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European Summer Internships 2023 Without IELTS – Fully Paid

Internships in Europe Without IELTS 2023

Fully paid summer internship positions in European countries in 2023 will now be open for online applications. Therefore, this is the time to get yourself prepared with the required documentation before it’s too late.

Summers are approaching and this is the perfect time to rethink what you are going to do in your summer break, or what you are going to do with your life in case you are graduating soon. Now is the time to decide whether you want to be among the time-wasters who do nothing at all and regret it later, or among the winners who avail their spare time building their skills to create career opportunities for themselves and feel proud of their success.

This summer, you have a lot of fully-funded opportunities waiting for you in Europe, and that too without IELTS requirements. Europe is famous for its high-quality education and skilled professionals. This is the very reason you must choose Europe and it will turn out to be the best decision of your life. This is a lifetime investment that will pay you off someday for sure. This article will help you decide which opportunity to avail yourself of in Europe. Read it and decide for yourself.

List of Fully Paid Summer Internships Without IELTS in Europe

Following are the handpicked listings of highly paid summer internships in Europe in 2023 for international students;

#1 International Turkish Local Authorities Internship Program

Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT) organizes 7 days paid International Turkish Local Authorities Internship Program. You can apply if you are a new university graduate or a last-year university student. IELTS is not required but you must have a good command of English. Your academic background must be in law, sociology, economics, political sciences, IR, administrative sciences, or any other related field.  There is no need for IELTS to apply for Turkish Internships.

#2 Berlin Summer Student Program Germany

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin University offers a fully-funded eight-week Berlin Summer Student Program. If you are a student from any part of the world, including Germany, you can apply. You must be enrolled in a degree program related to physics, chemistry, mathematics, material, science, or structural biology but you must be not pursuing a Ph. D. You do not need IELTS to apply for the Berlin summer student program.

#3 CrossCulture Exchange Program Germany

CrossCulture Exchange Program offers a 2 to 3 month paid summer internship in Germany. You can apply if you are at least 23 years old. You must have at least two years of professional experience you must be proficient in English. However, the CrossCulture exchange program does not require IELTS.

#4 OECD Internship Program France

French authorities initiate paid OECD Internship Program for 1 to 6 months in the summer. You can apply if you are less than 65 years of age. You must be pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. Degrees in Artificial Intelligence, Bribery and corruption, Climate, Competition, Corporate Governance, Development, Digitalization, Economy, Education and Skills, Employment, Energy, Environment, Finance Gender, and Diversity or such other related areas. IELTS is not required to apply for this internship.

#5 L’Oréal Summer Internships France

You can apply for L’Oréal Summer Internships if you are an undergraduate student. The duration of internships is 11 weeks, and they are paid. You must be graduating in a year and must be punctual throughout the internship duration. You must have effective communication skills. IELTS is not needed to apply for the L`oreal internship.

#6 CERN Internship Switzerland

If you are a young undergraduate, you can apply for a summer Cern Internship in Switzerland. This is a paid internship with a duration of 1 to 6 months. You must be studying in relevant programs and must not be enrolled in a Ph.D. program. CERN internship programs do not need IELTS.

#7 ETH Summer Internship Switzerland

ETH Summer Internship is a 2-month paid program and you can apply as a student without any age limit. You must be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s program and must have a grip on English. However, there is no need for IELTS to apply for ETH summer internships.

#8 CRG Summer Internships Spain

Centre for Genomic Regulation offers a 2 month paid internship in Barcelona. You can apply as an undergraduate or graduate student. Although IELTS is not required you must be fluent in English high. You must have academic performance in your graduate or undergraduate degree. There is no need for IELTS.

#9 Adelante Abroad Internships in Spain

Adelante Abroad offers unpaid summer volunteer or internship placements for 8 weeks. You can apply if you are an independent-minded individual. You must be at least eighteen years of age and you must know the English language. However, Adelante does not need IELTS certification for awarding internship placement to applicants.

#10 Reuters News Summer Internship Poland

Reuters News summer internship program is offered to undergraduates like you. This internship is paid and 3 to 6 months long. You must be in your final year or a fresh graduate to get considered for Reuters News Internship. You must have an academic background in finance or journalism with effective English language skills. IELTS is exempted for applicants to let them apply for Reuter’s internships.

#11 Paid Internships at the British Embassy Poland

This is a paid summer internship opportunity for 3 or 6 months. You can apply if you have a Bachelor’s (BA) degree or Master’s degree or are in the process of obtaining at least a BA in a related field or during a gap year. You must have fluency in Polish and English.

