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Are you tired of working 9 to 5 and are looking for a flexible schedule? Do you want to become your own boss and work at your own pace? Then, my friend, freelancing might be just the thing you are looking for. 

Freelancing is one of the most excelling careers in today’s date especially for people who wish to work from home. There are hundreds of freelancing jobs on numerous platforms as the number of companies that require skilled personnel exceeds millions. 

However, the field of freelancing is quite saturated. If you are just starting out with your freelancing career, then you might find yourself in a pool of experienced freelancers, looking forward to grasping opportunities. Under these circumstances, you might feel lost and leave the hope of becoming a freelancer. Although landing jobs as a freelancer is mostly luck, having proper insights into your niche and getting proper education about it can multiply your chances of getting hired as a novice freelancer.

Now, the question which arises is that how to get proper knowledge about your particular niche? A really simple answer to this, keeping in mind the current situation of Covid 19, is to enroll in an online course. And how to find these courses? By taking a good read of this article. In this article, you will find a list of some online courses for different freelancing jobs, with a brief explanation of what each course has to offer. 

List of Online Courses to Become a Money-Making Freelancer:-

The internet is a great blessing if utilized properly. And so has been done by us, by compiling a list of short online courses for people willing to test themselves in the freelancing world. Here are our top picks o the courses which provide maximum benefits to enrollees:

    • Creative writing courses
    • Copywriting Masterclass
    • Logo Designing Course for Beginners
    • Photoshop Tutorials- from beginners to advanced level
    • Graphics Design Elements for Non-Designers Specialization
    • How to Bake- Baking basics
    • Online teaching and Academics Courses
    • Photography Courses
    •  Social Media Management- the Complete Manager Boot camp
    •  Computer Science for Web Programming

#1 Creative Writing Courses:-

Job type: Creative writing.
Online platform of study: Skillshare

Creative writing requires creativity, and to help you explore your inner creative self is this online study platform. Skillshare offers an extensive range of creative writing courses to help enrollees either start earning a decent income while staying at home or to increase their current one. you can choose any of the numerous content writing courses offered on this platform.

These courses focus on creating an online community, which helps each member to grow, by envisaging the courses on basic principles of interaction. Also, did we mention that these courses are for free?

#2 Copywriting Masterclass:-

Job type: Copy writing
Online platform of study: Skillset.

Excelling in writing a copy is one of the essential things one can do to make his business flourish. This course by Rosie Bell can help you develop just the skill set required to successfully sway the hearts, minds, and wallets of potential customers. 

This course is a good 1 hour and some 25 minutes long and comprises of 11 lessons, starting from the basics to advanced info. 

Upon completion of this course, you will have enough material to efficaciously start writing copy and land high-paying jobs as a freelancer on various online platforms.

#3 Logo Designing Course for Beginners:-

Job type: Logo Designing
Online platform of study: GFX Mentor.

Catchy logos are a trademark to any company and companies are eager to pay a huge sum for the purpose. This might be your chance to earn a handsome income. GFX Mentor has a playlist dedicated to Logo Designing with a total of 9 videos, enabling people to learn the subtle art of logo creation from scratch. 

By the end of this free course, you will learn how to design beguiling logos from a top-notch graphics designing instructor and will surely be able to create digital drafts as per clients’ needs.

#4 Photoshop Tutorials: from beginners to advanced level:-

Job type: Photoshop
Online platform of study: GFX Mentor.

If you are into graphics and image editing, then this complete course by ‘Imran Ali Dina’ on his YouTube channel GFX Mentor is just the thing to get you started. These 3 playlists, featuring tutorials on beginners, intermediate and advanced level Photoshop are enough to help you in earning a decent income as a photo editor.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create photo-realistic unicorn horns and seamlessly align your Facebook cover and profile photo.

#5 Graphics Design Elements for Non-designers Specialization:-

Job type: Graphics Designing
Online platform of study: Coursera.

If you have a computer and the thirst to learn creative skills to work on design projects, then this course by ‘Lori Poole’ is made for you. You will be learning all about online, graphics and print designs in a limited time span of approximately 4 months. Available, in addition to English, in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Spanish, this course comprises 4 short courses to give you all the essential knowledge, required to become a notable graphics designer. 

In addition to this, you are also provided with a certificate upon the completion of this course to attach with your resume.

#6 Baking Course Basics:-

Job type: Baker
Platform of study: Udemy.

If you want to master the art of baking, then this paid course on Udemy is just the thing to get started. Mentored by ‘Rachel Reynolds,’ this course focuses on the fundamentals of baking along with recipes of 6 classic bakes.

Upon completion of this 1.5-hour course, you will be able to feel more confident in the kitchen and will learn adequate techniques to master 6 different baked items.

You can start your online bakery to cook from home and sell your bakery stuff online afterward.

#7 Online teaching and Academics Courses:-

Job type: Online tutoring
Online platform of study: Alison.

If you wish to enhance your skills as an educator, you might want to register yourself to Alison. This online learning platform provides a number of courses for teachers to prepare and to learn how to tackle the psychology of students. 

By the end of this free course, teachers will be given in-depth training on effective teaching techniques to help them in tutoring tiny tots across the internet.

#8 Photography Courses:-

Job type: Photography
Online platform of study: Alison.

If you are passionate about photography and see the world through the lens of your camera, then Alison has just the courses to convert this passion into an income-generating aspiration.

The wide range of courses includes more than just amateur photography skills. Many of the courses center around advanced photography concepts. You can also enroll in their Diploma in Photography course to get the most out of your camera.

#9 Social Media Management Courses:-

Job type: Virtual Assistant/ Social Media Manager
Online Platform of study: Udemy.

If social media is your thing, then why not turn this leisurely activity into an income-generating factor? As social media platforms are continuing to grow, the number of opportunities to get hired as an SM Manager is also increasing. This course by ‘Lottie Mosley focuses on providing in-depth knowledge of social media and marketing tactics to enable enrollees to set social media goals and to learn how to achieve them.

If you are registering yourself for this course, you will be provided with downloadable resources, articles to study, and assignments, along with a certificate upon completion. 

#10 Computer Science for Web Programming Courses:-

Job type: Web developer
Online platform of study: EdX.

If you have a computer science background, enrolling in this course can boost your career in the field of Web Development. This 6-month long course offered by ‘Harvard University teaches you how to scale your web applications to drive your career forward.

By registering for this self-paced course, you are likely to design and implement web pages and applications and to gain familiarity with a number of programming languages (including C++, Python, HTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL) so that you can earn handsome remuneration in exchange for your skills. 

Final Verdict:-

Although there are numerous other freelancing job opportunities, excelling in either one of these can lead you to land on any of the highly paid jobs on multiple freelancing platforms as these have a higher scope than the rest.

So take a good read of this article and start off with your freelancing career by registering for either of these online courses to become an expert in a few months’ time.

Let us know in the comments section below if you found any of these courses helpful. Your feedback would be much awaited. With that said, this article has reached its conclusion. Until next time, Adios!

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