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Moldova Scholarships 2023-2024: List of all Scholarship Opportunities in Moldova for Students

Study in Moldova | Scholarships in Moldova

The fully-funded Moldovian Scholarships 2023-2024 offered in all Universities of Moldova are now accepting online applications from students of all disciplines.

Moldova, a small country in Europe, situated between Ukraine and Romania is quickly gaining popularity among international students interested in getting higher education from Europe. There are about 82 universities in Moldova which are mostly state-owned. Other than that, a number of private higher educational institutions are under private ownership as well.

There are many diplomas and vocational courses offered in Moldova on fully and partially funded scholarships as well which are also widely pursued by students. Unfortunately, the scholarships available here are either by the government or some other private bodies. There are no university-owned scholarships for international students in Moldova.

Moldovian Scholarships Coverage

If you manage to win a Moldovian Scholarship then you will be entitled to receive the following scholars coverage plan:

  • Your educational expenses will be born by Moldovian Government or University
  • Residence in University dormitory will be allocated
  • Monthly stipend based on your academic level will be granted
  • Funding for buying literature and attending conferences will be issued
  • Health coverage plan and airfare subject to review

Language of Instruction in Moldovian Universities:

At the higher education level, most schools choose to teach in Moldovan and Russian. Some other languages of instruction are Ukrainian and Bulgarian. Students from Germany, Poland, and Israel come here to study the language programs. Currently, there is no institution in Moldova that is offering programs taught entirely in English. Foreign students coming here either know one of the languages of instruction very well or they take up language programs to learn the language.

Top Educational Institutions in Moldova:

Moldova has many top-rated universities offering programs in almost all the subject areas. The most competent ones are, Academia de Studii Economice din Moldova, Universitatea de Stat de Medicina si Farmacie, Universitatea de Stat din Moldova, Universitatea Tehnica a Moldovei, and Universitatea de Stat A. Russo.

Cost of Living for Students in Moldova:

One of the best things about living and studying in Moldova is its low cost of living. Moldova is a very cheap country to live in with the monthly average cost for one person being 546 USD. A family of four will need around 1400 USD a month including the cost of the rent. Moldova has been ranked at 159th out of 197 countries of the world in terms of its preferability to live in (with the first one being the most preferred and the last one being the least). 

Working while Studying in Moldova:

Moldova has put no restrictions on local and foreign students regarding part-time working. The working hours and time should not hinder the students’ purpose of being in the country in the first place, which is, to study. Like many other European countries, students are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week in Moldova.

List of Scholarships in Moldova:

Some of the scholarships available in Moldova for international students are as follows:

#1 Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships:

The Empowerment Through Education (ETE) scholarship program by the Wells Mountain Foundation is offering scholarships at the bachelor’s level to students who are studying in developing countries. The students can be nationals of a developing country or can be interested in studying in one. Preference will be given to students interested in those fields that can help their communities in the future like medical sciences, health, education, law, social work, and information technology.

About 50 to 60 scholarships are awarded in a year. The value of the scholarship can be somewhere between 300 USD to 3000 USD a year. Students getting the scholarship once will continue to receive it throughout the course of their study program. On average, students receive a scholarship of 1500 USD which can be used toward tuition, textbooks, fees, meals, rent, etc.

#2 The Fulbright Scholarship in Moldova:

The Fulbright scholarship program by the US government serves the students in Moldova in two ways. 

It offers American graduating students to go to Moldova for a full year. The English Teaching Assistantship program allows students to go abroad and teach the language in different schools and universities. The Fulbright Scholar program allows students, professors, and researchers to travel to different countries across the world, including Moldova, to give lectures and/or to carry out research in a field of their own choice.

The other way is exclusive to Moldovan students whereby students and faculty members of Moldovan higher educational institutions get grants from the US government for funding their study programs. The grants are given on the basis of academic merit and/or financial need.

#3 David L. Boren Awards in Moldova:

The National Security Education program’s scholarships with the name David L. Boren Scholarships are also for those US students who want to complete part of their study program abroad. It is open to those undergraduate students who are enrolled in programs related to language, culture, science, business, agriculture, or the law. The program’s aim is to bring out those individuals who, with their education and career paths can contribute to the national security of the USA. The matters of national security take into account sustainability, environmental protection, global diseases, population growth, hunger, and migration.

The students will be awarded a fully-funded study year abroad which they will have to pay back in the form of a year of service with the US government. The value of one award can be up to 30,000 USD and the term of the award ranges from 12 to 24 months. Moldova is included in the list of partner countries.

#4 Moldova Government Scholarships:

The scholarships by the Moldovan government are for those students currently enrolled in Moldovan higher educational institutions. The government of Moldova has announced an increase in the scholarship value of 4.9% and the scholarships will be awarded regardless of the nationality of the students. The recipients will be able to receive from 360 MDL (Moldovan Leu) to 690 MDL.  There are special categories for students who are deaf or are related to the fields of arts and choreography. Students from the fields of agriculture and medicine will get up to 1,325 MDL in scholarship money. Students who have performed extraordinarily will get merit-scholarship, the amount of which can be up to 1,525 MDL. 

The total budget for the Moldovian scholarships is 12.5 Million MDL.

#5 American Councils for International Education Scholarships:

Title VIII Combined Research and Language Training Program by the American Councils for international education is offering scholarships to graduate students, faculty members, and post-doctoral students from Asia and Europe to conduct research in Moldova. The term of the research is three to nine months. The scholarship benefits are international travel to and from Moldova, housing, monthly stipend, insurance, tuition waiver and language course.

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