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10 Hottest Global Study Destinations for Scholarships, Exchange Programs, Admissions and Short Courses

List of Best Study Destinations Where You and Work and Study

Making a decision about studying abroad? That decision must involve a lot of factors to consider. Like that country’s educational institutions rankings, teaching competency, cultural environment, financial aid, your career goals, the landscapes and language of that country, and how much that country’s locals are welcoming toward foreign nationals.

Now, of course, considering all those factors and making a decision out of it can be a tedious task. Well, not anymore. Because we have come up with a list of the most attractive destinations for studying abroad which takes into account almost all of the aforementioned factors. This ranking of top study destinations is based on a survey conducted in 21 countries with over 6 million students and teachers survey taker audience. So, let’s get to it.

List of Top Ranked Study Destinations [2023-2024]

#1 France:

France remains one of the most sought-after study destinations on top of our list as per the survey report. Based on the comments and feedback received in the reports it is due to its breathtaking landscapes, Seine, lively nightlife, cultured and civilized people, and most of all affordable to free education.

Undergraduate programs are mostly offered in French but a number of graduate programs are offered in the English language. It is a perfect place to study if you want to brush up on your French and/or experience the culture of the country of love and romance. Consider applying for French scholarships sponsored by the Government of France and French Universities each year.

#2 The United States of America:

Best known for its world-class Ivy League institutions, the USA has an endless list of colleges and universities where you can apply for admissions or for scholarships. There are a large number of US Colleges without application fees as well. US universities also hold the most places in the top ten universities of the QS world university rankings.

The United States of America has something different available for students in its states. So, if you want to have some fun and adventure in between school there are endless options for you. From Brooklyn Bridge, New York to Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, from tacos of Texas to enchiladas of Colorado, every city and state is a roller coaster of an adventure. If you want to switch schools in the middle of the term, it is also possible as it is quite common in the US.

Studying in the US is definitely be one of your wisest decision ever and just think of the idea if your education in the US gets fully or partially funded by scholarship offering organization there? So, consider applying for US scholarships sponsored by the Government of America and US Universities each year.

#3 Germany:

The country with the most international students, after the UK, US and Australia is none other than Germany. Known as the European economic powerhouse, this country offers some quality education in a surprisingly low price tag. The tuition is low to none in German higher education institutions and the career opportunities are never-ending. With that, you can avail of German Scholarships as well. Plus, this country offers some rich landscapes in the form of Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich.

The low tuition, unlike many other European countries, is not just for EU nationals. Non-EU nationals also do not have to pay the tuition fee in Germany. Plus, the ease of traveling to neighbor European countries is surely an added advantage.

#4 Australia:

The land of the twenty World Heritage sites and some quality higher education, Australia, has captured a number of top universities. Most of these universities are situated in the cities of Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. The Australian people are welcoming and this country has some reputation for being easy to make friends in. Plus, the opportunities for personal growth and development are immense.

The career paths are great and Australia also offers the ease for settling in it permanently (in the form of a permanent residency visa of course). Australian awards scholarships and many other Aussies Scholarships are available every year to the students interested to begin their academic journeys there.

#5 Canada:

The untouched beauty of Canada, welcoming citizens and diverse culture makes it a hot destination for getting a higher education. Canadian educational institutions are on par with the US with several scholarships available. The development in Canada in the fields of science and technology is great. With lenient Canadian immigration policies, this country offers permanent immigration options as well with great career paths.

Canadian Scholarships are also easy to apply on and support with a decent amount of funding to the students each year. The natural beauty of Canada offers adventure and winding down after class. The inter-city travel is cheap and efficient making it more attractive for students.

#6 United Kingdom:

From the hustle and bustle of London to the medieval and historic pathways of Edinburgh and Oxford, this country surely hooks people to itself. Ranked second in terms of higher-quality teaching (with Oxford and Cambridge being in the top ten QS ranking list), UK offers learning and culture like no other country.

Plus, UK Universities provide opportunities for many activities for the students rather than just the busy academic proceedings. Visiting royal castles, enjoying fish and chips, pints in the pubs, and walking alongside idyllic coasts, this country has something to do for everybody. Interested in studying in the UK for free? apply for UK scholarships this year, good luck!

#7 Sweden:

One of the Scandinavian countries, Sweden is also a hotshot for students dreaming of studying abroad and Sweden Scholarships are also very popular among the students. The largest Universities of Sweden are in Stockholm and Lund, but there are a number of universities in other regions of Sweden as well, most of which offer high-quality education. The locals know English quite well and the country is a favorite for those with high hopes, big aims, and a knack for a start-up. 

Culture and landscape wise, the country is no less than some well-known European countries (come on! It is in Scandinavia). There are a number of activities for people with all kinds of tastes. So, don’t worry, you won’t get bored in Sweden.

#8 The Netherlands:

The country of flowers, canals, and bicycles is not behind in terms of its higher educational offerings either. Ranked as one of the best countries to study abroad is the Netherlands where students experience a unique culture, customs, and food experience. One may need to appear in English language proficiency testing exams prior to apply for Netherland Scholarships or admissions. The transportation cost is down to none as people bike literally everywhere. The people are quite tolerant so freedom of speech is guaranteed and personal development opportunities are endless.

#9 Spain:

Another country famous among students for studying abroad is Spain due to Spanish Scholarships. The mind-boggling architecture of the Sagrada Familia, the tapas in Seville, and the Tomatina festival in Buñol are just a few of the many reasons to go to Spain for experiencing a different culture and study. This doesn’t just end here. The universities in Spain are highly ranked institutions and offer affordable, and a wide variety of study options that are taught either in Spanish or in the English language. Diversity in the professional education level and competent faculties is also their priority. This country has got everything that will make you want to take the plunge and apply for admission into the college or admission there.

#10 Switzerland:

Last on the list, but by no means the least is heavenly Switzerland. In Switzerland, both the quality of education and quality of life is high. Known for its chocolates, army knives, and watches, this country offers beauty and culture which do not need telling. Swiss universities and Swiss Scholarships push students and facilitate them to conduct innovative researches. With the UN’s headquarters being in Switzerland, the students have the opportunity to get connected with people from all across the world. The country and its people are welcoming toward foreigners and the crime rate is extremely low. For that reason, Switzerland is considered one of the safest countries to live, study, work, and travel in. 

Swiss higher education institutions encourage critical and analytical thinking and endorse positive criticism and heated debates. All of these things come in handy in students’ practical lives and career paths.

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