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Scholarships in Malta 2021-2022: Maltese Scholarships for [BS-MS-PhD]

List of Top Scholarships in Malta

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Want to study in Malta and looking for a scholarship? Read on as we give you details on the top scholarships in Malta. These Scholarships are offered by the Ministry of Education in Malta, Universities in Malta, and independent organizations in Malta.

Malta has seen a growing popularity in tourism in recent years. But this European country, which lies right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, is not only a good destination for tourism but also for education. Malta has been under the British Empire for more than 150 years and as a result, English is widely spoken there and is commonly used as a medium of instruction in Maltese Universities. Plus, the tuition fee, as well as accommodation and other costs, are much less in Malta than in countries such as the US and UK. Due to this, Malta is becoming the choice of many students for pursuing further education.

Although Malta does not have a lot of study abroad opportunities, it does have a few good programs for international students as well as for its own students. In fact, the University of Malta is an institution of international repute. It welcomes hundreds of students from other countries each year and provides them with a high-quality education in different fields of study. Co-operation and joint degree programs bring more international students to Malta every year.

Malta Scholarships List for Local and International Students

So if you are keen to study in Malta and want to do so via a full or partial scholarship, read on to find out about the top scholarships in Malta that are being offered to international students and local students. These scholarships are sure to assist you in getting the education of your dreams.

#1 University of Malta Master by Research and Ph.D. Scholarship

The University of Malta currently offers scholarships for Master by Research and Ph.D. This scholarship is offered to students living in countries outside the European Union/EEA, who cannot afford the program’s cost. Through this scholarship, deserving students get a 100% fee waiver but bench fees may still be applicable for some programs. The scholarship is not applicable for professional doctorates or an MBA-type program and is only provided for the normal duration of the program. Check out the website of the university to know more about this scholarship program.

#2 Maltalingua Scholarship Programme

This scholarship program is for English Language studies. It is offered by the Maltalingua School of English. University students and graduates can take part in this scholarship program. The scholarship is provided for selected universities and includes the cost of the course and residential accommodation for the duration of the course. The English course completed and the English Certificate scholarship received after this scholarship can help by giving you a head start in your career. You can find out more about the scholarship program by going to the institute’s website and corresponding with officials there.

#3 Malta Art Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship is granted by the Government of Malta for Maltese Citizens, EU/EEA nationals, and Third-country nationals with Long-term residence in Malta. This scholarship is meant for talented students who want to become professionals in expressive arts including fashion, photography, fine arts, and design, music, film, etc. It is meant for Undergraduate diploma, First Degree, Second Degree, Joint Degree, or Postgraduate Qualification. Tuition fee up till €20,000 depending on the qualification is granted. More details about the scholarship are provided on the Government of Malta, Ministry of Education and Employment’s website.

#4 Malta Sports Scholarship Scheme

This is a scholarship in Malta meant for Maltese Citizens, EU/EEA nationals and third-country long term residents. It is awarded by the Government of Malta with the aim of promoting the development of high-performing athletes who will represent Malta in international competitions. It is open for sports-related academic courses including sports management, sports psychology, sports law, etc.  This Malta scholarship is awarded for undergraduate and postgraduate qualification both and includes tuition fees up to €20,000. You may find out more about this scheme on the website of the Ministry of Education and Employment, Government of Malta’s website.

#5 Endeavor Scholarship Scheme

This is another scholarship provided by the Government of Malta included in our list of top scholarships in Malta. It is aimed at providing better quality tertiary education so that the Maltese labor market has qualified individuals. The scholarship is being offered to students in various disciplines including Education, Finance, Health, Humanities and Arts, and so on. The amount of €58 per European Credit Transfer System shall be awarded under the scheme. A lot of institutes in Malta are partnering to provide this scholarship funded by the Government of Malta for their students. You may find out more by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Education and Employment, Government of Malta.

#6 Middlesex University Malta

Middlesex University Malta campus provides IT and Business courses. It is offering partial scholarships for its programs. Through the scholarship, students will be able to get a 20% waiver on tuition fees. This scholarship is being awarded to African and South Asian students at the moment. It is applicable to all the programs currently being offered at Middlesex University Malta campus. More information is given on the website of this university’s Malta campus.

#7 Europa Donna Malta & UM’s Research Innovation & Development Trust (RIDT) post-graduate scholarship in breast cancer research

This scholarship is being offered in a very specific field of research that is breast cancer. It is funded by an NGO with the aim of furthering research in breast cancer which is causing a lot of deaths each year. Students with Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences and eligibility for Ph.D. at the University of Malta are being provided a scholarship that covers €12,000 per annum for three years and up to €15,000 per annum to cover bench fees. More information is available via the University of Malta’s website.

#8 Foundation for Theological Studies Financial Assistance Scheme

This financial assistance scheme is funded by the Foundation for Theological Studies and is meant for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Malta’s Faculty of Theology. 2000 euros will be provided under this scheme. The Scholarship Stipend amount will be disbursed in three steps for postgraduate studies and five steps for undergraduate studies. The University of Malta has more information on this scheme on its website.

Want to prepare yourself to apply for any of the above-mentioned scholarships? Then we recommend you read our guide on the list of documents you need to apply for a scholarship so you can prepare yourself ahead of the application submission deadline.

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