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Poland Work VISA 2023 – Poland National VISA – Poland Seasonal Work VISA (Explained)

Poland Work VISA 2023 – There have been numerous work opportunities in Poland recently. These work opportunities are a huge attraction for foreigners because they can offer you a safe future from an economic perspective. The labor shortages in Poland mean that you can now enjoy handsome salaries working at key positions and get access to other perks offered through these job opportunities.

But a work visa is what you need to travel to Poland for a job opportunity. So you must be wondering how you can get a work visa in Poland or how long must it takes. With different types of work visas available nowadays, it can be confusing. And we are here only to answer your questions. So read the article to know more about the types of Polish work visas, the duration of issuance, and how you can apply for these visas.

Polish National VISA for Work, Study, or Long Stay in Poland

The National VISA of Poland is stamped on the passports of non-Polish citizens interested to enter Poland for the purpose of study or work for a longer duration.

The Polish National VISA is often referred to as Poland’s D-type VISA. Poland National VISA is a must-have requirement if your stay in Poland is expected to be for many months. This is mandatory for non-EU citizens. But there’s good news for all the Swiss citizens who do not need the Polish National Visa to stay in Poland. This is because of the proximity between the two states. Many people worry about the costs of the work visa as they can be significantly higher in some regions.

Types of Polish National Visa for Work, or Study 

The Polish National Visa is divided into different categories. You may need to choose wisely which type of visa you opt for. This is because different visa types entertain different kinds of jobs. Therefore, you must reflect on all visa types before applying and determine which one suits your job the most. Here is a list of the types of Polish National Visas:

  • Polish Work Permit A

Work Permit A is only given to people who have a job offer in Poland. While this is not always the problem because people traveling on a work permit usually have a job offer, the main requirement is a valid residence permit. Getting a residence permit is vital to getting the Work Permit A issued.

  • Polish Work Permit B

Work Permit B is for people working on a bigger scale. If you are employed as a board member, then you will be issued the Work Permit B. However, it is mandatory that your stay must be slotted for more than six months in Poland. There can be extensions awarded in this category based on any extensions in the contract with the employer.

  • Polish Work Permit C

The Work Permit C is specifically awarded to people visiting Poland in the capacity of a delegate. This visa is for delegates whose stay is longer than 30 days in Poland.

  • Polish Work Permit D

This work permit is also similar to Work Permit C because it is offered to delegates. However, it gets more specific as it is only for those delegates who operate in the export service because it is an important field.

  • Polish Work Permit S

This work permit is offered to people who work in a specific capacity in Poland. The people visiting Poland for fishing, agriculture, hunting, and accommodation on the instructions of their employer are awarded the Work Permit S.

Seasonal Work VISA for Poland

This is another type of work visa in Poland. Polish Seasonal Work VISA is issued for seasonal work opportunities if the expected stay duration exceeds three months and does not exceed nine months; as per the official immigration website of Poland.

This is named the Poland Seasonal Work Visa because the employees conduct seasonal work activities through this visa. Most Polish Seasonal Work Permits are issued in the summer season considering the available opportunities to fill in the seasonal jobs in Poland.

For getting the Poland Seasonal Work Visa, you must submit an application at the Poland embassy of your country. The application fee to apply for a Poland Seasonal Work VISA is €7.

Getting a Polish seasonal work permit would rely on certain factors. The bank statement of the applicant will be reviewed. The health fitness and proof of accommodation would also be required to assess the eligibility of the applicant for the Poland VISA.

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