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Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Scholarships 2024 for International Students

Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet NTNU Scholarships 2024

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) offers 100% scholarships for the batch of 2024-2025 academic sessions to all of its students in terms of free education and you must know that NTNU is Norway based university with an focus on research and have headquarters in Trondheim and campuses in Ålesund and Gjøvik.

NTNU has a main profile in science and technology, a variety of programmes of professional study, and great academic breadth that also includes the humanities, social sciences, economics, medicine, health sciences, educational science, architecture, entrepreneurship, art disciplines, and artistic activities.

Student life in Trondheim, Ålesunds and Gjøvik

Life in Trondheim:

Trondheim is well known as a top location for students and academics, and the city is regularly rated as the best student town in Norway. Trondheim has the perfect mix of urban life and scenic surroundings. In the summer months, you can fish for salmon in the river, right in the middle of town. Great hiking and ski trails are just a short tram ride away.

Life in Gjøvik:

Gjøvik is located in the heart of Norway, only 140 km from Oslo, and this location provides endless possibilities. Gjøvik has about 30 000 inhabitants and is a town known for its rich music and cultural life. The beautiful nature surrounding the city is ideal for an active outdoor life.

Life in Ålesund:

Studying in Ålesund will provide you with plenty of opportunities to explore a region of Norway that is famous for its beautiful scenery with high mountains and blue fjords. Ålesund itself, with its Art Nouveau architecture, is by many considered to be the most beautiful city in Norway.

Funding Coverage of NTNU Scholarships 2024

There are no tuition fees at NTNU. However, students do need to cover their own living expenses. NTNU charges no tuition feesbut regulations from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration state that

all international students who are not citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries must document that they have enough money to live in Norway. For the 2023 intake this amount is NOK 123 519. Successful applicants who are given an offer of admission will later be asked to transfer this amount to NTNU’s deposit account.

Furthermore, all international students who are not citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries must be able to document that they have enough funding to live in Norway in order to be granted a student visa.

Document Requirement for Application at NTNU:

When applying to NTNU, master’s applicants who are not citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries must provide documentation that they have enough money to live in Norway and this can be documented with:

A bank statement showing that you have a minimum of NOK 123 519 in your bank account

    • The bank statement can not be more than three months old
    • The bank statement can be in any currency
    • All documentation must be in English or come with an English translation

A signed letter + a bank statement from your sponsor showing a minimum of  NOK 123 519

    • Anyone can be your sponsor, including family members
    • The letter must state that the sponsor will cover NOK 123 519, and the letter must be signed. You can use any format
    • The bank statement can not be more than three months old
    • The bank statement can be in any currency
    • All documentation must be in English or come with an English translation

A scholarship or stipend confirmation

    • There is no particular format
    • All documentation must be in English or come with an English translation

The documentation of financing is to be provided for one year at a time. Exchange students who are staying at NTNU for one semester only need to document half the amount.

Transferring money after you have received an offer of admission

Non-EU /non-EEA /non-EFTA applicants who are granted admission to NTNU must 

transfer NOK 123 519 to NTNU’s deposit account before arrival in Norway.

This a requirement from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration to make sure that students who are admitted to Norwegian institutions have sufficient means to cover their living expenses whereas money will be transferred back to you at the beginning of the semester and if you for some reason cannot start your studies, the money will be returned to your bank account in your home country.

And do not worry because information about the practical arrangements for transferring money to the deposit account will be provided in the admission letter from NTNU.

How much does it cost to Live in Norway?

You must know that international students are advised by Norwegian government to have NOK 123 519 at their disposal for one academic year which works out to roughly NOK 12 300 a month that should cover your living costs if you live economically and here are some of the expenses you should consider:

  • Housing: This is going to be your single biggest expense. You should estimate around NOK 4000 to 6000 NOK for a single room with a shared bathroom and kitchen.
  • Food: Around NOK 3000 a month.
  • Transportation: This can be quite variable, but you should plan on at least NOK 500 a month.
  • Books and supplies: This varies, but expect to pay more at each semester’s start. Remember to check online (Facebook groups etc.) to see if you can buy your books used, which can save you a decent amount.
  • NTNU charges no tuition fees.

You Can Study in Following Departments of NTNU in Norway:

So now if you want to know which of the departments are currently offering scholarships at NTNU then you can check their courses, degrees and subject options with eligibility criteria, application process, and their faculty information right below:

Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Department of Archaeology and Cultural History
Department of Biotechnology and Food Science
Department of Psychology
Department of Teacher Education
Department of Geoscience and Petroleum
Trondheim Academy of Fine Art
Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science
Department of Language and Literature
Department of Geography
Department of Marine Technology
Department of Modern History and Society
Department of Engineering Cybernetics
Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of Energy and Process Engineering
Department of Physics
Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine
Department of Computer Science
Department of Music
Department of Architecture and Planning
Department of Art and Media Studies
Department of Information Security and Communication Technology
NTNU Business School
Department of Economics
Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering
Department of Health Sciences in Ålesund
Department of Education and Lifelong Learning
Department of Design
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture
Department of Sociology and Political Science
Department of Biological Sciences Ålesund
Department of Electronic Systems
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering
Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science
Department of Health Sciences in Gjøvik
Department of Natural History
Department of Electric Power Engineering
Department of International Business
Department of Social Anthropology
Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience
Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management
Department of Biology
Department of Chemistry
Department of Public Health and Nursing
Department of Architecture and Technology
Department of Structural Engineering
Department of Historical and Classical Studies
Department of ICT and Natural Sciences
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Department of Mental Health
Department of Social Work

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