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Science VS Commerce; Make a Better Academic Selection!

Commerce and Science academic streams have been the two most popular study areas among students. After successfully passing the 10th class examination, the main worry of the students is to make the right decision to choose between science, commerce, and arts subjects. As a student, you got hold of the situation to look into these three academic fields, and then based on your capabilities, interest, and aim; you can make a good selection of study field.

Commerce VS Science Subjects Benefits and Challenges

Which one of these two has high career opportunities? Now that’s a debating question! Both fields will offer you some immense career opportunities to lead a successful life. But sometimes you have to be biased towards one field based on career options or personal interest and whether it is suited for your knowledge and learning skills or not. Choosing commerce will take you towards banking, accounting, or admin niche career options. On the contrary, science subjects will drive you towards becoming an engineer, doctor, pilot, or scientist.

Science VS Commerce: Comparison Table

Subjects Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry Mathematics, Business, Accounting, and Economics
Best for Technology, Engineering, and medical fields Business, or Entrepreneurship, Management or Accounting-related careers
Level of Difficulty Hard than commerce Easy than science
Main Focus Scientific formulas, or equations, math-oriented and experiments Mathematical and Theory Based
Careers Options Doctors, Nursing, Pilot, Engineer, IT Analysts,  and Research Scientists Research Associate, CA, Manager, CS, or Economist
Courses after 12th BSc, MBBS, BE, MS, ME, Ph.D. Science BBA, BCOM, BMS, BBS

What is Science and Why you should choose Science?

As we define the term Science, it is all about exploring natural phenomena by the experimentations or observations. If you are so much curious about how the universe is working around you, then considering the career stream of science is the best option for you. Science is based on few intellect subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, or Biology for careful observation.

Advantages of Studying Science

    • Science is a practical based stream with which a candidate becomes much more employable.
    • Engineering careers can be pursued by students who are very much well-versed in vast scientific knowledge.
    • By pursuing STEM courses, you will be able to serve your society on a better scale.
    • Environmental Changes and climatic effects can only be reduced or tackled better if you are having an excellent knowledge of Science & Technology.

Why Commerce field is a good fit for you?

Next, we have another most recommended stream which is Commerce! After passing class 10th examination, the student can move into the commerce field to gain better opportunities and professional courses. This course stream is specially designed for all those students who are more interested to learn economy and business. Commerce has vary of subjects which include finance, accounts, economics, and business.

Advantages of Studying Commerce

    • Establishing a career in the field of commerce will help the students to enhance their skills and knowledge with massive salaries.
    • You can step into the plethora of career options soon after 10th in Commerce.
    • Great knowledge of consumers and market holders will help you to have your business set-up.
    • You can gain better employment opportunities without any need of studying for hours, just like in Science.
    • Commerce has some great career opportunities for students who hate to study mathematics.
    • Double all your assets through funds, stock markets, and shares.

Opportunities Scope: Science VS Commerce

Being the two most popular course streams, it is not easy for the students to choose one. But knowing about the scope of commerce and science, you can easily figure which one to choose for successful career growth.

Below we will explain to you the career options and scope of Commerce and Science separately:

Scope of Science

The Science stream has been filled with a variety of career options based on your specialization or the degree you choose. Some of the best career options in the Science stream are:

    • Nursing
    • Medicine
    • Biotechnology
    • Information Technology
    • Architecture
    • Different fields of engineering such as robotics, civil engineering, aerospace, geotechnical and mechanical
    • Forensic Science
    • Pharmacology

As the salary prospect is concerned, you can make some handsome salaries based on your job profile and experience. Associating yourself with a successful organization can also leave a lasting impact on your salary growth. Getting high-paying careers in the government and public sector are some best options.

Scope of Commerce

As we talk about the scope of commerce, this course stream is all about stepping inside the corporate sector, management, and business-related fields. Plus, you can also make a powerful career in research or academic fields. Some of the best career options in the Commerce stream are:

    • Investment Banker
    • Entrepreneur
    • Chartered Accountant (CA)
    • Financial Manager
    • Market Research Expert
    • Company Secretary (CS)
    • Corporate Communication
    • Managerial Roles
    • Business Analyst
    • Business Development

Final Verdict: Science VS Commerce: Which one is best?

While you are pondering to choose between the two sought-after course streams, there is an array of factors that you need to consider first. The overall dilemma of Commerce vs Science has been extremely common and you can easily explore both the subjects by studying them deeply.

To be a part of engineering, scientific, or medicine study, choosing the Science stream is an excellent option for you. But at the same time, Arts is best for all those students who believe to be free thinkers. If you are curious to learn about Economics, History, Social Sciences, Language, and Linguistics, then do opt for the Arts stream.

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