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European Union EURAXESS Fully-funded Opportunities 2023 – Start Application

European Union EURAXESS Fully-funded Opportunities 2023 – Researchers often find it difficult to travel to European countries for research purposes. This is because of the high costs associated with these visits that can’t be borne by these researchers. Finding jobs in European countries is also a tough gig for many because it usually follows a long procedure. There are not many jobs that support the travel costs of the employees which makes it difficult for foreigners to work in European countries.

This means that researchers, students, and international workers face difficulties with their dreams of studying, researching, or working in European countries. And to address these difficulties, EURAXESS was initiated. This is a portal that aims to solve your career-related problems offering many other benefits. So to learn more about EURAXESS, its funding benefits, and different jobs, follow the article till the end!

What is European Union (EURAXESS)?

EURAXESS was founded 17 years ago by the European Commission. This network has expanded its roots to such an extent that it is now recognized as a go-to network for finding research-based jobs and funding grants. The network is currently available in over 42 countries having been associated with 600 organizations in Europe. This collaboration means that foreign researchers and workers can now hunt for job opportunities within these organizations through EURAXESS.

EURAXESS aims to help researchers in gaining the practical experience they are after by easing things from them both from a strategic and financial viewpoint. International mobility and career development are the key focuses of this network as it has managed to set up 43 national portals. These national portals give information about the country. They also provide adequate guidance about all the matters concerning a person’s professional life while also reflecting on the job opportunities, funding grants, etc., available in that country.

The network also serves as a career guide for researchers. It is free of cost service which makes it one of a kind. EURAXESS provides career guidance to researchers and workers in 18 areas of expertise. This guidance is rolled out physically as well as virtually. Over 650 support centers have been set up across Europe to help researchers in their career choices and progression.

Personalized assistance is the key feature of EURAXESS which is seldom offered by any other network. This is because of the expertise and man force required to undertake such a project. However, EURAXESS has provided guidance to researchers and workers based on their situation which has helped them in making better life and career choices.

Paperwork is another headache for researchers and workers willing to come to Europe. This is because they have to fulfill various requirements. Thus, many people struggle through this process. But EURAXESS also provides support to these researchers and workers during the paperwork which significantly eases the process and helps them to fulfill all the requirements.

EURAXESS Opportunities Funding Benefits

EURAXESS Opportunities carries numerous benefits for those who manage to utilize the chances offered by this wonderful network. These benefits are not only restricted to financial gains but extend beyond the practical exposure offered by these opportunities. Many researchers find it difficult to find proper funds for their research projects. This is because of the hesitancy of people to invest in such projects. And this results in many people withdrawing from their passions. However, with research funding that varies from project to project, EURAXESS ensures the realization of the dreams of these researchers.

The salaries offered under the job opportunities available at EURAXESS are also competitive which makes it an effective network. This means that the people coming to work in Europe get the appropriate rewards for their sacrifices. Some job opportunities or research projects also offer accommodation or accommodation allowances to the chosen candidates. This makes it easier for these candidates to stay in Europe. The high rents or mortgage rates are saved making it possible for them to lead good lives and send money back home which is the goal of many people coming from other countries.

Some researchers are also given stipends by organizations which helps them hugely during their stay in the country. Other than the funding benefits, the EURAXESS network also carries other practical benefits. It enables the researchers to get the relevant practical exposure that is necessary for their learning and career growth. This not only helps these researchers in the short term but contributes to their career trajectory in the long run.

The EURAXESS program also hugely contributes to the collaborative journey between Europe and the world. This contribution has helped in the advancement of research. This advancement of research has reaped good results in other fields like science, engineering, etc. This has collectively led to the emergence of a modern world that is based on technological innovation and has answers to many things.

List of EURAXESS Jobs in Different Countries 2023

Here is a list of some of the EURAXESS jobs in various countries for international applicants:

The post of Assistant is available at the University of Zagreb. The University of Zagreb is one of the leading universities in Croatia. The position requires the candidate to work in the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology. Working in this field will require extensive knowledge of the field of Chemical Engineering & Technology. The Assistant will be required to conduct research in the field of Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry specifically.

This is a full-time contractual position requiring a high level of expertise from the candidate. A First Stage Researcher (R1) is available to apply for this position. The candidate will have to work 40 hours per week. The applicants must meet all the requirements set by the Higher Education & Scientific Research Law. The candidates must also put forth proof of their awards to prove their skills for the job. Published newspapers may also be required to show participation in scientific conferences. The deadline for applying for this job is 27th January 2023.

There is a position up for grabs for a postdoctoral student at the University of Southern Denmark. This position will require you to operate within the Faculty of Engineering. The research fields will also extend into the engineering category. The applicant must be a Recognized Researcher (R2). First Stage Researchers will not be considered for this post. This is a full-time job that will require you to work 37 hours per week.

This postdoctoral position is part of the project WASTELESS organized by Horizon Europe. The designation of this position is to reduce food loss because it is pivotal for sustainable development. This will require you to conduct extensive research and come up with innovative solutions to problems faced in this regard. You will be eligible for this position if you have a Ph.D. degree. Moreover, you must have adequate knowledge regarding environmental analysis, agricultural economics, and other related fields. The last date for application submission for this job is 10th January 2023.

An Assistant Professor in Information Processing Systems is needed at the University of Trento. This position is available in Italy. The selected candidate will be required to operate in the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science. A Recognized Researcher (R2) is required for this position. This is a full-time job for which you will have to work 32 hours per week.

The post is likely to be available for three years. However, you can get a two-year renewal based on your performance. The annual salary for this post is 36,000 Euros. The selected candidate will work for the Open Science initiative of the University of Trento and be required to facilitate a transition to open science research with his/her expertise. The applicant must have a strong grip on the English language to be eligible for the position. He/she must also have a Ph.D. degree. The deadline for application submission is 11th January 2023.

A position for the Head of the Laboratory to conduct research on Age-Related diseases and specifically Metabolic Syndrome is available at the Fundacion IMDEA Alimentacion. This position will need good knowledge of the field of Biological and Medical Sciences to head the laboratory activities. An Established Researcher (R3) is required for this post. The selected candidate will be required to work in Spain.

This is a full-time job that will require you to work 37.5 hours per week. The research will also explore the nutritional aspect of age-related diseases. Thus, the application must have sound knowledge about this aspect also. The applicant must hold a Ph.D. degree or an equivalent. They must also demonstrate other achievements in the field of science for eligibility. The deadline for applying for this post is 11th January 2023.

There are positions for an Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the King Abdullah University of Science & Technology. King Abdullah University of Science & Technology is one of the best higher education institutions in Saudi Arabia. The applicants applying for the position of Full Professor must be Recognized Researchers (R2). Those applying for the positions of an Associate or Assistant Professor must be First Stage Researchers. This is a full-time job meaning that you must have adequate knowledge of the field.

The applicants must have the ability to conduct high-impact research that can result in the improvement of students in the university. The applicants must also have excellent teaching skills. This refers to the ability to engage and educate the students so they can excel academically and professionally. This job position will locate the selected candidate in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. The deadline for application submission is set on 17th January 2023.


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