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United Nations (UN) Job Openings 2022-2023: Submit Application Online

Process to get a job with United Nations (UN)

United Nations opened a large number of vacancies for international applicants for 2021-2022 and 2023 projects. Now is the time to prepare the documents required to apply for UN Jobs.

Want to know about the ideal job at the UN?

That does not only fit your needs but also becomes a source of service for humanity. Then UN is the right place to look for such a career.

UN has been serving the world since 1945. As it is the highest leading organization, it requires plenty of employers too.  A Humanitarian, economist, public information officer, or security chief, the UN offers a wide range of jobs according to academic background and job history.

United Nations (UN) Jobs Benefits

    • Reduction of taxes (usually income tax )
    • Allowances for family members
    • Rental aid
    • Vacations and leaves.
    • Maternity, paternity, adoption, support.
    • Health care insurance.
    • Retirement pension and much more.

Staff Category Jobs at UN:

There are many staff categories jobs in the UN. These categories are more divided into jobs at different levels (according to the educational and professional requirements).

Candidates must choose the positions according to their skills, interest, field, and experience.

    • Professional and higher categories (P and D)
    • General Service and related positions (G, TC, S, PIA, LT)
    • National Professional Officers (NO)
    • Field Service (FS)
    • Senior Appointments (SG, DSG, USG, and ASG)

Eligibility Criteria for United Nations (UN) Jobs:

    • English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian are associated languages of the UN. Among these, English and French are the most used working languages.
    • A candidate should be fluent in one of these languages. Knowing other languages can boost the chances of getting the job, but it is optional.
    • A well-furnished resume
    • A bachelor’s degree is a must. There are few low-level jobs for high schoolers like clerical or secretarial in the General Service category, (which require diplomas and relevant work experience), but most positions require a bachelor’s degree. Some specialist positions require advanced degree levels for expertise work.
    • Work Experience in the related field is required. The period of work experience depends on the choice you make for a job. For example, 1-7 years experience is required for some positions.

United Nations Jobs Application Process:

Firstly, go through this website given below to see all the available vacancies>

    1. Search for the UN Job network page
    2. Create your account and make your CV online
    3. After looking for UN Open Vacancies, decide the one which suits your interest.
    4. You have to create an online application form on the official page (It includes general and personal information). Fill the application form and register).
    5. Wait for an interview call from the UN human resource department
    6. Good luck!

Writing a Cover Letter and Resume for United Nations (UN) Job Applications?

Once you register, you’ll have to provide a cover letter, or we say, personal profile history(PHP).

    • The main aim of a cover letter is to see how an applicant demonstrates their job history, qualification details, and talent for a selected vacancy.
    • It is a vital chance to outshine your application from other candidates by expressing why you fit for this position.
    • Ensure to provide every detail accurately. Your profile should be outstanding, as it will be your first impression on the recruiter.
    • You can submit it in one go or take some time to edit as per your wish.
    • You may want to change information for any other vacancies.

Choose the job you are applying for and make sure you meet all the requirements of the job. After selecting this, you’ll be prompt to share a recent version of your cover letter. And provide your email address so that they can acknowledge the application and inform you within 24 hours. If you don’t get such a message, then contact them again for confirmation.

Only chosen candidates for the interview will be informed. It’ll take time, but keep checking the UN Job application status through your account regularly.

Yousaf Saeed (Scholarship Winner)

Yousaf is one of our guest writers and the winner of 3 prestigious international scholarships abroad. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Engineering and enjoys writing on topics that guide young talent to explore foreign opportunities. Yousaf is also a successful entrepreneur, an independent mentor, educational, and academic researcher. His writing inspires and motivates students to pursue their academic dreams as he instills that motivation that helps students to fly abroad for further studies.

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