.wuhan University of technology

    So , when can I get my status at both University and CSC. Portal?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hello, I applied for PhD scholarship but until I donot receive positive or negative answer about scholarship, please send me information about it.I am at grade A.
    Thanks alot.

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