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NIHR Global Advanced Fellowships 2024

Are you a researcher looking to do something big in your career? The Global Advanced Fellowship is looking for passionate researchers from the UK and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). This program is all about helping researchers like you become leaders in global health.

Fellowship Benefits

The fellowship offers a huge boost for your career, providing up to £750,000 for your research projects. This means you can focus on your work, learn more, and really make a difference in global health.

Who Can Apply?

This fellowship is open to researchers from many different backgrounds, whether you work in a lab or directly with patients. Here’s what you need to apply:

  • Education: You need to have a PhD or a similar degree in medical research. If you haven’t gotten your degree yet, you should at least have submitted your thesis.
  • Position: You shouldn’t be a professor or hold a similar high-ranking job when you apply.
  • Job: You need to work for a university or research institute in a LMIC or the UK.
  • Clinicians: If you work in healthcare, make sure you’ve completed your necessary training.

Institutional Criteria

  • For Applicants in LMICs: Your place of work should support you well and have a history of getting research funding.
  • For Applicants in the UK: You need to work with at least one organization in an LMIC, and your research should focus on solving health problems in those regions.

Apply ( before 11 July 2024. Start gathering your documents, drafting your research proposal, and preparing for an opportunity that could define your career in research.

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