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MBBS Scholarships for 2023: Medical Universities Admissions Open on Scholarships

List of Scholarships for Medical Students

MBBS Scholarships for the class of 2023-2024 for students are currently open for online applications globally. Start your online application for the MBBS Scholarship and admissions application in the following Medical countries in order to avail yourself of a chance of studying MBBS for free abroad.

Competent doctors and medical professionals will always be needed by this world. So, their importance is profound. Knowing this importance, a number of scholarships in the field of medicine are available. Although these scholarships are rare at the undergraduate level, if you look deep enough, you may find something for yourself.

This article covers a number of scholarships available for medical students at all levels of study. It also covers different subject areas like hereditary diseases, cardiology, tropical medicine, etc.

MBBS [Medicine] Scholarships in 2023:

Given below are some of the best MBBS scholarships available in the field of medicine across the world:

#1 MBBS Scholarships in Australia and New Zealand:

  • John Hamel MacGregor Awards in Medical Science at the University of Auckland:

This award offers a scholarship of $10,000 to its students who want to pursue MBChB from the University of Auckland (MBChB is just another name for MBBS in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK and stands for Medicinae Baccalaureus et Baccalaureus Chirurgiae or Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery).

It is available to study Bachelors in Medical Science or a research degree in the field of health sciences and medicine. The award is renewed annually i.e. if a student manages to avail of the grant, it will be for a period of one year. The number of awards available is five.

#2 Baillieu Research Scholarships at the University of Melbourne:

About two scholarships are available at the University of Melbourne to take up research studies in the fields of medicine, health, law, criminology, commerce, economics, etc. The scholarship is only meant to support the students in paying for their living expenses while they engage in research studies at the universities. The total fund available for the award is 97,000 AUD.

The stipend is paid bi-monthly and the award also offers a relocation allowance to those recipients who are residing outside of Victoria, Australia. An appropriate number of paid leaves for sickness, maternity, and paternity is available to the grantees as well.

#3 MBBS Scholarships in University of Wollongong, Australia:

A number of scholarships in the field of medicine and health sciences are available at the University of Wollongong, Australia. These scholarships offer a tuition fee waiver of up to 50%. The minimum waiver is 10%. Several country-specific bursaries are also available most of which waive the tuition fee up to 20%. These are mainly available to developing countries like; Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, etc.

#4 Medical MBBS Scholarships in North America:

  • American College of Surgeons Scholarship:

The International Guest Scholarships are for surgeons who are from a country other than the USA or Canada. The value of the scholarship is $10,000 with which the recipients will be able to visit and participate in the medical research activities in the USA or Canada.

They will also be able to attend and take part in the educational activities held by the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress whereby they can get in and attend all the lectures and courses arranged by Congress. This scholarship is for research visits and stays and not for a full-fledged medical degree course.

#5 American Medical Women’s Association MBBS (AMWA) Scholarships:

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) offers scholarships and fellowships to students enrolled in medical schools in the USA. These are small scholarships and are only granted to those students who are members of AMWA. The medical education scholarship gives out four $500 awards to those women members of AMWA who are currently pursuing their medical education. 

Another award KAPLAN Scholarship is used in assisting students in bearing the cost of preparing for the USMLE or COMLEX annual examination. Anne C. Carter Global Health Fellowship gives $1000 to all its recipients to complete a project on the topic of global health hazards.

#6 MBBS Scholarships by American Society of Clinical Pathology Awards:

American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) awards medical scholarships and graduate fellowships to technicians and medical researchers to study in one of its listed medical schools in the USA.

Other than that, it offers a number of fellowships in medical schools all across the USA like the University of Tennessee Medical Center, the University of Washington, the University of Kentucky, etc. The fellowships are in the subject of pathology like breast pathology, Cytopathology, Hepatic pathology, etc.

