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Scholarships in Spain 2021-2022: List of Spanish Scholarships

Spanish Government Scholarships Ultimate List

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Spain has long been one of those countries that have been extremely welcoming toward international students. Students and professionals who are looking for an overseas education prefer Spain over a lot of countries because of its diversity and availability of generous scholarships by the Spanish Government and Spanish Universities. Spanish universities offer a lot of versatile degree programs that are taught in English. The scholarships offered by Spanish universities and the government are both fully and partially funded. Students have an option to apply to multiple scholarships at once.

Spain Scholarships 2021

Below is a list of scholarships sponsored by the Spanish government and universities:

#1 Spain Government Scholarship

Spanish Government through its ministry of education offers a variety of scholarship programs to local and international students throughout the year. These scholarships offered by the Spanish ministry of education are for schooling, college, and university students; especially for undergrad, master, and doctoral degree programs. Students can explore the scholarships offered by Spanish government and see if they stand eligible to apply.

#2 UIC Barcelona Scholarship:

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) Barcelona is aiming to attract international talent from all across the world via its International Excellence Scholarship program. The scholarship is going to cover 20% of the tuition fee and is open for a number of programs taught at UIC. These programs include Biomedicine, Bioengineering, Law, Business, Communication, Psychology, Nursing Physiotherapy, etc. Students from all nationalities are welcome to apply but only students with excellent academic records will be selected for the scholarship. UIC is famous for its contemporary and innovative teaching methods. It also offers dual degree and interdisciplinary programs which are quite famous among international students.

#3 European University of the Atlantic:

The European University of Atlantic, through its Collaboration Scholarship Program, is funding the undergraduate studies of about 20 students. The scholarship is open for their computer engineering program and is supporting 100% of the tuition fee. For securing the scholarship, the students have to pass and perform well in the university entrance exam. Students should have a Baccalaureate diploma or advanced learning in Vocational training in a relevant field. Students need to apply to the program by completing their online application requirements. They will be considered for the scholarship, once they get successfully enrolled in the program.

#4 MIT- Zaragoza Scholarship:

MIT Zaragoza is inviting potential applicants to apply for their master’s of engineering in logistics and supply chain management program. This scholarship opportunity is available to only European nationals and is offering a grant of up to 19,440 EUR. Zaragoza Logistics Center is a highly prestigious institute of research and education and is affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Zaragoza. Applicants should either have an excellent academic background or professional experience in the relevant field to secure enrollment and scholarship. They are also required to prove their English language proficiency and to submit the results of the GRE/GMAT. 

#5 Esade Ramon Llull University Scholarship:

Esade Ramon Llull University is aiming to attract international talent through its Esade DO Good Do Better Scholarship which is being offered on all the undergraduate programs taught at the University. This scholarship will be given to students from Europe, America, Asia, and the Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. The grant will cover 75% of the tuition expenses of undergraduate students. 

The students should have a high school average grade of 9.5 or more to be eligible for the scholarship. They are also required to submit the results of standardized tests like SAT, ACT, IELTS/TOEFL.  It is a highly competitive scholarship that is awarded to only about 5 students every year. 

#6 Comillas Pontifical University Ph.D. Fellowships:

Comillas Pontifical University is accepting applications for its Ph.D. program of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. These scholarships cover 90% of the tuition fee and also provide a yearly stipend. The applicants should have an undergraduate or a master’s degree in the relevant field completed with 300 ECTS credits. Candidates who will be given admission based on an undergraduate degree will be required to validate their degrees which will prove their competitiveness to be admitted in the program. It is only awarded to two students each year so it is a highly competitive scholarship. Very few universities offer a Ph.D. program in entrepreneurship and sustainability and Comillas Pontifical University is one of them.

#7 IMDEA Networks Institute Ph.D. Scholarship:

NETCOM lab of Spain is an independent research group that conducts a number of research activities and works with the IMDEA Networks Institute. IMDEA Institute has opened up Ph.D. positions and is inviting candidates to apply. These positions are funded through the NETCOM lab and the applicants are required to have sound knowledge and experience in JavaScript, Python, Linux Systems, IP routing, and L2 switching.  Applicants will also need to prove their language proficiency. IMDEA Networks is a contemporary institution that offers flexibility to its professionals in the form of teleworking days. It offers competitive salaries and autonomy in decision making. 

#8 Barcelona Supercomputing Center Scholarship:

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) is the most prestigious supercomputing center in Spain. It is awarding scholarships to undergraduate students in their life sciences department. The undergraduate degree is research-based and the students will be working with high-performance computing infrastructures.

The research will be conducted in the field of computational genomics and biomedicine so only the students with a biology-related background with high academic standing will be given admission and scholarship. The candidates will be expected to create and use bioinformatics tools and to earn the degree they will have to submit a master’s thesis.

#9 University of Granada Scholarship:

European Commission is supporting international students through its Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in Women and Gender Studies. This scholarship is being awarded at the University of Granada in its master’s in women and gender studies program. This program is 24 months long and the scholarship grant will cover the whole tuition fee and participation expenditures of the students. It will also pay a stipend of 1,000 EUR per month. This course is taught in English, Spanish, and Italian so the candidates will have to prove their English language proficiency through approved tests like IELTS and TOEFL. For Spanish, the Instituto Cervantes DELE certificate for Spanish will be accepted and for Italian, the Dante Institute Standard test will be submitted. 

As it is a master’s program, so the students will need to have an undergraduate degree in an appropriate program from a recognized university.

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