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17 Easiest College Majors in 2023 – College Subject Options

All the subjects are interesting but have a certain level of complexity when compared with other subject options in colleges. The more complex or difficult the subject pays well also after graduation. But in this article, we are spotlighting the most easiest subjects that students can take in their college education.

A degree that a student gets after four years of study at college or university is acknowledged as a bachelor’s or an undergraduate degree. The selection of a subject for the degree depends upon a person’s interest, time availability, and capability. You should always choose a subject by keeping your capability to complete it and your likes and dislikes about it in mind.

There are easy as well as difficult subjects for undergrad studies. Students always have the option to decide which course they want to get enrolled in based on their personal interests. All of these subjects have different difficulty levels as well. Not only this; but choosing a specific subject area also pushes the student towards to specific career niche. So, we have to analyze all the facts prior to deciding the subject we want to get enrolled in.

List of 17 Easiest Subjects in Colleges [2023 Updated]

Here, I will provide a list of the 15 easiest majors for a bachelor’s degree.

1# Education

If you are interested in teaching methods, then this degree suits you. You will need to take STEM classes if you choose one of those subjects. Very little knowledge is needed for this program except for the science and math perspective. You don’t need to put extra effort into your studies, that’s why it is the easiest major.

2# Computer Science

This subject is not for everyone. If you want to choose this subject then, you may have good career opportunities. If you love problem-solving, analytical thinking, and mathematics, then this subject is best for you. You need to have a command on the computer. Only a single skill is required for it which makes it, the easiest one.

3# Marketing

For marketing, you need to have an interest in products. You will learn how to develop brand products for the companies for which you will work. Those students who showed interest in finance and communication do their best in this field. Marketing does not have hard and fast rules so it’s easy to handle as a subject.

4# English 

Are you a person who loves to read books as a part of your education? Then, you can choose this subject. It can lead to various career opportunities like marketing manager, executive assistant, and technical writer. As English is a global language, this may help you in several stages of life. English does not require formulas and techniques. It just needs command on communication which makes it easier as a subject.

5# Psychology

Psychology deals with human emotions and the inner psyche. In this major, you will learn how you can understand human desires and behaviors. It will provide you with several valuable skills such as communication. It involves human perception and observation which is not a  difficult task.

6# Religious Studies

If you are a person who knows to argue whether right or wrong. Then, you can choose this easy major for your Bachelor’s degree. It will open your mind. You will know about cultures and religions across the world. It requires knowledge of a religion that you can get by studying books. It’s the easiest major because it does not require brainstorming.

7# Foreign Language

Are you interested in a foreign language? Then, it does not only include learning another language but also those cultures where the language has spoken. You will have a grip on a language other than your mother tongue. It may be helpful in your career. Learning a language is not difficult for you if you got interested in it, so it’s on the easiest major list.

8# Liberal Arts

It’s a smooth-edged, generalist education that has its roots in classical trivium. It includes courses from rhetoric to literature and ends with philosophy. This degree may lead to different professions such as intelligence analyst and sales consultant.  If you are intelligent, then this is not difficult for you. It demands intelligence and knowledge that make it an easier major.

9# Criminal Justice

If you love to work in safety and security then this major suits you. It does not require intensive reading or writing. So, it’s easy to study. It will lead to careers like police officers and private detectives.

10# Social Work 

It’s an easier major because it does not require upper-level mathematics and physical sciences. To have a great career opportunity after graduation, this field requires an internship.

11# Graphic Designing

If you are interested in technology and a creative, visual-oriented person. Then, this major is easy for you to have a degree in. As a student of this major, you must have excellence in art as well as in computer classes.  You must be familiar with typography, 3D imagery, and color theory. It is a creative work. So, it does not require much brainstorming which makes it an easy major.

12# Communication

 Communication is simply the exchange of information whether in oral or written form. If you are good at vocabulary then you just need to focus on grammar and persuasive talks. A degree in communication will provide various careers like news producers, hosts and media strategies, etc. It does not need memorizing or an analytical perspective. So, it’s easy to handle as a subject.

13# History   

This major studied world events from the beginning of the world up till now. In this field, you will learn the analysis of past events in the world. It’s an easy major because you will not do any lab work and technical writing in this major.

14# Health

If you are the one who does extra care about health. Then, you can get a degree in this major. If you know the difference between germs and bacteria. If you always have sanitizer in your pocket. Then you don’t need any medical course, you can get your bachelor’s degree in health. It does not demand 14 hours for studies. So, you can choose it as a major for your bachelor’s degree.

15# Sociology 

Sociology deals with the knowledge of human culture and interaction. If you choose this major, you must require the talent of keen observation. You will need to observe how people behave in different social situations. This knowledge of society will help you in careers like labor relations specialists and city planners. You don’t have to learn strict techniques or analytical tools. So. It is easy to study as a major for a Bachelor’s degree.

16# Engineering 

It is a professional degree and has a lot of career opportunities. It is an integrative study of science and math. It also involves some business principles. It is the easiest major because it teaches you the ways of conducting experiments and designing techniques. The different areas of engineering are chemical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, etc.

17# Medical Major

It is also a professional degree like engineering. It involves the field of medicine as well as surgery.  It deals with human health problems. So, it’s easy to understand the experiments of medicine by relating them to yourself. It also has different sub-branches like botany, zoology, microbiology, etc.

Summing Up

Putting it in a nutshell, it solely depends on your wish you want to pursue your studies in which majors. If you are not a student who studied day and night. Then, you can choose one of these easy majors for your bachelor’s degree. You will easily get your degree in these subjects with little effort.

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