#7 MBBS Scholarships by Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) Awards:

The Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) gives out scholarships to medical students, researchers, and medical educators. The awards are given for PhDs and Doctorates, and to mid-career instructors, scholars, medical students who have successfully submitted a project, or are surgical consultants, and trainees.

The value of these awards varies with the level of experience the recipient has. The award normally supports the grantees in research and development and to enhance innovation in the field of medicine.

#8 Edith Seville Coale Medical Scholarships:

This scholarship is for those female medical students who are in the second or third year of their medical programs. They should have more than average results in their previous years and should be financially in need of the scholarship.

The annual amount of the award is somewhere between $5000 and $8000. The awardees should be enrolled in one of the following medical schools, John Hopkins University School of Medicine, Howard University College of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine, and The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

#9 Harvard Medical School MBBS Scholarships;

There are many different kinds of scholarships awarded by the Harvard Medical School. The HMS scholarships are only awarded to students who demonstrate the financial need for them. The amount of coverage depends upon the student’s own financial backing and the funding available to the university. A fully-funded scholarship covers the tuition fee and all the compulsory charges that are to be paid to the university. It is awarded for up to eight semesters.

Dean’s REACH Scholarship is also a four-year award that fully funds the education of a prospective MD (Doctor of Medicine). The award is given based on the students’ demonstration of compassion, resilience, excellence, and some other soft skills.

#10 UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine Scholarships:

The awards at the UCLA medical school are given to students pursuing an MD program and are merit-based. There is no need to demonstrate financial need for the scholarship. About 25% of the newly-enrolled students will get the scholarship. The amount of funding varies with the awardee’s previous academic background. There is no need to submit an application as all the students will be automatically considered for the scholarship.

#11 Army Medicine (MBBS) Scholarships:

The scholarship by the US army is for health professionals and medical students. One of these scholarships is the Featured Scholarship by the US Army within which the recipients will be able to get funding for the full period of their doctoral studies.

The MBBS scholarship will offer full-tuition support and a $20,000 bonus as well which will be one-time. The funding can be used to pursue a graduate degree in medicine, dentistry, psychology, veterinary sciences, etc. it can be used in the medical schools of the USA and Puerto Rico.

#12 United Health Foundation MBBS Scholarships:

The National Medical Fellowships (NMF) program by the United Health Foundation is offering scholarships to increase the number of doctors and health care providers in the country. The scholarship is for those medical students who are in the second, third, or fourth year of their medical programs and is worth $7,000.

The scholarship is also renewable and is given to those individuals who belong to some minority group and are compassionate and have a sense of commitment toward serving the underprivileged people of the society.

#13 The Recovery Village MBBS Scholarships:

The Recovery Village’s scholarships are for those students who are pursuing or intend to pursue a health care degree in behavioral science, mental health, addiction, or rehabilitation.

Their Melanie Foundation grants are for students enrolled in a master’s or Ph.D. program in the field of mental health. The value of the award is $2500.

Another scholarship by them is offered to those individuals who are interested in taking up graduate-level coursework in reducing stigma around mental health and illness. The worth of the award is $5000.

#14 Tylenol MBBS Scholarships:

For students pursuing a degree in healthcare or medicine, Tylenol has been offering scholarships for about twenty-three years now. These scholarships are divided into two categories. These are:

    • Ten awards of $10,000 given on an annual basis (non-renewable)
    • Twenty-five awards of $5000 a year (non-renewable)

The scholarship can be used toward paying for tuition, books, college supplies, and equipment. The recipients should be enrolled in an accredited medical school which must be non-profit.

#15 MBBS Medical Scholarships in Europe:

  • Universiteit van Amsterdam Scholarships:

The medical school of the Universiteit van Amsterdam offers the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship which is meant to finance the studies of outstanding master’s candidates in the field of medicine or healthcare. The worth of the scholarship is 4,000 Euros which will go toward paying for the educational expenses of the recipients. It cannot be used for paying the tuition fee.

