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Italy Work VISA 2023: Eligibility, Application Process, Fees

Italy is a great place that i recommend to anyone who asks about where to immigrate in order to find high paying jobs in 2023 and my recommendation is actually based various factors such as nice work environment in Italy, easy Italian work VISA process, and high paying salaries there.

And i know the reason you are reading this article is because you might be interested to explore high paying job opportunities in Italy and its Work VISA application process so you can figure out if it is going to be easy for you to move there or not; so lets get deep into this topic now!

Explore Italian Job Market to Obtain Italian Work VISA

My friends this is actually very important to start looking at any country by first exploring which jobs are in high demand there and which of the skilled workers are in shortage there so you can maybe fill that gap; so we will apply the same principle in case of Italy and let me give you an overview of which Italian jobs are in very high demand so without wasting any time you can directly apply for those.

If you are an experienced Surgeon, a practicing lawyer, or have marketing skills then Italy is going to be a perfect choice for you because the salaries of these professions are super high and a large number of vacancies for these posts is observed in Italy in 2023. Now let me expand this by including researchers, teachers, banking officials, seasonal work labor, and chefs job professions in this list of high demand professional workers in Italy so that if you belong to any of these professions then you can also make good fortune in Italy and i would recommend you to look for these jobs there in 2023!

Which International Workers Need Italian Work VISA?

Now i think you might be wondering if you would be required to obtain an Italian work VISA to start working there or not so please read this carefully that if you are a citizen of EU or any EEA country then you can work in Italy without Work VISA but if you belong from any other country then please be prepared to apply for an Italian Work VISA. I also advise you to please check your eligibility for an Italian work VISA as per your nationality, and purpose of visit to Italy because this will make things even more simpler for you to proceed.

I guess it is also worth mentioning that this work VISA for Italy is only valid for your entry in Italy and you will be bound to apply for an Italian residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) within eight days of your entry in Italy otherwise your Italian work visa will expire and you will be forced to leave Italy. I also want to take into your notice that Italian work VISA is also known as long term stay VISA for Italy which further can be classified as D-type VISA which in Italian language can also be called as ‘Nulla Osta‘.

How to Apply for Italian Work VISA in 2023?

I think you will be glad to know this fact that finding a job in Italy is actually easy and applying for a Work VISA for Italy is even more easier because the Italian employer who would offer you a job opportunity will directly request a work permit for you at their nearby Italian immigration office.

Once your employer will receive a confirmation from immigration office as a green signal to hire you then your employer will inform you about that so you can visit any nearby Italian embassy in your area to apply for a Work VISA for Italy and please be prepared to pay up to €130 as Italian work visa fees.

Then if Italian embassy grant you a work visa then you will be given eight months time to collect your italian work VISA and entry Italy but as i said earlier you will have only 8 days after entering Italy to convert your work visa into D-type Italian residence permit to legally stay in Italy for long term work purposes.

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