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CSC Scholarships 2024 by 274 Chinese Government Universities | China Scholarships Council

Chinese Scholarships by China Scholarship Council 2024-2025 opened

The applications are invited for Chinese Government Scholarships 2024-2025 academic batch from international students to give them an opportunity to study for free in the top 270 Chinese Universities.

As per the press release issued by MOE, China became the second-largest country to provide scholarships to the largest number of applicants between 2024 and 2025.

There now exists Chinese Government Scholarships 2024 by the China Scholarship Council (CSC Scholarship) at the Bachelor, Masters, and even doctoral (Ph.D.) levels in multiple courses including but not limited to the ones instructed in both English and Chinese languages all at more than 274 of the Chinese institutions of higher learning yearly.

The only way through which applicants can access this provision to apply for CSC Scholarship is via the China Scholarship Council online platform. Several different organizations in China award scholarships to international students such as the Confucious institute scholarship, the CSC Scholarship by the China Scholarship Council, the Schwarzman Scholars program, Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship, Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships, CAS-TWAS Scholarships. The most widely awarded scholarship is CSC Scholarship and to apply for this award, candidates have two pathways:

    1. Apply directly to CSC Scholarship-Chinese University direct recruitment program
    2. Apply for CSC Scholarship from the home country via the Chinese Consulate

Coverage Sponsorship of Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) 2024

The Chinese CSC Scholarship is a fully-funded award that covers full tuition fees, living allowances, accommodation expenses, and health insurance. The coverage of the Chinese CSC Scholarship award differs based on the type of degree as well as stated below:

The benefits of the CSC Scholarship 2024 in the;

    • Undergraduate Program: CNY 2500 RMB Monthly Stipend, tuition, and accommodation are both free
    • Master Program: CNY 3000 RMB Monthly Stipend, the tuition is free and a room is provided at no charge.
    • Doctoral Program: CNY 3500 RMB Monthly Stipend with free tuition and as well a free room

Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) 2024

Chinese Government Scholarships by China Scholarship Council CSC is a project due to the Chinese Government’s intention at upscaling education, culture, trade, transfers in education, and politics. The program is also intended to promote cooperation and enhance mutual understanding between China and other nations.

Chinese institutions of higher learning give students from all over the world Chinese Government Scholarships like CSC Scholarships, Confucius Institute Scholarships, CAS-TWAS Scholarships, and Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships among others.

2024 Chinese CSC Scholarship Application Guideline

In the process of applying for the CSC Scholarship, it is imperative to bear in mind that an invitation letter or letter stating also known as an acceptance letter from the professor at a Chinese University may enhance the chances of selection. It must be noted that the invitation letter issued by the professor stating that a candidate has been accepted into the program is not compulsory.

The following is a systematic guide to applying for the degree program directly at Chinese University via the Chinese University-Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) channel:

    1. Identify the Chinese University recognized by the CSC Scholarship Council
    2. Identify the CSC scholarship website of the institution of higher learning
    3. Sign up for an account on the China Scholarship Council webpage
    4. Answer the blanks on the application form
    5. Choose category B for the CSC scholarship
    6. Choose the name of the university and fill agency number of the university
    7. Submit the CSC application form and thereafter download the pdf format of the document
    8. Compile all the necessary documents with the pdf
    9. Confirm to see whether the university needs a separate admission application
    10. In the event, that an admission application is needed then fill out the university form and download it
    11. Confirm to see whether an application fee is necessary or not
    12. If necessary, submit the application fee
    13. Attach the application for admission, the documents as well CSC scholarship pdf form
    14. Design a couple of sets and send them to the university address
    15. Wait for CSC scholarship results

If candidates can get an acceptance letter from a Chinese professor and submit it with the Chinese Scholarship application then they are more likely to win the scholarship. In another article, we have compiled an Email list of Chinese Professors and by using those emails, candidates may request acceptance letters from Chinese Professors.

How to fill out the China Scholarship CSC Scholarship Form?

Adopt the following steps to file an online application for a CSC scholarship 2024:

    1. Filling out the CSC Scholarship Online Application form 2024-2025
    2. Create your profile and CSC scholarship website account
    3. Fill out the CSC Scholarship online application form
    4. Design separate CSC portal accounts in the event that you want to apply to multiple universities
    5. Identify the agency number of Chinese institutions for higher learning that you desire to join
    6. Key in the agency number of your Chinese university in the CSC Scholarship online application form
    7. Choose the type of CSC scholarship award that you want and go for category B
    8. Fill in your details and the relevant degree course you are interested in
    9. Submit your CSC scholarship online application
    10. Download the CSC scholarship online application form

Submit Documents in Chinese Universities to Apply for the CSC Scholarship 2024

The following steps will help you to submit documents to Chinese Universities for the CSC scholarship 2024:

    1. Submitting the CSC Scholarship application to the university alongside the required documents mentioned by the University on their website. Most Chinese Universities require two recommendation letters, academic transcripts and degrees, a CSC Scholarship application form, a passport information page image, a study plan from master’s degree applicants, a statement of purpose from undergrad degree applicants, a research proposal from doctoral degree applicants, acceptance letter (optional), foreigner physical examination form and IELTS or English Proficiency Certificate.
    2. Establish whether the Chinese University needs an online application for admission together with a CSC scholarship application or not.
    3. If an online admission application is not compulsory at the University Website, submit the CSC scholarship online application form, and then submit your documents to the Chinese University by post.
    4. In the case of a Chinese University expecting you to make submission of an online application for admission, then first go on to apply online on their webpage and attach your CSC scholarship form in the online application system of that University with all other documents as required by them.
    5. Fill out the remaining part of the admission form on the Chinese University Website and in the sponsorship and guarantor section mention’ CSC Scholarship’, at that specific university site, and review your application before the final submission.
    6. Submit your CSC Scholarship admission application on the Chinese University Website and then make two sets of documents and post them at the address of the International Student Office of that Chinese University.

Document Requirement by the China Scholarship Council for 2024-2025 China CSC Scholarship:

You need the following set of documents ready to start your CSC scholarship application:

    • Ensure to present verified copies of your degree and transcripts for the submission of the CSC scholarship application to the CSC Scholarship portal as well as to the Chinese University Website (This second application if required by the Chinese University – Check CSC Scholarship notice of that University for instructions).
    • Enquire from at least two of your teachers to recommend you for the Chinese CSC Scholarship through letters which are known as Recommendation Letters.
    • Getting a consent letter/invitation or acceptance letter from a professor at a Chinese university is not compulsory. But if you get it then your chances of selection for the Chinese Government Scholarship are multiplied.
    • A motivational letter is the most advisable, study plan, statement of purpose, and Research proposal requirements are subject to the course and degree level as stated by the specific Chinese University.
    • IELTS certificate or HSK award letter if available. Also, consider providing a basic certificate indicating your previous degree was taught in the English language (English Proficiency Certificate)
    • Go to the Chinese Embassy to apply for a Chinese Student VISA (X1/X2) for the Chinese Government Scholarship to begin your academic journey in China.

Key Points: How to Win a Chinese Scholarship in 2024?

  • Application charges for universities in China

Most Chinese universities do not require application fee charges. There is a significant variation between the application fees for individual Chinese universities. The fee ranges from $0 to $150 USD in most instances. It is also critical to note that certain universities do not even require an application fee.

  • Tuition charges for universities in China

Contrary to what is witnessed in the UK and American universities, Chinese universities are quite cheap. The pricing is dependent on the discipline of study as well as the standards of the Chinese universities. The most likely average tuition fee for a whole year ranges between 20000 RMB and 60000 RMB, which translates to about $3300 USD to $9900 USD. In the event that an engineering, business, or medical student is not on a fully-funded CSC scholarship, their fees will be more costly.

  • The Relevance of IELTS for CSC Scholarships

The IELTS is in fact not necessary for a Chinese Government Scholarship and therefore candidates can dispatch English Proficiency Certificate that serves as an alternative for the IELTS.

  • English Proficiency Certificate

This is a document proving that the most recent course degree taken by the applicant was taught in the English language at their previous learning institution.

  • Getting an English Proficiency Certificate

A candidate for the CSC scholarship can go to the office of the registrar at their previous institution to ask for the certificate.

  • Age specifications for the CSC scholarship for undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. programs
      1. Undergraduate degree program- 25 years
      2. Master’s degree- 35 years
      3. Ph.D. program 40 years
  • Deadline for the CSC Scholarships application

The deadline for all the CSC scholarships in all the Chinese Universities is before March 30 each year.

A Guide to Study & Life in China after Pandemic Situation

The ascholarship team presents a student guide to studying in China, giving candidates an insight into the education system in China and the cost of living for a student in China. It also provides an idea of the career opportunities for global students. This guide also puts you in a position where you can identify Chinese scholarships that are entirely free as well as the self-sponsored courses in over 243 Chinese institutions for higher learning.

China is a beautiful country with an enticing history and now offers a pocket-friendly opportunity for international students to study in China. Recently, this great nation has been focusing both on time and money, towards developing the education sector.

Following their relationship with the universities in the United States and the U.K, the count of international students who are studying in China is growing tremendously. For this reason, the Government of China offers many free scholarships in a bid to entice international skills to be part of their institutions. It is not easy to secure a fully financed scholarship in a high-ranking university in China.

#1 Does China offer free education?

China adheres to a nine-year learning policy that is not optional thus providing free primary and junior secondary education for all students above six years of age. In as much as the schools ask for miscellaneous fees, tuition is fully funded by the government.

A college education is however not free although there are certain colleges in China as well as universities, which offer scholarships that, are completely funded by the government and targeted at attracting international students. The government of China also sponsors its own students to pursue their studies in other universities abroad also accommodated by the CSC scholarship and exchange programs.

#2 Is college costly in China?

The college costs in china are relatively low compared to the ones offered by their counterparts in western institutions for higher learning. The standard of education is better, making China one of the grandest international student hubs. When it comes to giving fully and partially funded scholarships to international students to study in China, China stands as the third-largest country in this regard.

