Internships in 2024

Brookings Internship Program 2024

Are you a student or a recent graduate seeking to enhance your career through real-world experience? The Brookings Internship Program offers a unique opportunity to dive into professional development, acquire new skills, and explore career possibilities within your field of interest.

What the Program Offers

Interns at Brookings have the chance to work in various areas including Governance Studies, Global Economy and Development, Communications, Human Resources, and more. Whether your interest lies in research, administration, or another professional area, Brookings provides a diverse environment to apply and enhance your skills.

Program Structure and Benefits

  • Duration and Mode: Most internships last 12 weeks and can be either hybrid (requiring some presence in the DC Metropolitan area) or fully remote, with specific state exclusions like California and New York due to legal constraints.
  • Compensation: All positions are paid, ensuring that interns are compensated for their contributions either directly by Brookings or through external partnerships.
  • Networking and Development: Interns are encouraged to attend various events, join professional networks, and participate in community programs, enhancing both their professional and personal growth.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to individuals from any background, specifically targeting current undergraduates and master’s students. PhD students and those without work authorization in the U.S. are not eligible.
  • International students must have proper visa status sponsored by their college or university.

Application Process


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