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Email Sample to request Acceptance Letter from Professors at Chinese University for CSC Scholarship

Email Sample to Professor for Acceptance letter in Chinese Universities under CSC Scholarship

Chinese Government Scholarship also is known as CSC Scholarship is awarded to international students to study in China and the applicants of CSC Scholarship have high chances of selection if they already have an acceptance letter (also known as invitation letter) from a professor at a Chinese University.

It must be noted that; an acceptance letter is not a mandatory requirement by Chinese Universities to apply for any of the Chinese Government Scholarship or for any Chinese University-sponsored Scholarship. But if candidates have the acceptance letter attached with their Scholarship application then they are likely to win the scholarship award as in comparison to those candidates without acceptance letter attached with their applications for the scholarship.

Following is the template that can be used to modify and send to the professors of Chinese Universities to ask them for an acceptance letter for Chinese Scholarships such as CSC Scholarship or CAS-TWAS scholarship.

Email Sample to Professor at Chinese University for an Acceptance letter to apply for a Chinese Government Scholarship

Greetings Professor,

I will complete a Master’s degree from Tsinghua University this year. It is my utmost desire to continue my education in China. This is why i wanted to ask if your laboratory has a vacancy for doctoral degree students?
One of my research papers has recently been accepted in the Category 3 SCI journal. I worked on Metal Chalcogenide functionalized on Cellulose Based Aerogel material used for removal of dyes from wastewater.

The DOI of my recently published paper:

I have also done some work on conductive 3D printable inks.
I am looking forward to your response.

I have acquired multidimensional skills and i hope you will be happy to work with me.
Best Regards,

Name of Candidate,
Tsinghua University,
Zhenjiang, China.
Phone: 18652841731

Chinese Language Translation of an Email to a Professor at Chinese University to ask for an Acceptance Letter


我今年将完成江苏大学的硕士学位。 我希望继续在中国接受教育。 这就是为什么我想问你的实验室是否有博士学位的空缺?

我的一篇研究论文最近被第3类SCI期刊接受。 我研究过用于光催化应用的纤维素气凝胶材料。 我还做了一些关于导电3D可印刷油墨的工作。


Yousaf Saeed

I'm Dr. Engr. Yousaf Saeed, founder of the AScholarship Education Portal. My academic path includes 3 prestigious international scholarships — Australia Awards, CSC, and HKPFS — for my higher studies. I am also an IChemE affiliate whereas I've also worked for companies like Aramco and BYCO oil refinery as an production engineer at the start of my career. I completed MS, and PhD with major research publications in leading SCI journals (details on my Researchgate Profile). This reflects my commitment to educating and therefore i started it for the purpose to guide aspiring international students for find scholarships for their higher education dream. As an experienced educator and mentor, I specialize in navigating the intricacies of research and patent and write useful articles on these topics too.


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