How to make a handsome living from Content Writing Jobs

Making handsome money with Writing

This article is for the student, housewife, or a person who wants to utilize extra free hours a day to make money by content writing positions available online. You read it right! There are literally thousands and thousands of online content writing jobs available and if you are the person who can write articles then these jobs will be a good fit for you. On average, if you can write 1000 to 3000 words a day then you can expect a daily salary of around US$5 to US$50, depending upon the niche of the content you are writing on.

Where to find content writing positions?

You can find content writing positions on the following websites:

  1. Glassdoor Content Writing Positions Section
  2. Indeed Content Writing Jobs Category
  3. Upwork Content Writing Freelance Jobs
  4. Writing Freelance positions
  5. Writing Jobs
  6. Fiverr platform to offer Content Writing Services

These 6 websites are considered as top freelancer websites to find freelance or contract-based content writing-related positions.

Guidance on other Content Writing Positions and Content Writing job Types with Payout Modules

If you write for your clients, you’ll get paid for sure. But, is it very easy to get enough clients?
If you’re a professional writer, you already know how difficult it is to get the first 10 orders on Fiverr or work.

There’s also a big challenge to get recommendations or positive reviews from those clients and if no positive reviews, no one will show their interest to hire you.

The second most common way to get clients is social media. You’ll see hundreds of job posts in Facebook groups. But, who knows how much trusted those clients are….! Moreover, the payment is usually not as standard as you can get on marketplaces.

The wage of $5 or $10 for one thousand words can not help you to make a handsome living from your writing because there’s no guarantee that you’ll get an order for 10 to 20k words each week. So, what’s the solution?
If you don’t like to wait for your clients and if you want to make money continuously from your writing, then the guest post can be a good option.

I know what are you thinking about now. Usually, you outreach for guest post and sometimes you have to pay the publishers to get published. But, there’s another type of guest post for which the publishers will pay you for your article.

This is obviously a better way to make money from writing. Now you can write about how much you want. No need to wait for any clients, no need to wait for any new orders on your service, and you’ll get paid each of your words. Sounds crazy?

Yes, this is a fantastic experience of making a handsome living from writing without having any clients or getting any orders. But, the only consideration is that your writing must be handsome.

Now, if you’re confident enough to produce an excellent piece of writing, there are hundreds of publishers waiting for you and HerViewFromHome is a leading one. If you submit your article to HerViewFromHome, they will pay you based on the following payment chart:

0-249 views: $0
250-499 views: $5
500-749 views: $7.50
750-999 views: $10.00
1K – 1,999K views: $15.00
2K – 2,999K views: $30.00
3K-3,999K views: $60.00
4K+ views: $100.00

Now, the question is what if I get more than 4k views?

Well, they will pay you an extra amount for your extra view. You’ll get the details on their website. Just add DOTCOM after HerViewFromHome to land on their website.
Anyway, they are a big fish in the publishing industry and it’s very difficult for new writers to get published on their website.

So, if you’re looking for a comparatively easy option, feel free to knock me. It’ll be my pleasure to help you.


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