#16 MBBS Novo Nordisk Foundation Scholarships:

The NNF scholarships are for research scientists in the fields of biotechnology, and biomedical sciences. Up to four awards will be given to those researchers who are in their early years of research and want to take up something bigger in the aforementioned fields.

It is a very generous award which is worth up to 25 million DKK (more than three million in Euros and US dollars). The award is given for a period of seven years. Out of which 7 million can be used for setting up a research and experimental laboratory.

Another funding by the NNF is for Ph.D. in biosciences. This award is fully-funded whereby the recipients will also be allotted a monthly salary. The award is for five years out of which the last three years’ funding is conditional.

#17 Karolinska Institutet MBBS Sweden Scholarships:

The Karolinska Institutet offers master’s scholarships to those students intending to pursue postgraduate in any medical field offered at the institution. Around 10 scholarships are awarded and the recipients will get partial tuition fee coverage. For covering the rest of the fees, travel costs, and living expenses the students can look into other kinds of fundings.

The KI-DIS fellowship covers the tuition fee up to the amount of 200,000 for a year. It is also available at the postgraduate level.

#18 Medical MBBS Scholarships in the UK:

  • Imperial College, School of Medicine Scholarships:

There are many different kinds of scholarships available at the Imperial College London in the Faculty of Medicine. These scholarships are available at the BSc. and MBBS levels as well. These are:

    • The Fleming Scholarships reimburses the tuition fee up to the amount of 3,375 GBP for a period of two years.
    • McCowen Scholarship awards 300 GBP for two years of study.
    • Palmer Awards are also for two years and offer 150 GBP per year.
    • Presidential Scholarships are for four years and are worth 1,000 GBP a year. 
    • Adrian Taylor Scholarships are for one year and are worth 3,000 GBP.
    • Martin turner Grant is for a year and is worth 1,700 GBP.

#19 King’s College London Medical MBBS Awards:

The department of global health and social medicine is awarding scholarships at the undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. levels.

The undergraduate award is worth 9,000 GBP and is awarded for three years i.e 3,000 GBP will be awarded a year for three years. It is available to pursue a BA or BSc. in Global health and social medicine.

The graduate award is also valued at 9,000 GBP and is offered to students intending to pursue a master’s in bioethics, global health, gerontology, and aging, etc.

#20 NHS MBBS Bursaries:

There are a number of bursaries awarded by the NHS, a prominent body of healthcare in the UK. These awards vary with the levels of study. One of these scholarships is for students studying medicine or dental care.

The scholarship awards 2,207 GBP if the student is living with parents, 3,191 GBP if the student is studying in London and 2,643 GBP if the student is studying somewhere outside of London. There is an extra allowance for students studying for more than 30 weeks a year (in case their course is designed like that).

#21 University of Edinburgh’s Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh MBBS Scholarships:

The scholarships offered at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh are at the MSc. Level for studying either internal medicine or critical care. These scholarships waive tuition fees for up to 100% (three types of scholarships are available giving out tuition fee waiver of 50%, 75%, and 100%). These medical programs are part-time.

#22 Queen Mary University London Medical MBBS Awards:

The Barts Scholarship available at the Queen Mary University of London is for the students pursuing MBBS (bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery) and BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). The medicine scholarship offers 5,000 GBP every year for 5 years. It is contingent upon the recipients’ progress in his/her program.

There are only three awards being offered and the number of applicants is large. It is sort of an entrance award so no separate application is needed.

#23 Wellcome Trust MBBS Scholarships:

These scholarships by the Wellcome trust are for doing a Ph.D. in any healthcare field. The funding is available for three years and the recipients will be entitled to a stipend/salary up to the amount of 26,000 GBP a year depending upon their country/city of residence and year of study. (The salary is less in the earlier years of study).

The recipients will also get full tuition fee coverage, research support, and the chance to attend medical conferences abroad. It is offered to students from the EU, EEA, the UK, or countries with low incomes.

The deadline for all of these medicine degree programme scholarships varies from the origin of the country offering them.

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