Earn US$5000/Month from Online Content Writing Jobs

How to make a handsome living from Content Writing Jobs?

If you are interested to utilize your free time to make money online from your home then this article is going to provide you with essential information on how you will be able to start making money online using your creative content writing skills.

I think this article is very useful for students, housewife, or a person who wants to utilize extra free hours to make money through content writing job positions available online as there are literally thousands and thousands of online content writing jobs available and if you have got creative writing skills then you will actually become an asset for most freelancing platforms where your services will be paid generously.

Can You Make US$5000 a month from Writing Content Online?

Now lets get an idea of how much you can get paid by writing work online so if you can write up to 3000 words a day then you can expect a daily income of up to US$200 a day depending upon the niche of content and your creativity with your words and if we multiply that number with 30 days then the total actually becomes up to US$6000.

So you can now see that content writing profession is no joke and when it comes to write content from your own house without needing to leave for any workplace and without any boss on top of you then i think this becomes one of the best occupations that you can aim for.

Where to find content writing job positions in 2023?

You can find high paying content writing jobs at freelancing platforms such as listed below but you must not take those jobs as freelancing writing projects because there are writing companies, publishers, and script writing companies looking to hire expert content writers permanently.

  1. Writing Jobs
  2. Writing Freelance positions
  3. Glassdoor Content Writing Positions Section
  4. Indeed Content Writing Jobs Category
  5. Upwork Content Writing Freelance Jobs
  6. Fiverr platform to offer Content Writing Services

These 6 websites are considered as top and verified online freelancing websites to find high paying content writing job positions in 2023 but let me tell you that landing a high paying writing job is actually not so easy because of some reasons mentioned in below section.

How to Become an Asset Writer for Companies?

Now please read this section written exclusively for my readers interested to start content writing career very carefully because every other person can tell you how you can start content writing jobs and how you can work online but nobody will tell you how you can actually excel this field so that you will then become an asset writer for companies and then you will actually be paid very high.

Remember this if you are writing content just to get paid then you may start making common mistakes such as inflating articles with useless words and making your whole story very wordy without adding any useful value and this is what every other writer do so that way you will never be able to stand out among others.

Also, nowadays AI is also producing that sort of common/general/descriptive content so if you want to become a top quality writer then you need to understand how you will actually write that sort of articles which an AI or any other writer can not write and this can be done if you take time out to get familiar with topic, understand yoru readership audience, understand context of article, make proper and updated research, add factual information in your content, be very creative with your words, and write content in story telling way by adding proper citations to it.

By following my above recommendations trust me nobody will stop you to become a top quality high paying writer and remember this if you add value to your content for your readership then you also add value to your writing career because your readers will then be curious to find out who wrote such as amazing article and would also start following you!

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