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Study Plan VS Research Proposal – A brief Comparison

What is the difference between Study Plan and Research Proposal

The Study plan includes the details on why you chose a certain degree program and how you actually schedule and plan your course study. Whereas, on the other hand, the research proposal is used to propose why you wish to work on a particular research direction, research objectives, novelty of your proposed research, possible outcomes, equipment and funding requirements to carry out research, and a complete schedule of conducting your research.

Study plan and Research Proposal Difference

While writing a study plan you need to answer the following questions:

    • Why you chose a specific degree course?
    • How will you organize your study?
    • How you will plan your study?
    • Do you have any mini-research project in mind?
    • What are your qualifications for the chosen program?
    • Show your skills that will help in course study
    • Discuss how and why that research will be required

If you are thinking to write a Research proposal then you need to focus on the following details:

    • State the problems that require your research to be conducted
    • Talk about the Objectives of your research
    • Discuss the novelty of your research
    • Cite supporting evidence or references
    • Provide a timeline for research completion
    • Unveil your Research Design for the research
    • Share schedule of your experimentations
    • Ask for resources, funding, and equipment, if required
    • List down possible challenges in the proposed research
    • Request collaborations, if required
    • Discuss the possible impact of your research
    • Share your pre-research work in a summarized writing
    • Compare your proposed research with similar top-level citations

Whenever you are stuck between this question to find the basic difference between a research proposal and a study plan then please go through the list of above-stated questions and points that will help you understand the differences between these two.

In general, we can say that the study plan is a document that contains basic information about the candidates’ approach to handle and organize the study project or an academic degree program. Whereas, the research proposal is a detailed document that is focused on a very micro-level research problem that requires novel research.

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