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Singapore Scholarships 2021-2022: Open for all

Study in Singapore | List of Top Scholarships Available in Singapore

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Opening date February 15, 2021
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Category Ph.D. (Doctorate) Scholarships 2021-2022
Type Fully Funded
Location Singapore

Singaporean scholarships are funded for undergrad, and postgrad students to study for free in Singapore each year through state and universities sponsored scholarship programs.

Singapore may appear as a speck on the world map but it is actually much more than that. In terms of higher education, Singapore is way ahead of most other countries. The research and the teaching methodologies used in Singaporean universities are top-notch. Two out of 34 universities in Singapore have been listed in the QS World University Rankings. Let’s walk you through some facts about Singaporean higher education.

IELTS/TOEFL Requirement in Singaporean Universities

The universities in Singapore require you to submit English Proficiency test scores like IELTS and TOEFL. However, this requirement is lenient at private institutions where there are other tests and methods in place to check the language proficiency of prospective students. The minimum IELTS requirement in most universities is 6.5.

Cost of Living for a Student in Singapore

Unfortunately, Singapore is one of those countries which are notable for their high cost of living. Excluding the rent expense, a single person may expect to pay around 800 SGD (which is about 575 USD) toward living expenses. Singapore is a very small state; still, there are cheaper neighborhoods where you can live to save some money.

Can you work in Singapore on Student VISA?

In order to study in Singapore, students have to possess a student pass. The students can work part-time on a student pass which should not be more than 16 hours a week. However, the students have to take permission from their respective institutions if they intend to take up part-time work. Working for more than 16 hours requires an employment or work pass. 

Top Universities of Singapore

Two of the Singaporean universities, the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are in the QS World University rankings. Other than that, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Singapore Institute of Technology are among the most hotshot universities as well. 

List of 2021 Scholarships in Singapore

There is no doubt that Singapore is the place where you should be if you are thinking of studying abroad. But, studying in Singapore can be daunting. The finances required for paying tuition and living expenses can be very difficult to arrange, especially if you are enrolled in a private institution. Luckily there are a number of scholarship programs in place to get you through your study costs. Let’s have a look at them;

#1 Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)

This Scholarship is funded by the Singaporean government and is meant to attract talented foreign students to come and study postgraduate in Singapore. It is awarded to those candidates who want to take up Ph.D. studies in some engineering or sciences field. The number of SINGA scholarships is about 240 and there is no limitation on nationality.

The recipients will be entitled to a full tuition fee waiver, a relocation allowance, a one-time airfare to travel to and from their host country, and a stipend on monthly basis. The Singapore scholarship is pretty generous and funds the educational and living expenses of the grantees for up to four years.

#2 Nanyang Technological University Scholarship

The scholarship by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is inviting outstanding international students to apply for its scholarships in undergraduate programs. The scholarship is available in selected undergraduate subject areas and the scholarship will be awarded on a merit basis.

The application for the scholarship is meant to be submitted along with the admission form. A number of allowances are associated with this scholarship like full tuition fee support, textbook allowance, one-time travel airfare, living allowance, relocation or settlement allowance, accommodation allowance, equipment facilities, and participation in conferences and workshops.

#3 National University of Singapore (NUS) Scholarship for Science and Engineering programs:

This scholarship is funded by the commonwealth and is meant for international students to pursue a postgraduate or Ph.D. program in engineering or integrative sciences. The applicants should belong to a commonwealth country and must be interested in a graduate program in computing, engineering, or sciences. The recipients will be selected based on their previous academic records, English proficiency scores, and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.

Successful candidates will be entitled to a full tuition-fee waiver, textbooks allowance, a monthly stipend, free access to a computer and other relevant facilities, and participation in symposiums and seminars. The period of the scholarship is a maximum of four years.

#4 S P Jain School of Global Management:

The scholarships at the S P Jain School of Global Management are for those students who come from a country that is underrepresented, meaning, the students should not be from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka. The scholarship is very competitive and is only given based on high scores in aptitude tests and GRE/GMAT.

The undergraduate funding is somewhere between 3,000 USD and 18,000 USD which is renewable for four years. The value of the scholarship is in the form of a tuition fee waiver. Non-tuition costs must be taken care of by the students themselves like clothing, shelter, transportation, etc. (which, in Singapore is around $13,000 to $15,000)

#5 Singapore Government Scholarships:

These Singapore scholarships by the Singaporean Government are for students coming from South East Asia and are available to take up undergraduate studies at NUS, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore Management University. The students should be enrolled in one of the aforementioned universities and should have sound academic backgrounds. It is a fully-funded scholarship and covers everything like tuition, living costs, transportation, airfare, etc.

#6 INSEAD Foundation Scholarship:

The Greendale Foundation scholarship is for those students who wish to take up INSEAD’s Master of Business Administration Program. The preference will be given to those students who are from the South and/or from East Africa. The students who are underprivileged, have spent most of their lives in Africa, belong to the working class, and are outstanding students are welcomed to apply. The recipients will get a $39,700 waiver toward tuition fees. 

#7 Nelson Mandela Scholarships:

Another scholarship by INSEAD is in the memory of Nelson Mandela and is also targeted toward Africans. It is granted to those students who are financially incapable of paying for the INSEAD MBA program and who belong to a sub-Saharan country in Africa. The applicants should also have a sense of serving their community and must commit to returning to their home countries upon finishing their degree programs. The funding per recipient is $22,700.

Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

Yousaf is one of our guest writers and the winner of 3 prestigious international scholarships abroad. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Engineering and enjoys writing on topics that guide young talent to explore foreign opportunities. Yousaf is also a successful entrepreneur, an independent mentor, educational, and academic researcher. His writing inspires and motivates students to pursue their academic dreams as he instills that motivation that helps students to fly abroad for further studies.

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