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Obama Foundation Scholars Program 2023 – Send Application

Obama Foundation Scholars – Let’s apply together for Obama Foundation Scholars Program in the USA!

Obama Foundation offers a complete curriculum of leadership development, training, networking activities, and personalized support to help the Obama Scholars get the skills, tools, and experiences they need to make their work have a bigger impact when they get back home. Scholars can learn from high-level leaders in different fields and from the network of Obama Foundation program participants, who have a lot of knowledge. They can also plan how they want to use their new skills, networks, and knowledge after they finish the program.

Foundation organizes activities including Scholars from both Chicago and Columbia, with the goal of creating a larger global community of professionals for shared learning. This will help you to improve how to do your own work and speed it up when you go back to your hometown after graduation. Each cohort’s experience is designed to take advantage of the research ecosystems of these two world-class institutions and the cities where they are located. This gives Scholars in Chicago and New York City the chance to learn in a way that is both unique and deep.

What’s Offered in Obama Foundation Scholars Program?

  • A fixed amount of stipend each month is granted to help students with the high cost of living in New York City.
  • For residence, a furnished studio apartment located near Manhattan’s Columbia University is allotted.
  • All airfare associated with returning home and participating in the program activities is sponsored.
  • This program provides cover of tuition and fees for up to four courses at the university of Columbia.
  • All the scholars in the program are provided with basic medical, dental, and life insurance coverage.

Requirements for Obama Foundation Scholars Program

Young leaders from the United States and throughout the world who meet the following eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply to Columbia University’s Obama Foundation Scholars Program.

  • Students who have made significant contributions to their fields and had a “breakthrough moment” in their careers as a result of their professional abilities are ideally selected.
  • You must have a commitment to service and leadership in your local community, region, or nation, and show a willingness to put your newfound knowledge, abilities, and networks to use for the long-term benefits by returning there after completing the program.
  • Candidates should have the ability and desire to influence the future of their community in a positive way.
  • You should display a dedication to openness, community focus, optimism, daring, innovation, strategy, responsibility, accountability, integrity, and tenacity.
  • IELTS with a minimum score of 7 bands is required to apply for the program.

Lets Submit Applications for Obama Foundation Scholar Program

To apply for the Obama scholar program 2023 the following items are required for a full application that is filed solely online:

Fill out the application form online along with the following documents;

  • Application materials, CV,s or resumes are required.
  • Affirmation of Identity Video statement.
  • Briefly answer easy short questions.
  • Documented proof of English Proficiency.
  • Two supporting recommendation letters.

The application will be checked by the selection committee.

Last Date of Application for Obama Scholars Program 2023

January 19 2023 is the last date to apply for the program. So, be quick and submit your application with complete set of documents today

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