Hostel Leaving Application

Hostel Leaving Application to Warden with Samples [Permanently or Temporarily]

Procedure to Leave Your Hostel Permanently or Temporarily

Life in hostels may have been all fun and games for some of us and vexatious for a great many. But let’s admit it, we all felt anguished while leaving our hostels! Leaving behind our friends, those dorms, those memories of sneaking out at night was agonizing for almost all of us. However, if you still haven’t gone through the process of bidding farewell to your hostel, you might as well prepare yourself well in advance as you will, ultimately, have to.

We care for you and that is why we have devised this article, in order to save you the trouble of having to ponder about writing an application for hostel leaving, in the midst of all those sorrowful tears.

General Reasons for Leaving a Hostel

One might have to vacate his hostel dorm for a number of reasons. The most common of these, as observed, are either on the completion of the degree or a shift to any other housing accommodation; the latter, being the trickier to write as an application. 

Application narrating the reason for leaving hostel:-

Before leaving a hostel, it is the obligation of every student to turn in an application and clear their dues. Such an application is called a hostel leaving the application.

It is submitted by students in order to inform the concerned authorities about the vacation of a slot in the dorm so that they can extend it to any other student, desirous of hostel accommodation.

Format for Writing an Application for Leaving Hostel

A hostel leaving application is constructed on the basis of a specified format. Following are the essentials of a presentable hostel leaving the application.

  • Date:-

The date is the foremost element of a hostel leaving the application. The correct date is to be mentioned herein. Its placement in the top left of the page.

  • Recipient’s address:-

Then comes the particulars of the recipient. This bit contains details as the designation of the recipient body, the name of the hostel, and the name of the city. It is located right below the date after leaving a line.

  •  Subject line:-

Next in line is the subject line. It acts as a header for the application and should be adequate to depict the purpose of the application at a glance. It comes after the recipient’s address after leaving a line.

  • Salutation:-

It is included as a kind gesture and contains the words ‘respected’ or ‘honored,’ following the words ‘sir’ or ‘madam.’

  • Main body:-

The most crucial component of the application is the body paragraph. It consists of one to two paragraphs. It should be constructed in such a manner, as to decently illustrate the reason behind leaving the hostel.

  • Sender’s address:-

The sender’s details come after the main body. This part consists of the sender’s name and his signature. It is placed on the bottom right corner of the page by leaving a line after the body paragraph.

  • Contact details:-

The contact details of the student are also to be mentioned in the application.

Hostel Leaving Application to Warden Sample

If you are perplexed on how to construct the acknowledgment letter of you leaving the hostel, worry no more. Give this sample a quick read and use it as a template for your hostel leaving the application.

Date: Dec 20, 2023

The Head Accommodations,
(name of hostel),
(name of city).

Candidate Name,
Candidate Details.

Subject: Acknowledgment for [permanently/temporarily] leaving the hostel.

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I, (name of student) have been residing in your hostel for the past (time period) months. It is stated that I won’t be able to continue my stay in your hostel as my parents, who had been living abroad for the past few years have moved back here. I would, therefore, have to shift in with them. 

Nonetheless, this is to be mentioned that my stay here has been an amazing one. I was completely satisfied with the overall performance of the staff. From points of view of hygiene as well as the luxurious, modernly equipped dormitories, this hostel was the perfect location and would definitely be recommended by me to others. 

Since all my dues are clear and the requirements are fulfilled, I have composed this application as an acknowledgment of me leaving the hostel.

Bidding you farewell and praying for your better health and future.

Thank you.

Yours Obediently,
(name of sender),
(signature of sender).
Contact info:
Phone number: xxxx-xxxxxxx
Email address: [email protected]

Final thoughts on this Post

The above article provided you with a complete guide on how to write an effective application for a hostel leaving you with a free template for your better understanding.

Let us know in the comments how useful you found this article. With that said, this article has come to its conclusion. That’s a wrap!

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