Study Plan Structure – How to Write a Study Plan?

Study Plan Elements

Following are the basic elements of a Study Plan that one thinks first before composing the Study Plan Essay:

Research Objectives’ Identification

What a research project can do? Identification of that role is called the identification of the research objective. Research objective answers the research questions and is used to work on a hypothesis or for a scholarship application. The identification of research objective includes a sketch of the research question, measurable variables, research processing and challenges.

Research Challenges’ Identification  

Types of research challenges that a researcher can face are financial challenges, literature issues, and any specific field related issues. To run the project smoothly a timely identification of research challenges is crucial. As they can only be worked out if identified.

Possible Research Results

Possible research results are the research outcomes. That can either be success or failure. Identification of possible outcomes helps in modifying the research project’s direction timely. It saves time and resources as during the project issues consumes both a lot.

Required Time Identification

A basic sketch of the research project is enough to allocate time for each step. The time allocation should not be unrealistic and must consider real-world challenges and requirements. Realistic time allocation for each step will make the whole research project smooth running.

A Timeline for Academic Goals

When you worked out a time schedule for your research project then you will get a generalized timeline. This timeline will make your mind for effort and will let you plan reasonable breaks.

Literature Review

A literature review is studying all the past work on the concerned topic and write a short summary of it. Literature review supports the benefits and possibility of the research project. It also helps in sketching the working principles of the study. Missing literature review means missing a lot of important aspects of the research project.

Prepare A List of Required Resources for Research Study

This step will be clear after the literature review. As it will let the researcher identify what instrument, chemical, software, or resources are used by the previous researchers. And what will he need to complete the project? The requirements will largely be similar and might need slight modifications. This list will let the researcher identify the financial needs and efforts for the project.

Who Will Fund the Required Resources?

After estimating the required resources an estimate of required finance is necessary. This estimated amount can be arranged from a funding agency or by developing research academia relationship. The financial support is usually available from the ones with common benefits from the research study. Finding those concerned organizations or individuals is a key point for a research plan.

Properly Cite References

Proper citation of references is required for the literature review as well as the need for the project part of the study plan. There are several software’s available in the market that helps to place citations correctly. The software is mostly of paid subscriptions that’s why their expense should also be the part of the financial sketch.

Get A Second Opinion

After crafting the study plan read it again and make someone professional to proofread it. the grammatical errors can be corrected by using grammar software but the authenticity of the human proofreading is superior.


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