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Pakistani Need-Based Scholarships 2021-2022: Submit Online Application!

Need-Based Scholarships 2021 for Pakistani Students

Deadline Ongoing
Opening date February 1, 2021
Days Remaining Ongoing
Category Ph.D. (Doctorate) Scholarships 2021-2022
Type Fully Funded
Location Pakistan

Are you in search of some need-based scholarships? Well, the reason why the opportunity of the scholarship is given to the students is to let them attain their dreams of higher education without any financial burden. If you are looking for a fully-funded scholarship, then this is the right place for you!

List of Need-Based Scholarships in Pakistan 2021

Here we have compiled the list of best need-based scholarships to apply for right now. We have also mentioned the application process details, eligibility criteria, and the financial coverage offered by each need-based scholarships. Let’s have a quick look below!

#1 Tabeer Scholarship Program 2021

 Next, we have the Tabeer Scholarship Program 2021, another best need-based scholarship program for deserving students. Needy and deserving candidates will be selected in which a reward amount of Rs 600,000 will be distributed.

All those students currently studying in private or Government institutions are free to apply for this scholarship program. It has helped millions of needy and deserving students to gain a better education. Students from various fields can apply for it, so don’t miss this golden opportunity. Both males and females are encouraged to apply.


      • Need-based Tabeer Scholarship
      • Eligible for the candidates from Punjab Province
      • Scholarship rewarded amount is 600,000
      • Application Deadline is 2nd November each year

#2 MORA Scholarship 2021

For the students in the Primary studies, Undergraduate or at Masters Level, they are free to apply for MORA Scholarship 2021. This scholarship is specially designed for the students who belong to some minority groups or whose family income is less than Rs. 35000 per month.

To successfully pass through this scholarship 2021, make sure you fulfill all the requirements and criteria. You are eligible to apply if you are enrolled in a master’s level/primary/undergraduate degree.


      • Host by the Ministry of Religious Affairs
      • Eligible for the candidates of Primary to Undergraduate & Master’s level
      • Application Deadline is under 30 Days of its announcement

#3 Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2021

On the 4th spot, we have the DALDA Foundation Scholarship 2021! This scholarship is designed to support all those needy students who cannot continue their studies due to financial constraints. To fulfill all your dreams and goals, this scholarship program is the best opportunity for you.

This scholarship is offered to the students of HSSC from various fields such as ICS, Pre-engineering, Arts, Pre-medical, General Science, and Home Economics.


      • Hosted by Dalda Foundation
      • Eligible for the candidates from HSSC degree level
      • Application Deadline is 30th October 2021

#4 PEC Scholarships 2021

PEC stands for Pakistan Engineering Council which is a reputable and well-established engineering council of Pakistan. Every year PEC announces a scholarship program for the students to ensure a better future in engineering. And the announcement of the PEC Scholarship 2021 is one of them! PEC will be offering 500 scholarships to the students who deserve the most. Shortlisted students will be selected through criteria set by PEC.

This scholarship is just designed for the students who have currently enrolled themselves in Engineering Degree. 500 students will be selected who will be awarded the cash amount of Rs 100,000. This reward will cover the student’s tuition fees, book costs, and living expenses. Students all over Pakistan can apply for this PEC Scholarships 2021.


      • Hosted by Pakistan Engineering Council
      • Need-Based Scholarship Type
      • Eligible for the candidate from an engineering background or currently enrolled
      • Application Deadline is 31st October each year

#5 Alfalah Scholarship Scheme 2021

Alfalah Scholarship Scheme started working in 1998, and ever since that time; it has helped millions of needy and deserving students to gain a better education. It is straightforward and easy to apply for Alfalah Scholarship Scheme 2021.

To successfully pass through this scholarship 2021, make sure you fulfill all the requirements and criteria. Students will be selected based on their family income, academic performance, and total dependents in their household.


      • Hosted by Alfalah
      • Eligible for the students of Intermediate, Graduation/Post Graduation, DAE
      • Need-based scholarship for the deserving and needy students
      • Application Deadline is 31st October 2021

#6 Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship 2021 – Phase 2

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship is considered a significant scholarship program for students who are unwilling to continue their education. Every year, this scholarship program is offered by Higher Education Commission Pakistan. Students who belong to rural or remote areas are free to apply under the necessary application requirements.


      • Hosted by HEC
      • Eligible for students enrolled in the Undergraduate Program
      • Awarded number of scholarships is 50,000
      • The deadline is 31st October 2021


With this need-based scholarship listing guide, we hope that you must have gained enough information about different types of need-based scholarships in Pakistan and know which one you should apply to. All the need-based scholarships are different from one another in respect to the application process and eligibility criteria.

Don’t miss this opportunity to fulfill your dream goals. Apply for it now!

Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

Yousaf is one of our guest writers and the winner of 3 prestigious international scholarships abroad. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Engineering and enjoys writing on topics that guide young talent to explore foreign opportunities. Yousaf is also a successful entrepreneur, an independent mentor, educational, and academic researcher. His writing inspires and motivates students to pursue their academic dreams as he instills that motivation that helps students to fly abroad for further studies.

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