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Chemical Engineering Study Plan and Research Proposal

Following is my Chemical Engineering research proposal and study plan that i used to apply for a fully-funded scholarship abroad:

Study Plan and Research Proposal Template for Chemical Engineering

Introduction and Intention for further Studies:

My name is Edmond Kuka and I am from Pakistan. It was my intense enthusiasm and fathomless interest in studies that awarded me with Bachelor in Chemical Engineering Degree from DUET Karachi, scoring 80% marks. It came to my knowledge that the university ranked me among the top four students of the entire department. I scored 1st position in semester 7th and secured 3rd position in semester 5th.

Professors highly appreciated my success and recognized me as ‘Best Presenter’ in the whole university as I acquired expert level skills in presentation development & delivering academic seminars in international events organized by the university or department. My fluent English impressed and engrossed faculty members of the Chemical Engineering Department, hence they designated me as an ‘Ambassador of English Literary Society’. Head of Chemical Engineering Department recommended my work as an internee in the BYCO oil refinery which is the largest industry under the Oil & Gas sector in Pakistan. In the end, the university awarded me with trophies, appreciation certificates, and recommended me for job consideration in companies.

Now, I am eager to initiate a Master’s Degree Course in “Chemical Engineering” China. This zealous desire aroused because of my strong academic backgrounds like research projects I completed, jobs I did so far in relevant industries, studied related subjects, and experiments conducted under the supervision of respected Professors. It is now my utmost desire to pursue a career path to become a valuable researcher for my country.

Reasons to Study in China:

Innovation is the hallmark of research projects, we carry out in this century. Such global researches are facilitated by countries under the supervision of highly experienced professors and their associates. China is ranked in top advanced countries because of highly modern facilities, dedicated researchers, intelligent minds and facilities government provides to conduct such studies for transforming little ideas into marvelous innovations. So this is why every research journal and magazine feature success stories of Chinese people in every field.

As per these grounds, i cannot find any better place than China to proceed in the chemical engineering research niche. I read about various Chinese chemical and environmental engineering professors in magazines of Icheme (London), heard from teachers in seminars about Chinese professors are the most advanced person in water treatment research studies under the chemical engineering category. Not only this but also it is a matter of fact that China is the most secure country having a nice environment feasible for us to study.

I believe in a cross-cultural learning environment and that Pakistan-China friendship compelled me to move ahead as China is our most friendly country where people are so humble and friendly. My parents feel comfortable and allowed me to proceed to China because China is the safest country & strong emerging largest economy in the world. Chinese Universities are Top-ranked and recognized as prestigious research institutes. So these are few reasons which compelled me to choose China for my Post Graduation Degree.

Research Field Direction and Plans:

I am aware of Industrial and domestic Water pollution matters we encounter in Pakistan. The kind of pollutants we discovered is now at an alarming stage and demand to innovative modern biological methods to purify water. The notion of my pre-research populated consequences of such non-degradable pollutants in industrial wastewater streams in the simulative system for case studies and experimentation to nullify such pollutants. As per my studies on Pakistani Oil Refineries (BYCO & Attock Oil Refinery), we must come up with a plan to reduce the exhaustion of fatal components in water such as toxic compounds like (methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether, BTX compounds exhaustion in water via oil processing in isomerization unit, etc) by crafting highly advanced monitoring and separation process equipment.

This is only possible if we quantify these components in exhaust streams which means we need some system to detect such elements. So, this is where my upcoming research lies. I’m interested to develop a system capable to detect and treat certain pollutants in wastewater via a computerized simulative monitoring system just like Aspen HYSYS capable of showing virtual quantified calculations and adopt a feasible technique to separate or degrade these pollutants automatically by minor modification on any industrial scale unit.

Once I’ll be able to classify and quantify the pollutants from a sample of Oil Refinery or Textile Wastewater then thorough research to eradicate these pollutants can be performed with the help of bio-organic catalysts. Moreover, I am highly interested to initiate pre-research on corrosion prevention methods of industrial inner units so they must not pollute water with corrosive components even in harsh conditions. If I am successful in formulating a compound used to coat industrial units to prevent corrosion then it will subside our 20% of upcoming water pollution query once the plant gets older. This can be adopted in industries in order to halt corrosion and can be considered as preventive maintenance strategical technique. It will be possible by exploring much better coating chemicals used currently by industries, analyzing the demands, and to produce the relevant chemical which must have the potential to be used as a most effective and essential chemical intermediate to stop corrosion.

I am excited to begin a Master degree in China this year so this degree & research will be helpful when I’ll come back to Pakistan and implement my experiences to elevate quality standards of wastewater treatment and corrosion prevention techniques in Pakistani industries.

Seminars I Delivered in Pakistan and Other Activities:

I was recognized as the ‘Ambassador of English Literary Society’ by my professors. So I delivered the majority of presentations at University as well as on social platforms. My academic seminars include:

  • Organic Waste Consequences on Aquatic Life [Eutrophication]
  • Corrosion Protection Methodologies Adopted in Industrial Units in Asia
  • NOx, SOx & VOC and other secondary pollutants distinction from primary pollutants
  • Seminar on Sugar Industry Operation & essential Crystal Growth of massecuite
  • Presentation on Literature Survey on Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids
  • Oil Refinery Operation [Reformer and Hydrocracking Unit with majors in Fluid Cracking Unit]
  • Bubble and Dew Point Calculations and Flash Drum Design
  • Industrial Waste Management Resources and Problems
  • Domestic Water Pollutant Sample Analysis Techniques

Professional Experience, Memberships & Awards:

My research project “Troubleshooting of industrial Binary Component Distillation Rectification Pilot Plant” in graduation was actually sponsored by National Oil Refinery and co-supervised by their engineering services managing director with my university supervisor Professor Ghulam Ullah. The notion of our project commenced with the literature survey and problems that caught our attention in pilot plant’s chiller in early-stage and experimented solution to resolve this issue was proposed using Aspen HYSYS Simulation software and Korf Hydraulics which lead us to find out the root cause of the issue and it was proposed successfully to the laboratory which later on they adapted and the pilot plant came back into life once again.  It was a successful project indeed in which I got extensive industrial knowledge because of the industrial tours and got a chance to work with extremely professional and highly experienced production engineers in both Attock & BYCO Oil Refineries. In the end, I was awarded an appreciation certificate from the University Chemical Engineering Department and Professional Experience Certificate from BYCO Oil Refinery. Another final year project I was co-engaged in was about Industrial Waste Water treatment & Carbon Dioxide Reduction in flue gases for which we conducted a literature survey.

Moreover, I am a qualified member of IChemE, London. [Institute of Chemical Engineers Society, London] Besides this, I also have Pakistan Engineering Council’s membership which is only awarded to those successful industrial engineers who completed degrees and have successful research projects.

Kind Regards,
Edmond Kuka.

Yousaf Saeed

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