Scholarships in 2023-2024

Erasmus+ Jobs 2023 for International Candidates With Work VISA

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Opening date June 25, 2023
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You need to get your documents ready because i have a news for you that will compel you to apply for Erasmus Mundus internships or jobs 2023 which are now made available for recruitment in all over Europe. Erasmus jobs and internships are offered to excellent international applicants and IELTS is not needed to apply for Erasmus these paid European internships or jobs.

Summer Internships of Easmus+ 2023

So first lets talk about summer internships offered by Erasmus+ and you will be super excited to find out that Erasmus+ internships are provided in shape of apprenticeships, short internships programs, and work placements at any European country for bachelors, masters and doctoral degree enrolled students (Citation Erasmus) and even more interesting fact is that out of every 10 interns of Erasmus 1 end up opening a new company which means Erasmus internships instill their interns with competence, skills, and vocational knowledge that boosts entrepreneurial skills of students to think and innovate novel products and ideas.

If you are wondering how long these Erasmus+ internships would last then as per my verified research you will have to spend at least 2 months and maximum of 12 months doing an internship project at Erasmus whereas to participate you need to check qualification requirements and duration of Erasmus internships.

So now if you are interested to participate in Erasmus+ internships then please get in touch with international co-operation office of your university to inquire about which Eramus internships/traineeships are available for you to join in next 6 months and then submit your application for that asap (Citation Erasmus Traineeships).

Jobs at Erasmus in 2023

You will find a job at Erasmus easily that will be high paying with good work life balance and also get proper job security but for that i want you to please work on your resume or CV and cover letter first to tailor it as per open job positions at Erasmus and you will be happy to know that Erasmus hires international job applicants for 9 different areas and i am going to tell you details of each of those here:

1-  Sports Staff Jobs at Ersamus

Erasmus is quite famous for hiring coaches and athlete staff for completing their coaching assignments and for that when they hire international sports staff then they also pay really high salaries with accommodation and work visa assistance (Citation Sports Jobs at Erasmus).

2- Youth Exchange and Youth Workers Opportunities at Erasmus

Erasmus+ national agency conduct youth exchange and Youth worker programmes which is for youth aged between 13-30 years whereas these programmes have a duration between 2-21 days and are well compensated as well (Citation Youth exchange)

3- Teaching Staff jobs at Erasmus+

You can also get employed at Erasmus+ as teaching staff member if you have right qualification in vocational education, health/mental/fitness education, school education, adult education, or higher education and if you stand eligible for any of these fields then you can easily be recruited by Erasmus+ for any of their ongoing project and yes you can also expect high salary benefits (Citation Teaching Staff Jobs).


Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

It is our pleasure to have Yousaf Saeed on our Guest Authors list. He is a top educationist and renowned research with major publications in his field of interest. Yousaf won a total of 3 fully-funded scholarships to complete his academic career and also won numerous fundings for attending international academic conferences. He is known for his mentorship for helping students to find and apply for international academic opportunities.

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