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Application for Salary Increment Samples, Format and Templates with Ultimate Guide of Writing

We all deserve a raise after shedding our blood and tears to our work at the end of the day, don’t we? But asking for an increment may seem awkward, especially if the employer misunderstands the concept. So how to ask for an increment without sounding impolite? By writing an application for it of course! In this article, you will learn everything you should about constructing a purposeful application for salary increment to your employer.

What is an Application for Salary Increment?

Accretion in the pay rate of employees working in any field is called salary increment. 

There are multiple ways of asking for an increment; the most efficacious of them, being an application of salary increment.


‘a formal letter addressing the employer or head of department asking an augmentation in the current pay is termed as an application for salary increment.’

An application is the best mode of asking for a raise, as mentioned above because it does not have the tendency of being overlooked, like an email and it also saves you the time of booking a slot to meet the employer or head of your department.

So now that we know the concept of a salary increment application, let’s jump on to the format of the above said.

Format of an Application for Salary Increment:-

Generally, firms have a layout of the salary increment plans for their employees and themselves offer a raise on the basis of certain criteria. However, things don’t exactly work like that in the real world. Employees, contra-wise, have to ask for an augmentation themselves. So if you ever feel like you are being paid less than what you are worth, go ahead and ask for a raise rather than waiting for them to realize so on their own. In doing so, inculcate the following components in your application.

  • Sender’s address:-

The foremost constituent of an application for an increase in salary is the sender’s details. It is placed on the top left corner of the page. This part contains details like the name of the addresser, his designation in the firm, and the name of the firm.

  • Date:-

Next in line is the date on which the application is being composed. It comes underneath the sender’s address by leaving a line in between.

  • Recipient’s address:-

After leaving a line under the date comes the particulars of the recipient body. It contains details as the designation of the addressee, the name of the firm, the address of the firm, and the name of the city.

  • Subject line:-

Then comes the header of the letter, also known as the subject line. In this part of the application, a brief overview of the topic is given; in this case, request for salary increment.

  • Salutation:-

Next comes the salutation. It serves as the opening of the main body and consists of the words ‘Respected’ or ‘Honorable,’ succeeding the term ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam.’

  • Main body:-

The body is the most crucial part of the application and should be constructed with great caution. It comprises two to three paras max and should contain all the pertinent details.

  • Words of gratitude:-

A little gratefulness puts a great impact on the addressee and adds to the adeptness of the letter. It also doubles as the closing words of the main body.

  • Contact info:-

The contact details of the sender should also be incorporated in the application.

  • Closure:-

The letter is to culminate with the signature of the sender along with his name.

Sample Application for Salary Increment

An application requesting a pay raise has the tendency to backfire if conscripted the wrong way. However, a well-composed letter has the potential to earn you a boost in your monthly payments and this is why we have inculcated a free template to give you a clear image of how to make the most out of your request.

name of addresser),
(designation of addresser),
(name of firm).

(name of Sender),
(designation of Sender),
(name of firm).

Date: October 1st, 2023

(designation of addressee),
(name of firm),
(address of firm),
(name of the city).

Subject: Request for an increase in monthly salary.

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I, (name of addressee) am appointed at XYZ position in your reputed organization. This is to be mentioned that I have to work with due dedication in this position for the past 14 months. This letter is, therefore composed to request a raise in my monthly pay. 

It would also be relevant to mention that I have proved to be an excellent team player and have won two employees of the record titles in a row. I believe that my previous record in improving the annual income of the company along with my dedication and commitment justifies my request for augmentation in my salary. Moreover, my current pay is 35% less than the average monthly salary payable to my position. Therefore, I humbly demand an increment of not less than XYZ amount.

I will be looking forward to your consideration in the matter. In case you would like to negotiate in terms of the proposed amount, I am always available.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,

(signature of addressee),
(name of addressee),
Contact details:
Phone number: xxxx-xxxxxxx,
Email address: [email protected]

Tips for Composing a Propelling Application for Salary Increment

The majority of the employees complain about their applications not paying off. What they do not apprehend is that either their applications have some profound errors or because they are not powerful enough. In order to write a persuasive application for raise in salary, certain factors help to boost the effort. Here are some top tips on how to draft a compelling application that will surely win you a pay raise.

  • Don’t show yourself a victim

This is the #1 tip that distinguishes between a successful letter and an unsuccessful one. employees believe that by playing the victim card, they can earn themselves an accrual whereas, in reality, the employer sees complaint as an insult.

  • Avoid comparison at all costs

A stern mistake is comparing your salary with your colleagues. This is one thing that you should refrain from at all costs.

  • Do some research

Doing proper research on how you can benefit the firm while staying within your positional limits and inculcating that in your letter puts a great impact on the recipient. And believe me, you won’t regret putting in those extra few hours to earn yourself an increment.

  • Avoid addressing the direct employer

Another thing is to address a higher official who is in charge of bonuses and increments rather than the actual employer as it may create the wrong impression. However, the case is quite different in terms of relatively small businesses.

  • Justify your demand

Always back your petition with adequate facts. Justifying your demand with facts increases the cogency of your appeal.

Final wordings

Lastly, include your contact info and an estimated amount and leave the note with a call to action and watch yourself earning the accrual you well deserve.

With that said, it’s time to wrap this article up. Happy salary accrual!

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