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Zayed Sustainability Prize 2024

Discover the Zayed Sustainability Prize! Sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Government, this prestigious award honors the legacy of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan by recognizing groundbreaking solutions in sustainability and impactful change.

Whether you’re part of a non-profit, a small business, or a high school with a visionary project, this prize is your chance to shine on a global stage.

Categories and Prizes

The prize is split into six categories, each offering a substantial reward to propel your project forward:

  1. Health ($1,000,000): For organizations delivering innovative healthcare solutions.
  2. Food ($1,000,000): For initiatives that secure and sustain food systems.
  3. Energy ($1,000,000): For those increasing access to clean and efficient energy.
  4. Water ($1,000,000): For projects focused on safe water and sanitation.
  5. Climate Action ($1,000,000): For efforts that address climate risks and promote sustainability.
  6. Global High Schools ($900,000 total): For high schools proposing impactful sustainability projects.

Assesement Criteria

Each project is evaluated based on:

  • Innovation: How novel and effective is the solution?
  • Impact: Does it significantly improve quality of life and address sustainability challenges?
  • Inspiration: Does it reflect the principles of sustainability and inspire further actions?

How to Apply

Prepare Offline: Download category-specific forms from the website to work on your application offline. This allows you to craft your entry carefully before submitting it online (

Apply Now: Start your application on the Zayed Sustainability Prize website. Just register, verify your email, and you’re set to go!

Remember, you can save your progress but editing is locked after final submission. The deadline is 23 June 2024, 5:00 PM EST.

Evaluation Process

Your submission will go through a rigorous three-tier evaluation to ensure only the most impactful and innovative entries win. It all culminates with a jury review, and winners are celebrated at the annual Awards Ceremony.

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