It is mandatory for you to currently hold the independent right to live and work in Poland and be prepared to ensure that this right remains throughout the scope of the internship contract. British Embassy at Poland may not require IELTS for their internship program offering.

#12 IST Summer Internship Program Austria

IST Summer Internship is a fully funded 8 weeks program. You can apply if you are a bachelor’s or master’s student. You must have completed at least the fourth semester of your bachelor’s studies before the respective start date. IST summer internships in Austria are IELTS exempted.

#13 Vienna Biocenter Internship Austria

Vienna Biocenter offers a 9 week fully funded summer internship. You can apply if you are an undergraduate or a graduate student with BA, master or MSc. You must have completed at least 2 Years of the university and your academic score must be high. IELTS is not needed to apply for Vienna Biocenter internships in Austria.

#14 European Union Internship Program

It is a fully-funded 5-month summer internship program. If you have a university degree in any academic field, you can apply no matter if you are European or not. You must have a 3-year higher education degree with proficiency in English but IELTS is not required for a European Union internship.

#15 European Union Volunteering Program

The European Union offers fully-funded summer internships for a minimum of 4 weeks. You can apply if you are a student or working no matter what your educational background is. You must be 18 to 30 years old and must hold European citizenship. You must be working or studying in Europe. You do not need IELTS to apply for European Union Volunteering program.

#16 Bucharest Summer School Romania

Bucharest University offers a fully funded 2 weeks summer internship. You can apply without any educational background restrictions. You must have a 1200-word essay that features a description of the subject according to the main topic, examples and facts, issues and solutions, and your point of view related to the topic. IELTS is not required for Bucharest summer school internships in Romania.

#17 Common Wealth Foundation Internship UK

The Common Wealth Foundation offers paid summer internship for 6 months. You can apply if you are outside Europe. You must have good knowledge and skills in research and development areas and administration. Commonwealth foundation internships do not need IELTS submission with applications.

#18 Observation & Research Internship Placements Scotland

Under this program, you are offered unpaid volunteer and internship placements in the summers for 6 weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can apply if you are looking for gap year opportunities as a high school graduate, first-year student, or sophomore. You must be eighteen years or above in age and must have Spanish skills at least at a low-intermediate level. IELTS is not required for most Scotland internships.

#19 Vatican University Internships

Vatican University offers paid summer internship for 16 hours each week. You can apply if you are a student with a major in Communications. You must have junior standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA. IELTS is not required for Vatican University internships.

#20 Internship in Malta

Internship in Malta Agency offers unpaid full-time and part-time summer internships for 4 to 6 weeks. You can apply if you are a student, a graduate, or an EU-funded individual. Your age should be a minimum of 16 years and you must have an EU-EEA passport or a valid visa. You do not need IELTS for Malta-based internships.

#21 Global Experiences Internships London

Global Experiences offers 8-week unpaid summer internships in London, England.  You can apply if you are a sophomore standing with majors in any field. Your age must be a minimum of 18 years. You must secure the 2.5 GPA required as an undergraduate student. IELTS is not required for Global experiences internships in London.

#22 Global Experiences Internships Italy

Global Experiences offers 8-week unpaid summer internships in Florence, Italy.   You can apply if you are a sophomore standing with majors in any field which means there are no restrictions on academic background. You must be 18 years or older. You must have completed some university coursework too. IELTS is not needed for the Global experience internships program in Italy.

#23 Dublin Internship Program Ireland

Dublin Internship Program offers eight-week summer internships. These internships are not paid. You can apply if you are a student enrolled in a full-time degree program or about to graduate with the intention of starting an internship in not more than a year. You must be 18 years of age with a 2.5 GPA or better on a 4.0 scale. Dulin internship program of Ireland can be availed without submission of IELTS cert.

#24 Connect-123 Barcelona Internships

Connect-123 Barcelona offers two to six months of summer internships. These internships are unpaid and you have to bear the majority of the expenses yourself. If you are a university student, a fresh graduate, or even an experienced professional, you can apply. You must attend a telephone-based interview and provide writing samples if applicable. IELTS is not required for Connect-123 Barcelona Internships.

#25 International Internships in Madrid

The Intern Group offers summer internships for 8 weeks. These internships are not paid and you must afford most of the expenses.  You can apply if you are a student who has successfully completed three semesters of coursework at Pitt or a transfer university as a degree-seeking student.

Internships are available in Spanish only, and you must have completed 4 semesters of college-level Spanish to be eligible for the program with a minimum 3.00 GPA. IELTS is not needed for Madrid-based internships.

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