12 Important Scholarship Interview Questions: List of 12 Scholarship Interview Questions

Scholarship Winners were asked how they answer following 12 Scholarship Interview Questions:

Finally, you have been called for the interview, and the success of your application counts on the interview performance. Interviews are generally considered as scary sessions of cross-questioning, and the students usually have no plans for their preparation.

However, proper homework and preparation can give you the extra edge, and ensure your success. Preparation allows you to present the best version of yourself before the interviewing committee. One best method of preparation can be to know the answers to the most commonly asked questions. This article is specially designed to let you know the picture-perfect strategies to answer the most frequently asked questions.

How to Answer Scholarship Interview Questions:

The Strategy to Answers the 12 Most Commonly asked Interview Questions is as follows:

#1 Tell us about yourself

This question apparently looks easy, and the best modus-operandi is to present yourself as an individual and highlight your talents. However, you are wrong if you think they want you to read your resume, they have already seen it. Here they actually want you to express yourself and let them know what makes you different from others. Also, they do not want to know the details of your past, telling briefly about your interests and abilities would be sufficient. Try relating your interest to the scholarship you are applying for. Make it short but effective.

#2 Tell us about your career goals

For the answer to this question, the best strategy would be to mention a comprehensive plan. The plan you mention shows your passion and commitment. You can state your plan in chronological order; to make it understandable. In addition, also relate your career goals with the scholarship.

#3 Tell us about your strength and weaknesses

The answer to this question manifests that you are a self-aware individual. While highlighting your strengths, make sure that you give appropriate examples. You cannot simply say that you are brave, but also tell what makes you brave. You have to prove every strength you mention. Besides, be true while speaking about your weaknesses and do mention the strategy you have adopted to overcome them. You have to ensure that your weaknesses will not keep you from success.

#4 Why are you the most deserving candidate

This is a relatively tough question. Try being genuine while answering this question. Tell the panel the reason behind your application. In this answer avoid talking about grades or your extra-curricular activities. Mention your passion and career goals, and relate those with answers to this question. Moreover, you can also mention your accomplishments and achievements. However, don’t exaggerate. The interviewing panel is experienced enough to catch overstatements.

#5 Tell us the most challenging time you faced and how did you overcome the challenge

The answer to this question would let the interviewers know how you face challenges. You can mention a challenging time you faced and the strategy you adopted to overcome the challenge. Never mention a common challenge, for example improving your grades. Almost all students go through this. Be unique and honest with your answer.

#6 Who is your role model

This question is specially asked to know the source of your motivation. This question also allows you to give a fair meaning to your motivation. Your role model tells a lot about yourself. Your idol can be a family member, a mentor, or a famous personality. You will not get away with just mentioning the name. You need to know some details about them as well. Also, you might have to tell them the attributes that make you admire that person.

#7 What personal achievement makes you proud

You should re-think if you consider winning a marathon in school your greatest achievement. Mention anything that you struggled for. It can be winning a national essay writing competition or a project of social welfare. Give importance to your achievement by telling the hardships you faced for achieving it.

#8 What will you do with the scholarship money

To answer this question effectively, you have to think about how the scholarship will help you achieve your career goals. You can mention the plans you have regarding your education. Furthermore, try adding detail to your answer. You can include in your answer possible expenses for tuition, books, transportation, food, etc. Make the interviewer know what reasons make you a perfect fit for the scholarship. More importantly, be realistic with your approach.

#9 Why did you choose this college/university

Remember, this question is to assess your knowledge about the institution you want to study in. However, that does not mean you need to know every possible detail. Instead, mention the things that attract you. If the university is famous for its research facility, tell the interviewers how it is going to help with your academic objectives. You can also bring to discussion the research you did to find the best possible institution for your education. Also, let the committee know why are you fit for their institution and what possible positive changes can your admission beget.

#10 Tell us about the extra-curricular activities you are involved in?

Through this question, the interviewer wants to know your activities besides education. The answer to these questions also apprises the interviewer of your leadership skills, if you are involved in any team sport or activity. To answer this question tell the panel the activity you love the most- it can be sports, recreational activities, social activities, etc.

#11 Tell us about your favorite movie, book, or song?

If the panel asks this question, that does not mean they want to confirm that the movie, book, or song you are interested in is worth something. However, they are interested in the reason you give when they further ask why do you like it. In addition, your favorite movie, book, or song tells them about your personality. Mention something you really like, and have your defense ready for the cross-questions.

#12 What question would you like to ask from us?

By this question, the panel aims to assess your interest in the scholarship. If given the opportunity, you must ask the questions that you have in your mind. Such behavior would manifest that you are enough confident as a student.

Now you have the best answers to the most commonly asked scholarship interview questions. Prepare your answers before the interview and get the job done. Success is waiting!

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