The reason for this is that China offers education at a cheaper price as compared to Western countries. All 243 universities give a chance to students to apply for Chinese government-sponsored scholarships. These scholarships will not only cover your education costs but your daily expenses as well.

#3 Can foreign students benefit from free education in China?

Foreign students that are looking to benefit from free education in China, can do this by applying for Chinese Government scholarships. This applies to the universities that have collaborated with the Chinese Scholarship Council. To ensure that your application becomes successful, it is advisable for students to apply for the CSC scholarship in multiple universities.

There are also Provincial Government Scholarships that universities in China award foreign students. Other scholarship programs that will give international students free education include Confucius, AUN, EU, Great Wall, and PIF scholarships. What is catered in the full scholarship in China including tuition fees, Medical insurance, Accommodation as well as living costs?

#4 What is the Cost of Accommodation in China?

Most of the universities in China are located in Beijing and Shanghai, which are two expensive cities. There are however affordable Accommodation options available.

    • Hostels

This is the go-to option for most international students. The normal costs for a private hostel room range from 18 dollars to 300 dollars a night depending on the type of hostel you choose.

    • Homes

There are private homes that are available in China and these are affordable as the costs range from 200 dollars to 1000 dollars every month.

    • Rentals

One may also choose to rent a flat. The cost for these is dependent on the location of the flat as well as the type of flat. The typical cost of a one-bedroom flat goes from around $200 to $1000 every month.

    • Halls

There are living halls that are available for foreign students in China. The price at student halls ranges from $100 to $500 every month.

    • Living with a roommate

Another option that most foreign students go for is having a roommate with which you can share the accommodation costs. This is a cheaper option as you will not only have someone to share the rent with but also your living expenses.

Cost of living in China

The cost of living in China is dependent on the location of the accommodation facility. High-end cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen tend to be more expensive. If you choose to live in Beijing, you will have to part with around $600 to $1200 every month to cater to your expenses.

Students who opt to live in Shanghai or Shenzhen will incur a living cost of around $850 to $1350 every month. In other average cities, you can get to incur expenses of around $400 to $800 every month. The cheapest option that will reduce your expenses significantly is living in dormitories, as these will cost you little money.

Cost of food in China

The one selling point of China is its great restaurants that offer affordable cuisines. The cost of eating at a restaurant, however, depends on the type and location of the restaurant. The average cost of a meal in a canteen, fast food joint, or small restaurant is around $2 to $200. If you are looking towards eating medium Chinese cuisine, then you will part with between $4 and $350. Eating from the supermarkets will cost an average of $80 to $300 while fresh produce like fruits and vegetables goes for $5 to $15 every month.

The Type of Education System in China

If you are looking for an education system that is both challenging and competitive in the global market, then China will offer you this. The education system here includes three kindergarten years, six primary school years, 3 to 6 secondary school years after which one can go for higher education. The Chinese education system is not only competitive at the undergraduate level but at the postgraduate level as well. Postgraduate students in most universities are required to publish their research projects through SCI-affiliated scientific journals. This concept makes China rank highly in terms of Scientific research and records.

The normal age for a child to attend Kindergarten is 6 years in major cities or 7 years in other cities. After completing kindergarten, they then attend Primary school. Students who are aged around 12 to 17 years attend secondary school. Studies in secondary school mainly focus on preparing students for post-secondary education. To graduate from high school and be selected to join higher learning institutions, students should sit for the ‘Gaokao’ exams.

Does China offer Work Opportunities to international students?

For international students who may seek working opportunities in China to help with their expenses then this is possible. One has to get a letter from their professor termed ‘NOC’ letter and then take it to the International Student Office.

The office will then give you a license that will permit you to get part-time jobs. The Chinese Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security published a law permitting students who have obtained postgraduate degrees from both Chinese, and foreign universities to get a work permit and employment license and they can have the chance to work in China.

Can you work and study at the same time in China?

Previously, international students were not allowed to seek part-time employment in China. This has however changed. As an international student in China, you are permitted to get a part-time job while taking your studies in China. You, however, have to acquire a NOC letter from your professor, which you will take to the International student office after which you will get a license allowing you to seek part-time working opportunities.

Another requirement for getting part-time jobs while studying in China is a Student Visa or an X-visa. You can get an XI visa, which is given to foreign students who are in China to study for courses lasting for 6 months, or you can get an X2 visa which is given to students who are taking courses lasting for less than six months.

Cost of MBBS in China in 2024:

The Chinese Government scholarships offer international students scholarships that cater to tuition fees. This, however, does not apply to students taking Business or Medical studies. The average MBBS program goes for an average of RMB30000 annually, while the cheapest will go for RMB 22000 annually. The most expensive ranges at about RMB 50000 annually.

We have ensured that we have discussed in detail the Chinese Government scholarships. We have made sure that we have answered all the possible questions and we will continue to answer all the future questions that students may raise. Reading this guide is extremely beneficial to all students willing to study in China.

Yousaf Saeed

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