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House Job Application in Hospital [DOC] Template, Form, Format and Sample

In every field of study, fresh graduates need to have some sort of experience before jumping into the world of professionalism. This experience preps them for tasks and hurdles that they may face as a professional in the particular field. This rule is applicable to all fields of study including medical.  

If you a fresh MBBS graduate or are currently studying medicine, it is inevitable for you to have come across the term ‘house job.’ Ever wondered what it means and how to apply for one? No worries as this article is composed to divulge just the thing to you!

Application for a House Job Definition:

In order to grasp the concept of the application for a house job, we must first learn what a house job actually is.

“A house job is a sort of internship for freshly graduated medical students so as to give them the training and clinical experience they need in order to become a full-time practitioner.”

A house job is generally of the duration of one year and is a compulsory stage during one’s medical degree. Without a year of clinical experience, the degree would stand incomplete. 

“An application written for the purpose of seeking a house job in a hospital is called an application for a house job.”

The Procedure of Applying for a House job in Hospital

Applying for a house job may seem easy to many and it is too, but the main wearisome task is the collection of the documents along with the application. The procedure of applying to a house job is briefly mentioned as follows:

Step 1: Submitting a Housejob application

The first step is to submit an application with the hospital stating your particulars and asking for a position as an intern in the hospital.

Step 2: Compilation of documents

The management then gives you a form to be filled and submitted along with a number of relevant documents. The second step, thus, is to compile those documents.

Step 3: Filling and submission of form:

The last step is to fill in the form and submit it to the management.

Documents to go along with the House job Application Form

You may have heard that the modern articles start with the end, then come to the middle, and conclude with the beginning part. You will find that this article has been composed in a similar manner. We have stated the basic definition and procedure of applying to house jobs, now we will jump on to step 2 of the procedure, and step 1 will follow up last.

As per the second step, you have to compile some documents to go along with your form. The following are the essential documents that go along with your application form for a house job. 

  • Provisional certificate (which acts as proof of the degree completion until the issuance of the official degree)
  • Certificate for house job (stating that you are now eligible to perform house job)
  • Affidavit
  • Any other documents required in particular.

Now that you know of the basic concept and required documents of the form, let’s jump onto step one that is writing an application for a house job.

How to Write an Application for a House job?

In order to get a form to apply to a house job, you have to first write an application to the management of the hospital you intend to do the house job in. but how to write such an application? Have a quick read at the format and sample application below and get to know the theme of writing an application for a house job.

Format of an application for applying to house jobs:

  • Date:-

The first component of the application is the date at which the application is drafted.

  • Recipient’s address:-

Next comes the details of the recipient’s body. It is placed after the date by leaving a line in between. It contains the particulars as to the designation of the recipient, the name of the hospital, and the name of the city.

  • Subject line:-

The third constituent is the header of the application, also termed as the subject line. It comes by leaving a line after the recipient’s address.

  • Salutation:-

Greeting words such as ‘Respected Sir/ Madam’ or ‘Honorable Sir/ Madam’ come after the subject line.

  • Main body:-

The main motif of the application is mentioned herein.

  • Words of gratitude:-

A little thankfulness goes a long way. And in this case, it definitely does! Incorporate a line of gratitude at the end of your body paragraph and make your letter stand out.

  • Enclosure:-

If you have attached any documents for reference, make sure to list them here in chronological order.

  • Sender’s address:-

The details of the sender come last in the application for applying for a house job. It comes after the list of enclosures by leaving a line in between.

  • Contact info:-

The contact details of the sender are also to be mentioned in the application.

Sample Application of House job

Date: Dec. 20th, 2023,

(designation of recipient),
Name of hospital,
Name of the city.

Candidate Name,
Details of Candidate.

Subject: Request to be granted a house job.

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This is to inform you that I, (name of person) have graduated from XYZ Medical College with an overall CGPA of 3.9; the relevant documents for which are attached alongside this application. It is stated that I now require a house job as a compulsory step in the completion of my degree. For that purpose, I require a position of an intern in your reputed clinic to gain clinical exposure and specialized knowledge. 

It is, therefore, requested to kindly provide me with an admission form so that I may join your clinic for a house job.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Enclosure: List of documents

Yours Sincerely,
(name of person),
(signature of the sender).
Contact info:
Phone number: xxxx-xxxxxxx,
Email address: [email protected].

Tips for Writing an Application for a House job:-

Keep in mind the following pointers to make the most out of your application.

  •  Advertise yourself:-

Draw a clear line between proving your worth and begging for the position.

  • Use power words:-

Since the application is going to be a relatively short one, use those words which show your eligibility and merit.

  • Attach documents:-

Attaching relevant documents increases your credibility and takes your game a notch up as compared to others.

  • Target a larger audience:-

A pro tip is to submit the application, not in one, but a few hospitals so that if your request gets turned down by one, you still have a backup.

Final wordings:-

Now that you know how to compose an effectuate letter asking to be granted a position for a house job, you are all set to turn it in and win that slot.

With that said, this article has reached its end. Give us your valuable remarks in the comments section below. That’s all for this article!

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