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Apply for UK Work VISA in 2023: Long/Short-term or Skilled Work Permits of UK

UK Work Permit & Its Types in 2023

You can apply for a British (UK) Work VISA or UK Work Permit in 2023 to enter the UK to start working there. International applicants can look for jobs in the UK and then with an employment letter in hand; the next step would be to apply for a UK Work Permit to legalize entry to the UK for job purposes.

Can I Enter UK Without Work VISA to find a Job in the UK?

No! You can not enter the UK without a Valid Work VISA in order to search for a job in the UK territory. The applicant would be required to provide evidence of English language proficiency, an employment letter from a UK employer, skills, and experience to be employed in the UK; in order to obtain a valid UK Work Permit.

How long do you have to work in UK to get permanent residency?

The UK Work VISA is a kind of immigration program that allows internationally skilled employees to enter the UK for a specific job. On the other hand, holders of UK work permits are also eligible for permanent residency if they have lived or worked in the UK for more than five years.

Various types of UK work permits are issued to individuals coming to the UK for work purposes. However, the British work permit will be granted based on the applicant’s nationality and the job they want to do.

Types of UK Work Permits in 2023:

There are three main kinds of UK work permits;

  • Long-Term Work Visas
  • Short-Term Work Visas
  • Other Types of Visas

The above three types are further divided into sub-categories based on the profession, type of job, stay of duration, etc.

1# Long-Term UK Work VISA:

This type of work visa is also known as a Sponsorship Visa, in which a job offer from a specific employer with a valid sponsor license is mandatory. Meanwhile, the stay duration of applicants under this category is valid for five years.

Let us discuss the further sub-types of Long-Term work permits:

A) Skilled Worker VISA for UK:

The first one of this type is Skilled Worker Visa which has replaced the Tier 2/ General work visa. Such a type of UK work VISA allows foreign employees to come and stay in the UK for a job offered by an eligible employer. Submit an application for UK Skilled Work VISA here.

Application Fee of Skilled Worker Visa:

Up to 3 years – £625 for each person
more than 3 years – £1,235 for each person

B) Health and Care Work VISA for UK:

If you are a healthcare professional and want to serve in the UK, apply for the UK Health & Care Worker Visa that will give you permission to work under the NHS, Adult Social Care, or an NHS Supplier. Meanwhile, this visa is valid for 5 years. You can apply for UK health and care work visa here.

Application Fee of Healthcare Worker Visa:

For 3 years – £247 per person
For more than 3 years – £479 / person

C) Specialist (Senior) Worker VISA for UK:

It is also known as a Global Business Mobility Work Visa, allowing overseas businesses to set up their new branch in the UK or transfer their staff to the UK for a new business venture. Consider submitting your application for Senior Specialist Work VISA for UK here.

Application Fee of Global Business Mobility Visa: 

3 years – £625 / person
3 years above – £1,235 / person

D) Scale Up Worker VISA for UK:

The UK Scale Up Work VISA permits international workers to get recruited by authorized UK employers and businesses. Scale up British Work VISA Permit applications can be submitted here.

Application Fee of Scale-Up Visa: £715

E) Ministry of Religion VISA for UK:

Employees who get a job offer from the faith community, like a religion ministry, member of a religious order, or missionaries in the UK, will apply for the Ministry of Religion Visa.

Application Fee of Religion Ministry Visa: £625

F) International Sportsperson VISA for UK:

If you are a sportsman or a qualified coach recognized by the governing body, get your hands on the International Sportsperson Visa. Applications for UK Sports VISA can be submitted here.

Application Fee:

The fee amount depends on your stay duration in the UK, for instance;

For 12 months: £259 per person
More than 12 months: £625 per person

2# Short-Term Work VISA for UK:

These types of work visas are of shorter duration and are known as temporary work visas, allowing the candidates to work in the UK with a job offer from a UK employer for the short term. Such short-term visas are further divided into various categories:

A) International Agreement VISA for UK:

Candidates willing to work for organizations covered by international law or treaty are required to apply for the International Agreement Visa. Moreover, for this visa, you must get sponsorship from the employer.

Application Fee for International Agreement Visa: £259

B) Charity Worker VISA for UK:

If you hold a passion for doing unpaid voluntary charity work in the UK, it is time to apply for the temporary Charity Work Visa.

Application Fee Charity Work Visa: £259

C) Religious Worker VISA for UK:

The Religious Worker Visa is for people who want to carry out religious activities and processions in the UK in a non-pastoral role.

Application Fee Religious Worker Visa: £259

D) Seasonal Worker VISA for UK:

It is a visa required to do a job in the UK in specific agriculture, like fruit picking, flower collecting, poultry, etc. One can apply for this visa at any time of the year. Meanwhile, it is necessary to have a sponsor for Seasonal Worker Visa.

Application Fee of Season Work Visa: £259.

E) Youth Mobility Scheme VISA for UK:

Apply for the Youth Mobility Scheme visa if you have plans to live and work in the UK for two years. Meanwhile, the age limit for this visa is 18 to 30 years, with £2,530 in the account as savings.

Application Charges for Youth Mobility Scheme: £259

F) Graduate VISA for UK:

Students and Graduates after completing their studies in the UK can stay here for two years under a graduate visa.

Application Charges for Graduate Visa: £715

G) Graduate Trainee VISA for UK:

Employees who want to work for UK employers in their UK branch for a job that is part of their graduate training program are bound to apply for the Graduate Trainee Visa.

Application Fee for Graduate Trainee Visa: £259

3# Special Work VISA Types for UK

A) Innovator VISA for UK:

Are you planning to set up or run an innovative business in the UK? If yes, then it is mandatory to get an Innovator Visa. Make sure the idea of your business must be different and not present in the market. On the other hand, it should also get approved by the endorsing body.

Application Fee for Innovator Visa: 

For one person: £1,036
For Family & Children: £1,036 per person

B) Start-up VISA for UK:

Start-up Visa is for people who want to start a new business in the UK that is entirely different from anyone else in the UK’s Labor Market.

Application Fee for Start-Up Visa: 

For one person: £378
For Family & Children: £378 for each person

C) Global Talent VISA for UK:

All the potential leaders and influential personalities who belong to the field of academic research, digital technology, and arts plus culture can apply for the Global Talent Visa to work in the UK. Meanwhile, the applicant must be 18 years old to become eligible for this UK visa.

Application Fee: £623

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