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Cyprus Scholarships 2021-2022: List of Top Scholarships in Cyprus

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If you want to study abroad then Cyprus can be a good destination for you. You can easily get admission to a university there and if you are worried about expenses, then go for a scholarship in Cyprus

Cyprus is home to sunny beaches, good tourist spots, and an excellent education system. So, you can really combine quality education with entertainment there. Plus, in Cyprus, the cost of education is relatively low as compared to similar education in other EU countries. Also, the cost of living is quite less there. In fact, Paphos, which is a city in Cyprus, is the cheapest city in Europe. 

You can also finance your studies and meet living expenses by working in Cyprus as the country provides work rights on student visas through which 20 hours a week of work is allowed to students. Still, if you want to get support with your degree in Cyprus, apply for a scholarship. International students are eligible for the scholarships in Cyprus that are offered at higher education institutes.

Cyprus Scholarships List

Given below is a list of the top scholarships in Cyprus. As you would note, they are provided by Universities and Institutes themselves. There are numerous scholarships at many universities in Cyprus.

#1 Cyprus International University Scholarships

Cyprus International University provides undergraduate and graduates scholarships. It provides international scholarships that are available to all international students. This scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fees. It also provides academic scholarship which covers 50% to 100% of the tuition fees and other costs of students based on academic merit. The graduate scholarships are granted by the Scholarship Committee of the university and cover 50% of the tuition. It is granted to students who have good academic achievement in Masters and Ph.D. programs. To get more information, go to the university’s website.

#2 University of Central Lancashire Cyprus

This university offers undergraduate and graduate scholarships for students of specific countries. Undergraduate scholarships provide a 40%-50% reduction in payable tuition fees and are provided based on merit. Apart from this, postgraduate scholarships of a maximum of 30% of the tuition fees are provided for students showing excellent academic performance and behavior. Aside from merit-based scholarships the university also provides athletic scholarships for students who are part of different sports teams. For this scholarship, students also have to meet certain academic criteria. To check eligibility and get further information on different scholarships at this university, visit its website.

#3 The Cyprus Institute Scholarships

Different scholarships are available for students of The Cyprus Institute. One of the scholarship programs of the institute is tuition fees scholarships which cover tuition fees fully or partially. Apart from this, Dean’s Distinguished Scholarships are also available at the institute. These are provided to outstanding students for pursuing their doctoral studies. The scholarships cover tuition fees, other costs and provide a monthly stipend. This is the most prestigious scholarship program of the institute. In addition to this, research assistantships, graduate scholarships covering living expenses and work-study programs are also available. Visit the institute’s website to find out more about its scholarship programs.

#4 Cyprus West University Scholarships

There are different scholarships which are provided by Cyprus West University to its current and prospective students of undergraduate programs. International student scholarships cover 65% scholarship for all undergraduate students of all departments. In addition to this, there are Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarships for international students who have conditional acceptance at the university. These are fully-funded scholarships that are based on the decision of the scholarship committee. To know about the scholarships at Cyprus West University visit its website.

#5 University of Nicosia Scholarships

This university offers merit and athletic scholarships for all students regardless of their nationality.  Merit scholarships are provided based on high school results for incoming students during their first year. After two semesters, students become eligible for merit scholarships based on their grade point average. The percentage of the scholarship depends on the grade point average of the students. These scholarships are provided to full-time students only. Apart from this, athletic scholarships are provided for students actively involved in the sports teams of the university. Through this scholarship, students can get up to a 40% reduction in tuition fees. More information is available on various scholarships provided at the university on its website.

#6 Alexander College Scholarships

With the aim of building a diverse student community and welcoming students from all across the world, Alexander College provides academic and athletic scholarships to full-time international students. Academic scholarships are provided during the first year of study and may be full or partial based on grades. Athletic scholarships are also granted to full-time students who join Cypriot sports teams or sports events. Like academic scholarships, athletic scholarships may also be full or partial depending on performance. The college’s website provides further information on these scholarships.

#7 Fredrick University Scholarships

To support its student community, Fredrick University offers full as well as partial scholarships. These are based on academic performance during high school in the case of incoming students or grade point average for continuing students. The amount of scholarship provided is based on grade point average. Scholarships are offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. You can visit the website or contact the university’s admission office for more details regarding scholarships.

#8 University of Cyprus Scholarships

The University of Cyprus offers various scholarships for its postgraduate students. All scholarships are provided based on academic merit. Some of the scholarships are full while others are partial. They are offered to incoming and continuing students both. These scholarships are provided for one year after which they have to be renewed. Program-specific scholarships are also provided at the university. Log onto the university’s website and get further details on the offered scholarships.

#9 European University of Cyprus Scholarships

The university offers scholarships to students as it realizes the need for finances for education. It offers its existing international students, academic scholarships based on their grade point average. These are offered to top-ranked undergraduate students and cover tuition fees partially. The university also provides athletic scholarships for exceptional members of its sports teams. This scholarship covers 5-25% of the tuition fees. Apart from this, specific scholarships for some doctoral programs and alumni scholarships are also available. You can go to the university’s website for more information related to these scholarships.

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