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Job Winning Resume (CV) ingredients in 2023 – Let’s Target Your Success

How to Make a Resume (CV) for Multinational Companies?

Job Winning Resume (CV) – Many people drool over the imagination of getting employed at a multinational company. This is because of the large scale of these multinational companies. Working at a larger scale means that they offer good salaries to their employees which is also assisted by other employment benefits. Thus, nearly everyone wants to get employed at these companies.

But wishing to get employed and getting employed are two different things. And to materialize your dreams, you need to practically work toward all the procedures that are involved in the employment process. Here comes the importance of your resume. Your resume is the representation of your talent, experience, and potential. As it is given vital importance by multinational companies during recruitment drives, it is a must for you to maintain a catchy and up-to-date resume.

So follow the article to know more about what you should do to make your resume fit for a multinational company!

The Purpose & Soul of Job Winning Resume (CV) 

It is pivotal to understand the significance and purpose of an international resume to make a relevant CV that can potentially land you a job in a multinational company. So you must be wondering what is the purpose of a resume. There is a stark contrast between an international resume and a local CV. This is because an international resume adopts the purpose of conveying that you can work in an international environment which requires tuned cross-cultural and communication skills.

Thus, besides covering your talent and work experience which is important in a resume, you should also cover these traits of your personality. This will help in convincing the employer that you can adapt to a new environment and apply your skills in that environment. This is important because many people fail to adapt to a new environment which makes employers conscious in this regard. So your resume should be shaped to address this pain point.

Pro Tip: Hone in on what the employer needs and not what you can do!

How to Make a Winning Resume?

Making an international resume can be complicated. This is because of the differences in the culture which leads to differing expectations from what you must be accustomed to in your region. Thus, your resume must be adapted to the country in which you are applying. So you must conduct adequate research relating to this topic and apply the format that is preferred in that country. This will significantly boost your chances of landing the job since it is an indirect conveyance that you can adapt to the job in a new culture.

Content of a Job-Winning CV:

Your content must be fitted to the job expectations and that is surely going to be the prominent factor for you to find success in the job hunt. A key skill while writing a resume for a job application is to first comprehend the expectations of the employer. After comprehending the expectations, your resume (CV) must be aligned with those expectations. Remember the tip I gave in the previous section? Now that is going to be of utmost importance. Your content must be composed as a mix of hard skills and soft skills.

1# Hard Skills

First, talk about hard skills, it is important that you don’t fall into the trap that it is unimportant. This is because the hard skills must be conveyed in your resume to convince the employer regarding your technical skills. Technical skills are important because they ensure that you are fit for a job. Thus, due importance must be given to hard skills in your resume by covering your experience and grip over certain subjects relevant to the field.

2# Soft Skills

Soft skills refer to all the skills under the category of communication, teamwork, workplace attitude, etc. Employers give unprecedented importance to soft skills because they are important to maintain a good workplace environment. Unhealthy working relations facilitated by a negative workplace attitude can be detrimental to business health. Therefore, you must work to address this pain point.

While talking about your soft skills, you must mention all these aspects and also list down any accomplishments that you have in this aspect.

3# The tone of Your Resume

An important feature of a good international resume is the confidence it reflects. While your tone must remain professional and thorough in a resume, it is also important that you don’t delve into the timid realms and maintain a tinge of confidence. This will help in conveying your grip over your profession which will play a big part in the client’s decision-making process.


So if you are looking to land a job at a multinational company, you must add focus on these elements to your resume. And if you have any questions, drop them below and we would be more than happy to answer!

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